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Welcome to USFSP! …now, tell me about the money!

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1 Welcome to USFSP! …now, tell me about the money!

2 College Costs Panel Presentation
Cashier’s Office Tuition Parking Housing and Residence Life Meal Plans Bookstore Financial Aid ……putting it all together!

3 Cashier’s Office Tuition and Fees, Due Amounts, Payment Deadlines, &
Florida Pre-Paid


5 Tuition and Fees Tuition is charged per credit hour.
Plus $5 Athletic fee per semester. Additional fees will depend on field of study or Online Courses

6 How Much Do You Owe? OASIS – Online Access Student Information System Check the “Student” tab “Tuition and Fees” “Account Summary by Term”” Please Note: Student will not receive bills for tuition owed.

7 Tuition Payment Deadlines
Tuition is due on the 5th day of each term by 5:00pm. NO refunds for classes dropped AFTER 1st week Pay on-time to AVOID cancellation and reinstatement LATE FEES ($200 total)

8 Important Dates Tuition Payment Deadline (unless your student has a financial aid tuition deferment) Fall August 29, 2014

9 Financial Aid Deferment Deadline
Approximately 60 days after classes begin. Prevents Class Cancellations Prevents incurring additional LATE FEES. More information will be provided in the Financial Aid Presentation

10 Cancellation of Classes
If fees are not paid in full by the respective due dates: classes will be cancelled $100 late payment fee will be charged $100 late registration fee will charged

11 Reinstatement Entire balance plus late fees must be paid prior to reinstatement. Make payment before reinstatement deadline (posted on cashier’s web site).

12 Refunds Drop classes by the 5th day of classes in order to receive a full refund. Complete the online Refund Request form and mail or fax to the address or fax number at the bottom of the form.

13 Florida Prepaid College Program
Students who participate in the Florida Prepaid College Program are responsible for the local portion of fees. Payment deadlines are the same as regular tuition payment unless a deferment is in place for financial aid. Check with Florida Pre-Paid for specific program information.

14 Florida Pre-Paid Program
Automatically updated using student’s SSN. Do not need to notify the cashiers office. 24-36 hours after registration the prepaid will apply.

15 4 Ways to Pay! Online: Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, AMEX and Discover (a convenience fee will apply) & E-check payments ($0 fee) through OASIS Cashier’s Office : BAY 132 (no phone payments) Tuition: checks, cashier’s check, money order or cash only Housing/Meal Plan: cash, checks, credit/debit, money order.

16 4 Ways to Pay! By mail: (Postmarked by respective due dates). Include USF ID number on check. Personal check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to “USF”, and mail to: USF St. Petersburg Cashier 140 USFSP Harborwalk Ave. S. , BAY 132 St. Petersburg, FL After hours Drop Box: (on or before respective deadlines), located on the East side of Bayboro Hall.

17 Parking Services (located within the Cashier’s Office)
Webpage Rates Purchasing Permits & Citations


19 Parking Services Information
All students and visitors require a parking permit. Permits can be used on other USF campuses. Permits are cling and can be transferred to other vehicles. Parking is enforced 24/7. Fall 2014 semester and Annual permits (covers Fall 2014, Spring and Summer 2015) will go on sale August 1, 2014.

20 Parking Rates COST Duration Price Student commuter Semester $ Yearly $ Residence student Semester $ Yearly $ Motorcycle Yearly $ Monthly $ Daily $ 5.00

21 3 Ways to Buy a Parking Permit
On-line: Credit card, debit card or e-check At Cashier’s Office (Parking Window): All forms of payment accepted (except by phone). Smart phone: Scan the QR with your phone.

22 Parking Citations Read the rules and regulations on the web site: If receive a citation, you have 14 days to pay or to appeal. After 14 days a $15 late fee & students account is on Hold. After 90 days, the account will be sent to collections and additional fees will apply. Unpaid citations cause “Holds” to be placed on the student record. This prevents registration, getting grades, transcripts and diplomas.

23 Cashier’s Office will be Open today until 5 pm
Questions about Tuition and Fees? Questions about Parking? Questions about Florida Pre-Paid?

24 Housing and Residence Life www. usfsp
Housing and Residence Life

25 Housing and Residence Life
Not your home; but a home away from home for your USFSP student.

26 What is HRL? Housing Located in the Housing and Residence Life Office in RHO Housing Assignments Exemptions and Accommodations Business Operations Residence Life RHO & USC Hall Director offices Roommate Concerns Residential Student Conduct Programming Maintenance/Custodial Work Order Request Forms RA presents Other Offices includes Student Services Fire code checks once a month, but other than that we are not in your rooms. Please report maintenance concerns so that we can address them.

27 Housing and Residence Life Meet the Professional Staff
Assistant Director Heather Klišanin Assignments and Operations Coordinator Scott hendershot Residential Life Coordinator Deanna hughes Administrative Specialist Brenda wayne Fiscal and Business Specialist Rhonda Brockman Summer ACUHO-I Interns Alyssa Napolitano & Mosannah golden

28 Living on Campus Increased connection to other students and the campus community. Higher levels of involvement. Leadership opportunities. Developing independence. Personal growth.

29 Room Styles and Rates USC RHO
2 person traditional corridor style in USC (Shared Bed/Living area and Bathroom) $3, per semester/per person RHO 4 Person Suites in RHO (4 Single Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Common Area and Kitchen ) $3, per semester/per person 6 Person Suite in RHO (Two 3 Person Shared Bedrooms with Bathrooms and a Common Kitchen ) $3, per semester/per person 2 person studio style in RHO (Shared Bed/Living Area, Kitchen and Bathroom) $2, per semester/per person 2 person is not on the application because there are only 12 spaces available. Over flow from the 6 person suites will be placed there. You can indicate that on the application if that is what you prefer. Fees will post after assignments are made in late July-early august. Parking is on the 6th and 7th floor of the garage.

30 Amenities Telecommunications Programming & Events
Outdoor Recreation Space Community Study Lounges Student Mail Services Vending Machines Laundry Facilities Telecommunications (WiFi & Cable) Programming & Events Educational Mutlicultural Social Rooms Furnished Air-conditioned No community bathrooms Lounges Student study lounges on every floor Large flat-screen TVs in all lounges Mail Services Mailboxes are centrally located You can send and receive mail, but you can only receive packages. Also, stamps are not available. Vending Services Drinks & snacks Machines accept credit cards! Laundry Services Washers & dryers available in buildings Approx. $1.25 per wash and per dry

31 How to Apply Go to
Click “Apply for Housing and Dining” Sign-in and follow the instructions Pay $400 Housing and Dining Pre- Payment to Cashier’s Office


33 Other Costs to Consider
Laundry $1.25 per wash/dry Start of the year cost Linens Twin X-long Room Accessories On-going Snacks?

34 Sodexo Dining Services & Meal Plan Information

35 Locations Around Campus
The Reef Dining Hall We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. Just feast your eyes on what we have available daily: • Delicious hot home style entrees • Made to order deli • Homemade Soups • Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine • Fresh Fruits and Salads • Fresh Baked Desserts

36 Other venues on Campus Providing Starbucks coffee , hot and cold grab and go sandwiches and snacks.

37 Meal Plan Information

38 How the Meal Plans Work It’s simple –the campus ID card you’re carrying around can be used as a form of payment. Declining Dollar Balance: It works just like a debit card – the card gets swiped at the time of purchase at all of our dining locations. The purchase price is then deducted from your account and the balance automatically adjusted. No more concerns about trips to the ATM, carrying cash, or that the dining hall is closed, you just need your student ID to make a purchase.

39 Meal Plan Information 10% discount on all purchases through Dining Services. Tax will be applied at the time food is purchased. All First time resident students are required to buy the Gold or Gold PLUS plan. Returning resident students have the option to buy the Green, Gold, or Gold PLUS plan for each semester.

40 Meal Plans Not a traditional meal plan
Our meal plan is the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility. It is not about the number of meals. It is about dining when you want. Where you want. A La Carte: Students start off with an opening balance of spending money and purchase items at an a la carte pricing. There are no such things as lost meals. No time restrictions

41 Meal Plans Our plans are about personal choice.
We know that every student has different dining needs. (All mandatory residential meal-plan participants receive a 10% discount at all dining locations.) Need more money added to your plan? You can always add more money at any time. Visit our website and click on the Dining Plans tab to add money - any time.

42 Choosing the Right Meal Plan
Things to consider when choosing the right meal plan for you. How many meals do you eat per day? Do you often skip a meal and eat an afternoon snack in its place? How often do you see yourself going home during the weekends? Do you see yourself dining in retail areas vs. campus dining?

43 Meal Plan Options Fall/Spring Meal Plan Types
All first year resident students can choose between: GOLD Plan: $ Students who generally skip a meal a day prefer this meal plan GOLD PLUS Plan: $ Students who eat 3 meals per day or like the flexibility of unlimited access choose this meal plan Commuter students and Second year resident students and beyond can also select the: GREEN Plan: $ Students who go home on the weekends for a job or to visit friends often generally choose this meal plan

44 Additional Meal Plan Info
Meal Plans are available to all students/faculty/staff Need smaller quantities? SharkBites $50 = 5% discount $500 = 10% discount Can be purchased any time, no expiration date.

45 Fall 2014 Dining Points Usage Chart
Green Gold Gold Plus Total Value $ 1,127.82 $ 1,803.80 $ 2,077.18 Weekly Average $ $ $ Daily Average $ $ $ Friday, August 29, 2014 $ 1,057.33 $ 1,691.06 $ 1,947.36 Friday, September 05, 2014 $ $ 1,578.33 $ 1,817.53 Friday, September 12, 2014 $ $ 1,465.59 $ 1,687.71 Friday, September 19, 2014 $ $ 1,352.85 $ 1,557.89 Friday, September 26, 2014 $ $ 1,240.11 $ 1,428.06 Friday, October 03, 2014 $ $ 1,127.38 $ 1,298.24 Friday, October 10, 2014 $ $ 1,014.64 $ 1,168.41 Friday, October 17, 2014 $ $ $ 1,038.59 Friday, October 24, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, October 31, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, November 07, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, November 14, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, November 21, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, November 28, 2014 $ $ $ Friday, December 05, 2014 Friday, December 12, 2014 $ $ (0.00)

46 Our Promotions Sodexo offers many choices to make your
dining experience great . Learn more about making smart choices for a Better Tomorrow at

47 Promotion: Fill My Fridge
It’s an exciting and innovative promotion in which you will be able to purchase your student’s favorite selections, from nutritious snacks to thirst quenching beverages, allowing you to spend more time getting your student acclimated to campus rather than running all around town to looking for those items.

48 Like us on Facebook! “The Reef at USFSP”

49 Steps to Initiate a Meal Plan
Submit Meal Plan & Housing contract online: Pre-payment: $400 for Meal Plan & Housing contract. In person or mail to the Cashier’s Office in BAY 132

50 Steps to Initiate Meal Plan
Balance of Payment due IN FULL: The 5th day of each semester. EXCEPTION: Financial Aid Students with Meal Plan deferments posted in OASIS. (Covered in the financial aid presentation)

51 Contact Us! Louis Duran, General Manager
Our website features substantial dietary information, including eating tips and suggestions for healthy living on campus. Or you can call us @reefUSFSP

52 Barnes and Noble Bookstore Your Campus Your Bookstore

53 Textbooks Rental Program Save up to 60% with Dynamic Rental Pricing
Rent for the entire semester Rentals due on the last day of finals Highlight & write in the book Book must be returned in reusable condition Free return shipping Free return label available online Book must be shipped by due date

54 Textbooks Traditional Programs Used books – save 25%
Year-round buyback Yuzu Digital Textbook Platform I-Pad Support Online Access No Computer Limit Books Go Where You Go

55 Ordering Online Textbook Reservations Order online Order early
Via OASIS Order early First dibs on used & rental textbooks Easy return policy First week of class with receipt First month of class with receipt & proof of schedule change Easy payment options Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Barnes & Noble gift cards, Paypal, or financial aid (BAPP)

56 Employment Opportunities
Student Workers needed for Fall Rush Training in July and August Great Benefits Apply today at:

57 Not JUST a bookstore…

58 Supporting USFSP A portion of every sale here at the USFSP Bookstore goes right back to the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg. These funds support various student programs, organizations, clubs and faculty initiatives. Barnes & Noble provides $15,000 every year for scholarships to USFSP/USF Support your bookstore, support your campus!

HERE TO SERVE YOU!! Welcome to USFSP! We look forward to seeing you in your friendly neighborhood Barnes & Noble Bookstore!

60 The USFSP Barnes & Noble Bookstore is Proud to Support Your USFSP Orientation Leaders!

61 Where Is this Information Posted
Where Is this Information Posted? In OASIS – Online Access Student Information System What is Owed? What is Coming In? In OASIS “Student” tab “Tuition and Fees” “My Account Summary by Term”. This will show all tuition and fees, housing, meal plan and bookstore charges to your student’s account once charged. In OASIS “Financial Aid” tab “My Award and Loan Information” “Award Summary” This will show financial aid awards including scholarships, grants, and loans.

62 Financial Aid, Deferments, and BAPP’s – Oh My
Financial Aid, Deferments, and BAPP’s – Oh My! Let’s Put it All Together!

63 Who Gets Financial Aid? Every student, who meets some basic eligibility requirements, can get some type of financial aid regardless of age or family income.

64 Where Do I Start? FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) The FAFSA is a form that parents and students must annually complete to apply for federal student aid School code: or

65 How do I apply? Both student and at least one parent needs to apply for a federal PIN number: Fill out the FAFSA, online or in print, to have access to financial aid to help pay for college. The simplified online application is available at You can use the FAFSA On the Web Worksheet –FOTW to “practice” what needs to be filled in.


67 FAFSA Points to Remember
Use the name that is on the student’s Social Security Card as well as the correct SS Number. Student under age 24 is considered dependent. You must report parent and student information on FAFSA Student of divorced parents must use information of parent they lived with most in the last 12 months - if parent is remarried - must also use step parent’s income

68 When do I apply? Annual Renewal Process:
Apply between January 1st and March 1st (USF’s priority deadline) of every year thereafter until education is completed. Use ESTIMATED tax information to meet priority deadlines.

69 2014-15 Academic Year Entering Fall 2014, Spring 2015, or Summer 2015.
Uses 2013 Tax information for student and parent (use estimated tax information to complete, then use IRS import after taxes are completed)

70 I’ve done the FAFSA – Now What?
Results of the FAFSA - “SAR”, or Student Aid Report by 3 – 5 days after your FAFSA has been processed, if you provided an address when you applied. Review your SAR carefully to make sure it is correct and complete. Make any changes online.

71 I’ve done the FAFSA – Now What?
Your SAR summarizes all the information you provided on your FAFSA. Make corrections if necessary and submit online. You will receive an verifying that your FAFSA was “processed”. Once you receive that , allow up to 2 weeks for the school to receive and electronic copy of your FAFSA.

72 SAR contains: Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
The U.S. Department of Education calculates your EFC, and sends your EFC to the schools you listed on your FAFSA. Calculation using the parent AND student tax information provided to the federal processor on the FAFSA. The resulting federal formula is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

73 How Does a School Determine What Types of Financial Aid a Student Receives?
PART 1: Federal Formula ESTIMATED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION The EFC calculation is the minimum amount a family is expected to contribute toward a student’s education.

74 How Does a School Determine What Types of Financial Aid a Student Receives?
PART 2: Estimated College Costs *may change based on actual enrollment. COST OF ATTENDANCE (Inflated Budget) Tuition and Fees + Room and Board + Books and Supplies + Transportation + Miscellaneous Living Expenses = Cost of Attendance 

75 So, Financial Need-based Aid is:
The difference between the standard Cost of Attendance and the EFC COST OF ATTENDANCE - EXPECTED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION (EFC) = FINANCIAL NEED Financial Aid is based on demonstrated need and is designed to help students who cannot afford the cost of attending college

76 Forms of Financial Aid There are two forms of financial aid that may be offered: gift aid and self-help aid Gift aid includes grants and scholarships – gifts of money to pay for college that don’t have to be repaid Self-help aid includes employment, such as on-campus part-time jobs that help curb college expenses, & loans that you will need to repay

77 As a Result, You can receive:
More than $150 billion of aid is available every year to students to help cover tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and other education-related expenses. GRANTS (need-based gift aid) SCHOLARSHIPS (both need & non-need gift aid) STUDENT EMPLOYMENT (need-based self-help aid) LOANS (both need & non-need self-help aid) Student Loans Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

78 Grants Money that does not have to be paid back
Pell Grant is an Entitlement: If eligible, it will pay out regardless of when the FAFSA was completed. Other federal, state and USF Grants are based on meeting the priority FAFSA application deadlines (before every March 1st for USF).

79 Scholarships Do not have to be paid back Merit, skill, financial need.
View internal and external scholarship opportunities on our webpage each year:

80 1415 Scholarship Information
No Scholarship Application is Needed for Admissions Scholarships. Admissions Scholarships – All first-time entering freshmen or upper-level transfer students are automatically considered for this award when they apply for admission to USF by the early admissions deadline of January 2nd.

81 1516 Scholarship Information
Other USF scholarships require an Application every year. Other USF Scholarships – All students can apply every year for the USFSP Privately Funded Scholarships and the USF System Scholarships. Both require an online application, however, multiple scholarships can be awarded from each application. These will be available in November for the 1516 award year.

82 Student Employment Federal Work Study or Departmental Funded
Need-based award Allows student to earn money via a paycheck paid every two weeks. Flexible work schedule Doesn’t count against Financial Aid awards

83 Loans (Money you Borrow)
Money students and parents can borrow to help pay educational expenses Repayment usually begins after education is finished, or student drops below half- time enrollment. Only borrow what is really needed Look at loans as an investment in the future: they help to establish positive credit.

84 Student Loans Direct Subsidized Loan
For undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half-time* and demonstrate financial need Student is not charged interest on the loan while in school at least half-time and during deferment periods The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is the lender; payment is owed to ED Interest rate for Fall 4.66%.  Direct Unsubsidized Loan For undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half-time; financial need is not required Student is responsible for interest during all periods ED is the lender; payment is owed to ED Interest rate for for Fall 4.66%. 

85 Parent (PLUS) loans Direct PLUS Loan
Parent’s apply for this credit-based loan. REQUIRES an application on A credit decision is provided immediately. Apply no earlier than 45 days before the beginning of the semester. Interest rate for Fall is 7.21%.  If APPROVED PLUS Loan (Parent has positive credit): We can award up to the Cost of Attendance less any other aid offered. This will be a Parent loan paid on behalf of the student. If DENIED PLUS Loan (Parent has negative credit): We can offer the dependent student the same amount of federal Direct Loans as an independent student. This will be a Student Additional Unsubsidized Loan

86 Easy to Understand Federal Financial Aid Information: www. studentaid
Easy to Understand Federal Financial Aid Information:


88 Both Florida Pre-paid and Bright Futures? YES!
After you register, the Cashier’s office receives your information from FPP program; Your tuition will be reduced according to your type of plan. Then, Florida Bright Futures (FBF) funds are received from the State of Florida at the end of the first week of classes each semester. FBF will send funds in the amount of the scholarship you will be receiving to cover tuition. (For example, if you have Florida Academic Scholars, $103 per credit hour will be paid. Florida Medallion Scholars will pay $77 per credit hour.) If you still owe tuition and fees after FPP has been used, your FBF disbursement will be applied to pay the remaining tuition charges before being applied to any additional charges owed to USF and posted to your student account.

89 When financial aid comes in, payment of charges on the student account occur in the following order:
Tuition charges, then On-Campus Housing, then Bookstore charges, then Meal Plan (if posted to your OASIS student account before the end of the first week of classes) If no other charges are posted to the OASIS student account and there is a credit balance, your student will receive a refund via e-Deposit if you have subscribed via OASIS.

90 Tuition and Fee Deferments, Bookstore Advance Purchase Program (BAPP)
Housing Deferments, Meal Plan Deferments Bookstore Advance Purchase Program (BAPP)

91 What is the Benefit of a Deferment?
TIME! A student who has been granted a deferment will not have to worry about paying for charges by the end of the drop/add week (Friday, at 5:00pm at the end of the first week of classes every semester). One type of deferment does not guarantee receipt of the others. Check the OASIS account every semester to see which deferments have been posted.

92 Tuition and Fee Deferments
The deferment defers payment due on tuition and fees only. Fall deadline to pay: 10/31/14 To qualify: 1415 FAFSA on file. Registered for 6 hours (once fall charges post) No actual amount of financial aid has to be accepted. Check OASIS under “My Requirements, Bookstore Authorizations and Deferments” to see if a Tuition Deferment is posted.

93 Housing Deferments are granted for Fall and Spring.
Housing contract payment is due for all students by the end of the first week of classes. Housing Deferments are granted for Fall and Spring. Fall deadline to pay: 10/31/14

94 To Qualify for a Housing Deferment
FAFSA on file Based on “Accepted” financial aid. In State student: $5,800 accepted Out of State student: $11,200 accepted Note: Federal Work study funds are earned throughout the semester and do not count towards automatic Housing deferments, however Florida Pre- Paid will count as accepted aid. Check OASIS, under the “My Requirements, Bookstore Authorizations and Deferments” every semester to see if a Housing Deferment is posted.

95 Meal Plan Deferments Meal Plan contract payment is due for all students by the end of the first week of classes. Meal Plan deferments are only available during the Fall and Spring terms.

96 To Qualify for a Meal Plan Deferment
FAFSA on file. Have an excess of financial aid accepted and authorized above the amount of charges on the student account (including tuition, fees, housing and meal plan charges) In some cases, a manual meal plan deferment can be granted if a payment is made for the difference between what is owed and the incoming financial aid. After tuition, fees, housing and meal plan charges have been posted to your student account, you can contact financial aid to verify amount needed to qualify, a counselor

97 Bookstore Advance Purchase Program (BAPP)
The BAPP allows a student to “charge” books and supplies at any USF Barnes and Noble Bookstore, against incoming financial aid. To qualify: A student would need to have at least $100 extra in financial aid above the total charges listed in the Oasis account. Check OASIS, under the “My Requirements, Bookstore Authorizations and Deferments” every semester to see if a BAPP is posted. If eligible, you will be able to “charge” your books using your USF student ID. The bookstore charges then would be added to the student account. When financial aid comes in, it will pay for tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, and bookstore charges.

98 Putting it all together
Remember that the Estimated Cost of Attendance on the Students award notice does not reflect the “Real” costs of attending school. To get an idea of the “REAL” costs, use the Cost Calculators on our webpage: NOTE: An optional demonstration of the Cost Calculator will be at the end of this presentation!

99 Putting it all together! Using the USFSP Cost Calculator

100 Cost Calculator

101 INPUT TAB Red triangles in corners of each cell mean that there is information there. Drop down boxes provide rates for various options (Tuition, Housing, Parking Permits, Meal Plans) Parking Permit (if selecting “Annual”, remember to only list this rate in the Fall Cost column.) Once everything is entered, click on “Submit”

102 RESULTS TAB Monthly expenses will be automatically calculated for the semester. (4 months each for fall and spring)

103 REAL Cost of Attendance
Direct Costs are the necessary Costs to attend school. If you have a positive Fall or Spring Balance Indirect Costs are the variable costs which a student may incur while attending USFSP. The remaining balance per term in the “Direct Cost” section can be used to help pay for these costs. REAL Cost of Attendance

104 Panel Contacts Housing: Meal Plans: Cashiers Office: (Tuition/Fee & Housing/Meal Plan payments, Parking, Florida Pre-Paid) (727) or (727) Financial Aid:

105 Thank you! Cost Calculator Panel Breakout Questions (Financial Aid office in BAY 105 will be open until 6pm for specific questions.)

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