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May 22, 2013 Parkland Pathway to Illinois Orientation.

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1 May 22, 2013 Parkland Pathway to Illinois Orientation

2 Today’s Agenda 11:45 – 12:00Q & A 12:00 – 1:30 Resource Fair, Lunch on your own 1:30 – 2:00 Travel to Illinois campus on your own (refer to folder for directions) 2:00 – 2:30 Meet at Illini Union Bookstore (Meet College Tour Guides – ISTARS and walk to college meetings) 2:30 College Meetings

3 Benefits

4 Program Benefits Opportunity to blend your educational experiences Guaranteed admission to your Illinois college or major – Stipulations Dual Advising Illinois instruction Access to some Illinois student resources The primary benefit: You are a student at two great institutions at one time, giving you unique access to a wide range of resources.

5 Policies

6 Full-time each fall and spring semester which is a minimum of 12 credit hours, Parkland and Illinois hours combined Meet with Parkland advisor and the Illinois representative regularly Complete required coursework Maintain GPA Pathway sections of PSY 109 Immunization form Program Requirements

7 Major – You will receive program-specific academic support – Your admission guarantee is for the major to which you were admitted only. – A change to another Parkland Pathway to Illinois major is contingent on review/approval by the Parkland Pathway to Illinois Colleges – A change to a non-participating Parkland Pathway to Illinois major will mean leaving the program. Policy Summary

8 Discontinuation – If a student wishes to leave the program, they must inform University of Illinois Undergraduate Admissions. – Submission of an application for degree-seeking admission during the program will be a statement that you are also withdrawing from Pathway. – Program benefits and University Housing will no longer be available. – Re-entry to Pathway program is not possible. Policy Summary, Con’t

9 – Students must complete the same coursework as stated in the Transfer Handbook (see that is required of transfer applicants by major. Dropping or failing to pass required course(s) will jeopardize program standing – Students not in good standing may be dropped from the program. – Still eligible to apply for transfer to Illinois – No longer a non-degree Illinois student, but will continue to be a Parkland College student Policy Summary, Con’t

10 Financial Information

11 You will receive a University of Illinois bill. – Tuition – Fees Notice delivered to: – You must check this email account! Bill from Illinois for tuition for Illinois course. Tuition rate = your Parkland rate * : $0 Trustee Scholar $117.50 per credit hour - Parkland district $293.50 per credit hour - Illinois, out of Parkland district * Fall 2013 rates; rate is per credit hour. Subject to change. Tuition and Fees

12 One fee is automatically assessed: – Student insurance **If you do not want our health insurance, you must opt out.** Several fees are optional: – Service Fee – Health Service Fee – Transportation Fee – “Refundable Fees” **If you do want a service, you must opt in.** Tuition and Fees

13 Housing at Illinois

14 Apply for Undergraduate Residence Hall Housing (217) 333-7111 Private Certified Housing (217-) 333-1420 Checklist for Incoming Freshman Break Housing Housing at Illinois

15 Academic Resources

16 Illinois Advising ACES – Holly Herrera, 217-333-3380, Education – Joe Cross, 217-333-2800, Engineering – Joe Waranyuwat, 217-333-2280, Fine & Applied Arts - Katrine Trantham, 217-333-1660, Liberal Arts & Sciences – Kristine McCoskey, 217-333-1703, Media – Barbara Anderson, 217-244-4329, Social Work – Trent Shumway, 217-244-7169,

17 Parkland College Counseling and Advising Center Room A251 Parkland College, (217) 351-2219 John Sheahan, Director Shevon Brown-Walker (217) 373-3827, Swalker@parkland.eduSwalker@parkland.ed Dennis Cockrum: (217) 353-2254, Stephanie Coleman (217) 353-2682, Lenita Epinger: (217) 373-3824, Carrie Harris: (217) 353-2645, Angela Jancola: (217) 373-3826,

18 Parkland College Counseling and Advising Center Room A251 Parkland College, (217) 351-2219 John Sheahan, Director Jennifer Klatsky (217) 351-2453, Joe Omo-Osagie: (217) 353-2620, Randy Rothwell: (217) 373-3825 Marilyn Ryan: (217) 351-2364 Greg Square: (217) 251-2585, Donna Tanner-Harold: (217) 351-2429,

19 Your Illinois and Parkland Advisor(s) Will assist with: – Navigating two institutions and your adjustment to campus – Academic policies and deadlines – Course planning and schedules – Career planning – Preparing to apply to graduate school – Providing resources and/or referrals

20 As a Pathway student you will… Ask questions and take ownership of your education Read your Illinois and Parkland email on a daily basis Read your Pathway newsletters Come prepared to each and every advising session Be open to developing and/or clarifying your personal and professional goals Be an active participant in discussions As a Pathway Student you will:

21 Campus Resources

22 Student Services Academic Support Free Tutoring Services Mentoring support Reading and Writing Support General Campus Services Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) 1207 S. Oak Street, Champaign, IL 217-333-4603 (V/TTY) Career Center 715 S. Wright St. Champaign, IL 217-333-0820 Illinois Support Services

23 College Meetings

24 ACES Heritage Room, ACES Library COMRoom 18 Gregory Hall EDURoom 120 Education Building ENG Room 1320 Digital Computer Lab FAA Room 101 Temple Buell Hall LAS Room 1090 Lincoln Hall SOCWRoom 200P School of Social Work Illinois College Meeting Locations

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