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Student Accounts Loron Pellowe Student Awards & Financial Aid Maureen Jones and Brooke Sterritt SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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1 Student Accounts Loron Pellowe Student Awards & Financial Aid Maureen Jones and Brooke Sterritt SHOW ME THE MONEY!

2 2 1 How to pay your fees What will you learn? How to get funding


4 Fees are assessed “per term” Your fees

5 Your student account is available ONLY on Quest. Student Centre>Finances>Account Inquiry Check your email inbox for news about your account Your student account

6 Account details

7 Tax receipts are available on Quest in February each year. Your tax receipts TAX RECEIPTS

8 If you need Confirmation of Enrolment or forms signed for RESP purposes, please contact the Registrar’s Office. Your Confirmation of Enrolment RESPs

9 Due to privacy legislation, we can’t discuss your account details with ANYONE without your authorization. Your privacy

10 YOU are responsible for your student account! IMPORTANT

11 Pay your fees in full Use a Promissory Note if you have appropriate funding How to become “Fees Arranged”

12 Bank payments Online banking, ATM, teller (use student ID # as account #) Certified cheque, money order or bank draft from a Canadian bank Western Union GlobalPay transfer NO credit cards, cash, debit, Interac email transfers NO instalment payment plans How to make your payment

13 Document that indicates that you have funding coming during the term to pay your fees Allows you to defer part of your payment until your financial aid is available What is a Promissory Note?

14 Waterloo scholarships External scholarships payable to Waterloo Waterloo tuition benefits Third-party sponsorships (approved) GRS, RAs, or TAs (grads only) Canadian government student loans (like OSAP) Seniors’ bursaries What kinds of funding may be used?

15 You cannot use a Promissory Note for these types of funding: RESP funding External scholarships payable to you Employment income Third-party sponsorships (not approved) Employer reimbursement Foreign government student loans International scholarships

16 Instructions on Student Accounts website How to submit the Promissory Note


18 On Quest How to access the Promissory Note


20 What if you aren’t Fees Arranged?

21 You will not receive your scholarships/bursaries Your access to course material on LEARN will be affected You will not receive government student loan funding (OSAP) If you’re not Fees Arranged….

22 Check your status on Quest

23 Avoid a late fee Fall 2014 due date is August 25, 2014 Bookmark the due dates schedule:

24 FEDS health/dental plan “FedofStdnts-Administered Fees” Details at



27 Undergraduate scholarships and awards OSAP Undergraduate bursaries Work Study Program Sources of funding

28 Internal Scholarships/Awards External Scholarships/Awards Undergraduate scholarships/awards

29 If you haven’t already, please apply for OSAP or other provincial student aid program immediately. OSAP and other provincial student aid IMPORTANT http://safa/loanprograms/oop.html

30 Upload or mail any required consent/signature pages and all supporting documents to us with the exception of the MSFAA. OSAP and other provincial student aid CAUTION

31 $890/term (maximum 2 terms in the academic year) Grant money – does not need to be paid back! 30% off Ontario Tuition Grant Take the quiz to see if you’re eligible: training/ training/30-off-ontario-tuition

32 Review the application information you submitted through the OSAP website – is it accurate? Check out our website for common review/appeal forms. Make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor. OSAP Reviews/Appeals

33 Submit any required documentation early Complete a promissory note by the Aug. 25, 2014 deadline Check that your course load and/or program on Quest matches your OSAP account How to get your OSAP

34 OSAP funds are NOT directed to the University to pay your tuition and fees. Once your OSAP funding has been deposited to your bank account, you are responsible for paying any fees still owing to the University. Using OSAP to pay your fees

35 You must apply for OSAP or other provincial government assistance. Bursaries are based on financial need, not academic merit. Criteria for Undergraduate Bursaries Bursaries are intended to supplement, not replace, government and family resources

36 AUTOMATIC OSAP students Verification assessment at end of September APPLICATION Fall only – Oct. 23, 2014 deadline Fall and Winter – Feb. 28, 2015 deadline Types of bursaries

37 Work Study Program Available to recipients of OSAP or other out-of- province financial assistance programs Work part- time on campus while you study full-time View jobs and apply via our website starting the end of August

38 Co-op and Career Services, Tatham Centre Student Federation, Student Life Centre Libraries Athletics, Physical Activities Complex Office of Development and Alumni Affairs More on-campus job opportunities


40 Quest OSAP Finance – Student Accounts website Undergraduate Calendar Student Awards & Financial Aid website National Student Loan Service Centre Get more information

41 Student Accounts Needles Hall Room 1110 X38466 Student Awards & Financial Aid Needles Hall (2 nd floor) X33583 Contact us

42 @uwaterloolife Follow us

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