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M.Ed. in Special Education with ASD (ACE) Endorsement Kent ISD Program Susan Martino, Program Director.

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1 M.Ed. in Special Education with ASD (ACE) Endorsement Kent ISD Program Susan Martino, Program Director

2 It is our mission to be the first choice in Professional Development by providing High quality programs Innovative partnerships Personalized service

3 Participating ACE University Contacts CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Suzanne Shellady, Ph.D. 989-774-3507 Email: GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Amy Matthews, Ph.D. 616-331-3513 Email: NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Laura Reissner, Ph.D. 906-227-2740 Email: OAKLAND UNIVERSITY Carol Swift, Ph.D. 248-370-3067 Email: These individuals will be able to assist you in pursuing the autism endorsement through ACE. Contact the advisor at the university that is geographically closest to you:

4 Today’s Objectives Advantages of OU’s program Program eligibility Program outline and course schedule Cost, financial aid and payment plans Application process Registration process Oakland University Professional Development

5 Allows those with ACE endorsement to directly apply the 18 endorsement credits to a M.Ed. Degree (It is not necessary to have completed the ACE program before starting M.Ed.) Courses may be offered on-ground, online or in hybrid format Face-to-face courses are held on Saturdays At least one required course and one elective will be offered every semester * M.Ed. may possibly be completed in one year You can start the program any semester * Providing minimum enrollment numbers are attained Oakland University Professional Development Advantages of OU’s M.Ed in Special Education at KISD

6 How long has Oakland University been providing the M.Ed. with ASD endorsement? a.10 years b.15 years c.over 25 years (The correct answer is “C”!) Polling Question

7 Autism and Oakland University

8 Program Eligibility  Completion of / current enrollment in ACE program  Michigan teacher certification (or 90-day letter)  Undergrad/Grad GPA of 3.0 or above  Potential for success in program Oakland University Professional Development

9 O.U. Graduate Tuition Graduate tuition - $540.50 per credit Required courses are 4 credits each - $2,162 No application fee / other fees associated with the program. Oakland University Professional Development

10 Financial Aid Basics The M.Ed. in Special Education with ASD endorsement is a financial-aid eligible program OU Payment Plan Available Check to see if NWLB funds are available OU’s Financial Aid webpage is your best source of info on Federal Student Aid. Oakland University Professional Development

11 Financial Aid Options Some ISDs offer partial tuition reimbursement for employees working in certain programs. Contact your ISD to inquire whether or not they offer this incentive and whether or not you may qualify. Think outside the box. Ask employer if tuition assistance is available, if you agree to take on additional work responsibilities. Oakland University Professional Development

12 Special Education Electives The KISD program requires 8 credits of approved electives. Offerings may include: Educational Implications of TBI (N) Applied Behavior Analysis Introduction (L) Co-Existing Neuropsychiatric Disorders of ASD Pt 1 – Recog Symptoms (L) Co-Existing Neuropsychiatric Disorders of ASD Pt 2 - Ed Implications (LW) Visual Teaching Strategies (LW) Art and Autism (LW) Working with Para-Educators in Special Education Strengthening Parent-Professional Partnerships Classroom Interventions for ADD/ADHD Adults and Adolescents with ASD (4 cr) Counseling & Special Needs (4 cr) Assistive Technology Transition Planning

13 Important Dates Application deadlines: Winter - December 1 Summer 2 - June 1 Summer 1 - April 1 Fall - August 1 Registration deadline: Two weeks before course begins Financial Aid: Check financial aid webpage for deadlines Graduation: Check Registrar’s Office webpage for deadlines for applying for graduation, etc. Be Oakland University Professional Development

14 When can I start? Winter, 2011 Four semesters per year – Winter (January - April) – Summer 1 (May - June) – Summer 2 (July - August) – Fall (September - December) Oakland University Professional Development

15 KISD Program Offerings for 2011 Winter: SE 619 / Research (4) Elective - Traumatic Brain Injury (2) Summer 1: SE 601 / Issues & Trends in SE (4) Elective – TBA (2) Summer 2: SE 524 / Assessment in SE (4) Elective – TBA (2) Fall: SE 502 / Legal Issues in SE (4) Elective – TBA (2)

16 Winter SE 619 Theory, Research and Practice in Special Education Introduces students to the theoretical and empirical foundations of the field of special education and its research methodologies. Examine elements of experimental and non-experimental research designs with a focus on action research.

17 Summer 1 SE 601 Issues and Trends in Special Education Study of current major issues in special education. Emphasis is placed on the historical, political, empirical, societal and educational perspectives of the controversial issues in the field. Issues will span the K-12 continuum.

18 Summer 2 SE 524 Assessment in Special Education Provides an overview of the assessment process including legal, ethical and diversity issues, in school and clinical settings. Students are introduced to a variety of procedures and instruments, role responsibilities, and relevant resources. Students administer, score and interpret information from selected norm-referenced achievement measures.

19 Fall SE 502 Legal Issues in Special Education Intensive study of federal legislation and the Michigan Special Education Rules and their implications for educating students with exceptionalities. Evaluation, IEPCs, related services, free and appropriate education, placement options, adequate referral and evaluation, investigation and due process hearings are highlighted.

20 How do I apply? Oakland University Professional Development 1.Apply online to graduate school ~ OU Graduate Admissions 2.Complete / request the following and send them to OU Grad Admissions 160 North Foundation Hall, Rochester, MI 48309-4401  Apply to the program (SEHS Supplemental Application)  Request transcripts, showing evidence of Bachelors Degree  Copy of Teaching Certificate, front and back  2 Recommendation Forms  Felony / Misdemeanor Form  Goal Statement 3.We will tell you when it is time to register for your class, and send you instructions for doing so.

21 Academic Advising (ASD) Dr. Carol Swift (, 248.370.3067) Special Education Coordinator 405A Pawley Hall For an appointment, please contact the departmental office at 248 370-3077.

22 Important Contacts Dr. Carol Swift, Special Education Department Chair 248.370.3067 and Autism Program Advisor. Evaluates transcripts, prepares Plan of Jaime Finn, Office Assistant 248.370.2623 Sets up practicum, scheduling, general program support Vicki Gossett, Administrative Secretary to Dr. Swift 248.370.3077 Offers support to Dr. Susan Martino, Program Director 248.370.4415 Coordinates off-campus ASD program, creates electives and markets endorsement w/ M.Ed. in Special Alice Schurrer, Assistant Program Director 248.370.2651 Offers support to Susan Financial Aid Graduate Admissions

23 Important Links (important dates for 2011)

24 ~ Thank You ~ For further information, contact: Susan Martino 248.370.4415 Oakland University Professional Development

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