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Open Education | Lexicon of Open and Online Education Except when.

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1 Open Education | Lexicon of Open and Online Education Except when otherwise noted, this work is licensed CC-BY 4.0 Please attribute TU Delft / Willem van Valkenburg

2 Open Education | Willem van Valkenburg Production & Delivery Manager TU Delft Extension School Board member OpenEducation Consortium Project Manager OpenCourseWare Europe

3 Open Education | Open? Free Shared Choices Ability to adapt Cost effective Ability to tailor & build your own Creative Commons Freedom of info and use Quality assurance Varied availability by disciplines Available to anybody Digital Often multimedia Accessibility—more accessible to some and less to others CC-BY Brandon Muramatsu:

4 Open Education | OLNOEC A five-components model for Open Education Open Education (OE) OLS Open Learning Services OTE Open Teaching Efforts Open Educational Resources OER Open to Learners’ Needs Open to Employability and Capabilities development CC BY OER Trendrapport 2013: _EN_DEF+07032013+%28HR%29.pdf _EN_DEF+07032013+%28HR%29.pdf

5 Open Education | What is OpenCourseWare? High quality educational materials organized as courses A course is package of educational materials starting a particular point in the knowledge spectrum, designed to lead to greater understanding of the issue or topic Openly licensed for distribution, re-use and modification, available to all on the internet

6 Open Education | OCW part of the Open Movement Open Content Open Educational Resources OCW OCW is only one type of Open Educational Resource (OER). OERs are only one type of Open Content. We have much to share with each other.

7 Open Education | What is a MOOC? MOOC poster by Mathieu Plourde licensed CC-BY:

8 Open Education | Basic ingredients of a MOOC Learning Unit 1 Learning Unit 2 Learning Unit 3 Learning Unit 4 Learning Unit 5 Learning Unit 6 Up to 10 weeks Learning Unit MOOC is divided into weeks. From 3 to 10 weeks 4 to 12 hours study time Clear learning goals, end-of unit assessment Learning Block 1 Learning Block 2 Learning Block 3 Each with a couple of self- contained learning blocks videoquiztextquizdiscuss

9 Open Education | Student Patterns MOOCs


11 Open Education | Online Distance Education Full master degree Accredited Course Certificates Enrolled students only, limited numbers Pay regular tuition fee

12 Open Education | General Teaching Model Activating students – assignments, formative testing Social and academic integration – motivation High quality learning materials Constructive Alignment Structure – deadlines, live events etc.. Feedback Gilly Salmon’s 5-stage model for facilitating online learning. CC-BY Linda Mebus

13 Open Education | Blended Learning Integration of F2F and Online

14 Open Education | Blended Learning Models Image source:

15 Open Education | Campus education OCWMOOCsOnline Education Blended Education Tuition feeOpenFree and no selection Tuition fee LecturesClassroomRecordingsOpen online courses Online coursesMix of online and classroom Student Interaction Yes, in classroom noYes, via discussion board and Yes, via discussion board and social media Yes, mostly offline Teacher interaction yesnoYes, via discussion board and Yes, via discussion board, live sessions and Yes, mostly offline AccessyesYes, but static Yes, automated or peer-reviewed Yes, both automated, peer- reviewed and teacher graded DeadlinesYes, academic calendar NoYes, but with extensions Yes, but flexible to fit needs Yes, following academic calendar ExamsYesYes, staticYes, online yes CertificatesYes (accredited) NoYes (not-accredited) Yes (accredited) DiplomaYes (accredited) no Yes (accredited) Translated and adopted from

16 Open Education |

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