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SUBOA Presentation September 12, 2013. 2014/15 Budget Request.

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1 SUBOA Presentation September 12, 2013

2 2014/15 Budget Request

3 2014/15 Budget Request: Background

4 Examples of 13/14 Planned Incremental Tuition Uses UseValueFTE New Faculty Hires$18.4M218 Other Vacancies/Positions$8.5M158 Faculty Vacancies$8.3M117 Prior Year Contractual Costs$7.1MN/A Scholarships$4.0MN/A Program Support$4.0MN/A Student Services$2.0MN/A

5 Themes of 2014/15 Budget Request SectorItem State-operated / Statutory UUP, other contractual/inflationary costs Sufficient appropriation to disburse self-generated revenue Initiatives: Strategic Investment, other Community Colleges Fully recognize enrollment Base Operating Aid Capitalize on Job Linkage funding Hospitals State tax support future Cost avoidance items Capital Multi-year capital plan to address: Backlog and renewal needs Strategic investment in: Core educational mission Research and economic development goals

6 With State funds scarce, what has worked? SUNY: –Next Generation NY Job Linkage $3.0M new General Fund support –NY-SUNY 2020 Three Rounds of new capital funding Elsewhere: –NY-CUNY 2020 –K-12 Competitive Funding

7 Performance Based Funding State Budget Gaps Uncertain State Tax Revenue Job Linkage Program NY-SUNY 2020 Proven Return on Investment

8 SUBOA Priorities

9 Prioritization / Focus of SUBOA Agenda Items Operating / Capital Budget Request Common Application Recharge Process Hospitals Update Start-Up NYCapital / FMP Resource Allocation BI Governance Shared Services IT 35 Points of Light Tuition Rates Open SUNYTAP ProgramFees Res. Hall Program Communication / Input Resolution / Timing

10 Recharges

11 Year-to-Year Changes ItemValue 12/13 Final Recharges$29,397,429 System Overhead Adjustment192,058 13/14 Financial Plan “Placeholder” Recharges$29,589,487 Increased Costs to Continue1,768,578 Decreased Costs to Continue(218,957) 13/14 “Costs to Continue” Recharges$31,139,108 Increased Cost: Non-Paying Campuses in ITEC?484,476? Increased Cost: Center for Professional Development?81,253? Increased Cost: RH Capital Program Manager?63,220? 13/14 Base Recharges$31,768,057 2013/14 Recharges Walkdown

12 2013/14 New Initiatives How to approach: –Recharges Methodology –Budget Request New initiatives should: –Plan for long-term –Add value

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