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2013-14 Board of Trustees Budget Workshop June 19, 2013 1.

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1 2013-14 Board of Trustees Budget Workshop June 19, 2013 1

2 Mission, Vision and Values Adopted by Board of Trustees, October 2012 Mission Hillsborough Community college delivers teaching and learning opportunities that empower students to achieve their educational goals and become contributing members of the local community and a global society. Hillsborough Community College will excel in proactively responding to the evolving educational needs of our students, staff, workforce, and community through assessment and continuous improvement. Vision 2

3 Mission, Vision and Values Adopted by Board of Trustees, October 2012 Values Student Success Community Service Diversity and Inclusion Sustainability Integrity Innovation Accountability Professional Development 3

4 Funding Trends, Florida College System 4

5 5

6 6

7 The Florida College System Program Fund Appropriations by Source Lower and Upper Levels Combined

8 The Florida College System Program Fund Appropriations per FTE Lower and Upper Levels Combined

9 9 The Florida College System Comparison of FTE to State Funding per FTE, Lower and Upper Level Combined

10 10

11 Florida College System, State & Student Share of Operating Budgets

12 Hillsborough Community College 2013-14 Budget Parameters 12

13 ASSUMPTIONS FOR HCC’S 2013-14 BUDGET PLANNING No Increases in Tuition & Across-the-Board* Fees Assume 3% Enrollment Decline Consider 3% salary adjustments Inflationary adjustments to current expenses *Two User Fees Recommended, Pay-for-Print and Textbook Rental, non-return of Book 13

14 HCC State Appropriations State Appropriated Funds of $52,640,686, a $4,380,941 increase – Community college Program Funds$42,836,763 – Lottery Funds $9,803,923 Funds for Construction & Renovation Needs $2,049,692 14


16 Funding Inequities 17 colleges below 70.35% system average Amount to bring all colleges up to a minimum of 70.35% of model funded, $47.4 million Amount to bring HCC up to 70.35% of model funded $9.3 million 16


18 HCC Tuition and Fee Considerations 18

19 Tuition & Fees, No Changes Proposed for FY 2013-14 2012-132013-14% Change Tuition$80.45 0.0% Access Fee0.54 0.0% Financial Aid Fee4.03 0.0% Technology Fee3.91 0.0% Student Activity7.23 0.0% Capital Improvement Fee8.23 0.0% Total Resident /Credit Hr$104.39 0.0% 19

20 Proposed Tuition & Fees Compared to Authorized Maximum 2013-14 Proposed Maximum Authorized% Change Tuition$80.45$82.782.9% Access Fee*0.54 0.0% Financial Aid Fee4.034.142.7% Technology Fee3.914.145.9% Student Activity7.238.2614.3% Capital Improvement Fee8.2310.2324.3% Total Resident /Credit Hr$104.39$110.095.46% 20 *Access Fee Amount can be established by Board of Trustees.

21 User Fees, Recommendation #1 Pay for Print PROPOSED FEESJUSTIFICATION Single-Sided Black & White $0.10 Color $0.35 Double-Sided Black & White $0.08 Color $0.30 Supports the College’s sustainability initiatives, and also serves to recover costs of paper, toner and equipment leases. Review of other schools identified that recommended charges are within ranges for similar pay-for- print programs. 21

22 User Fees, Recommendation #2 Textbook Rentals, Non-return of Book PROPOSED FEEJUSTIFICATION $20 for Non-Return of Rented Textbook The Bookstore is instituting a textbook rental program. Textbooks can be rented for 50% of current retail price. If student fails to return the textbook at semester end, the student will be charged for the difference between rental and retail price, plus a $20 fee for processing costs related to recovery. 22

23 Legislative Hot Topics Dual Enrollment Incentive Funding for Certain Industry Certifications Future Performance Funding Developmental Education Fund Balances: New Data Request 23

24 Dual Enrollment 24

25 Change to Dual Enrollment Senate Bill 1514 requires school districts to pay the standard tuition per credit hour (now $71.98) for courses taken by dual enrollment students on a college campus. Requires school districts to reimburse colleges for instructional costs when sections are taught at the high school. 25

26 HCC Dual Enrollment Public High SchoolsPrivate High SchoolsHome Schooled Headcount Credit HoursHeadcount Credit HoursHeadcount Credit Hours On HCC Campus 8395,5469872761809 @ High School 1,3656,0787472700 TOTALS2,20411,6241721,45461809 Reporting Periods: Fall 2012, Spring 2013 (NOTE: Colleges are not to charge school districts for Summer Dual Enrollment credits) 26

27 Potential Revenue Return The standard tuition rate is currently $71.98 per credit hour. Cannot bill for Summer semester credits. Assuming 2012-13 Fall & Spring Enrollments, Potential Additional Revenue to HCC = $451,530. 27

28 Potential Cost Reimbursement HCC offered 141 sections taught at high schools. Approximate reimbursement for instructional costs = $248,000. 28

29 Performance Funding for Industry Certifications 29

30 Industry Certifications SB 1076 appropriated $5,000,000 for Performance Based Incentives for industry certifications in 2013-14 Colleges may earn bonus funding ($1,000 per certification) when students obtain certain industry certifications. 30

31 Industry Certifications Identified for FY 2013-14 Automotive service technology Cyber security Cloud virtualization technology Advanced manufacturing Welding Federal Aviation Administration airframe mechanics Pharmacy technician Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning techs 31

32 Performance Funding for Florida College System 32

33 Performance Funding Requires that by October 31, 2013, State Board of Education recommends methodology to distribute performance funding based upon percentage of graduates employed or enrolled in further education, average wages of employed graduates, and average cost of graduate. No Funding provided for FY 2013-14 33

34 Developmental Education SB 1720 34

35 Developmental Education SB 1720 includes Developmental Education Reforms to affect Advising, Testing & Placement, Curriculum & Instruction, Implementation and Reporting No Funding Reductions in FY 2013-14 due to Developmental Education Changes. 35

36 Developmental Education Each Florida College System institution board of trustees shall develop a plan to implement the developmental education strategies defined in s. 1008.02 and rules established by the State Board of Education. The plan must be submitted to the Chancellor of the Florida College System for approval no later than March 1, 2014, for implementation no later than the fall semester 2014. 36

37 HCC Enrollment & Budget Trend Data 37

38 Review of HCC 2012-13 Enrollment Planned for 5% enrollment decline: Fall 2012 -1.9% Spring 2013 -4.4% Summer 2013 -6.3% Projected FTE Enrollment (UNOFFICIAL) -5.7% 38

39 HCC Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment History & Projection 39

40 40

41 41

42 42

43 Renovation and Maintenance Needs 43

44 44

45 General Renovation Needs FY 2012-13 Sum-of-the-Digit Appropriation (for minor maintenance) = $264,542, or ≈$0.16 per square foot. Proposed for FY 2013-14 Sum-of-the-Digit Appropriation = $2,049,692, or ≈ $1.24 per square foot. 45

46 46

47 Revenue Projection, 2013-14 $ Change Increase in State Appropriations$4,380,941 Enrollment Decline, 3% Drop Budgeted($1,580,872) Other Revenues($112,698) Net Reduction in Operating Funds Available$2,687,371

48 Cost of Business Increases $ Change Custodial Services Contractual Increase$95,500 Title V Grant Obligation38,437 Employee Health Benefits & Retirement Rate2,133,740 Full-time Salary/Wage increases1,318,950 Estimated Increases, Terminal Pay100,000 Additional Adjunct Faculty (primarily Allied Health)174,833 Call Center, Increase in Funding from Unrestricted Funds $27,380

49 Cost of Business Increases (Cont’d) $ Change Apprenticeship Contracts, Enrollment31,635 Technical Support, State Reporting Project71,000 Additional Public Safety Costs84,250 New 911 Public Safety Telecommunications Program21,026 Repairs & Maintenance of Facilities829,397 Materials & Supplies284,873 General Liability Insurance Premiums51,839

50 Cost of Business Increases (Cont’d) $ Change Additional Funding, Disability Services200,000 Information Technology, Software Licenses244,997 Total Estimated Cost of Business Increases$5,687,857 Funding Gap (Deficit) Before Reductions/ Cost Savings ($3,000,486)

51 Funding Reductions from 2012-13 Budgeted Amounts $ Change Reductions in District Offices Administrative Budgets$337,864 Grant Matching Funds200,000 Professional Fees209,263 Utilities- Sustainability and Energy Savings initiatives201,713 Other Services279,179 Corporate and Continuing Education292,690

52 Funding Reductions from 2012-13 Budgeted Amounts $ Change Other Current Expenses$413,938 Capital Outlay Budget65,839 Transfer to Plant Fund1,000,000 Total Expense Reductions$3,000,486

53 53

54 54 Proposed FY 2013-14 Operating Expenditures $111,602,451

55 Fund Balance Trends & Projection Unallocated Fund Balance as of:Amount Fund Balance as % of Available Funds June 30, 2010$11,157,0379.39% June 30, 2011$15,573,00811.93% June 30, 2012$11,851,4448.73% June 30, 2013 (Projected)$9,845,6217.48% June 30, 2014 (Proposed)$9,845,6217.68% Minimum recommended fund balance by the State is 5.1% of Available Funds

56 Fund Reserves & Board Designated Funds Estimated Reserve for Encumbrances$2,300,000 Budget Stabilization*$4,500,000 Total Reserves & Board Designated Funds Combining Board Designated and Unallocated Fund Balance Brings June 2014 Fund Balance Projection to 10.88%. $6,800,000 *Budget Stabilization to offset effects of potential enrollment declines, natural disasters, and other economic uncertainties.

57 Review of Other Funds 57

58 Questions? 58

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