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How to Complete an Electronic TA (eTA) Application.

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1 How to Complete an Electronic TA (eTA) Application

2 Access the web site at You can use either your CAC or NKO User ID & Password.

3 The system will check to see if you are eligible for TA: 1. Must be active-duty Navy. 2. Expiration of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) date must not have occurred. 3. Must not be in any of the following programs: Academic Education Voucher (AEV) Graduate Education Voucher (GEV) Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) 4. Must not have missing grades/owe for any TA-funded courses. 5. Must have been briefed on TA Policy by Navy College Office (NCO) in the last 12 months. 7. Must have received academic counseling by NCO in the last 2 years. 8. Must not have used your TA quota of credits for the fiscal year.

4  If you are not eligible to use the website system, a message will appear such as: Sorry, but you are ineligible to use this system for the following reason(s)…and it will list the reason such as: You have missing grades.  At this point, you need to contact your Navy College Office (NCO) and discuss how to proceed with your TA Application.  Your NCO can help correct your ineligibility, and if there are still problems with webTA, they may suggest you complete the alternate TA Application and fax/take it to their office for processing.

5 Welcome, Sailor. You are now signed in and you are eligible to use this system. Please select one of the following options to continue: New Application Existing Applications View Application Agreement FY Cap Status Sign Out This Electronic Tuition Assistance (TA) Application allows you to request tuition assistance funding for specific courses. Please complete all entries on the TA application as accurately as possible. Before using this system, be sure to have the following information readily available: 1. The email address of your Commanding Officer (CO or By Direction Authority), 2. Your unit identification code (UIC), 3. A phone number at your command, 4. A daytime phone number where you can be reached (this may be the same as your command phone number), 5. The name of the school where you plan to take a course, 6. The course name and number, 7. The tuition amount per credit, 8. The amount of any applicable fees.

6 There are 8 information items you will need to have in order to complete your TA Application successfully: 1.Email address of your Commanding Officer/By Direction Authority – 2.Command UIC ( 3952A ) Afghanistan 3.Command phone number ( 318-431-5538 ) 4.Daytime phone number (may be same as item 3) 5.Name of school 6.Course code and title 7.Tuition per credit 8.Cost of applicable fees (technology/lab fee)

7 In order to begin a new TA Application: You must read and accept your TA Application Obligation. You will be taken to the Application Agreement page and asked to accept or not accept the Obligation.  If you do not accept the Obligation, you will not be allowed to proceed.  If you do accept the Obligation, you will be allowed to enter your TA Application information and submit the application to your command for their approval.

8 1. Submit TA to NCO prior to start of term. 2. Pay remaining fees not covered by TA. 3. Notify NCO immediately of any changes! 4. Reimburse U.S. Treasury if: Voluntarily withdraw after add/drop date Receive a “F” grade Fail to clear an “I” grade after 6 months 5.Any TA indebtedness must be cleared by NETPDTC before further TA approval 6.Provide letter from CO confirming course withdrawal for military/emergency reasons. 7.Provide grades to NETPDTC. *Failure to do so could result in pay checkage.

9 TA will fund coursework toward one each of the following: AssociateMasterDoctorateVocational Certificate BachelorProfessional TA pays 100% tuition, not exceed the following: 16 semester hours @ $250 per hour 24 quarter hours @ $167.67 per hour 240 clock hours @ $16.67 per hour TA is only available for institutions with accreditation recognized by U.S. Department of Education.

10 If eligible, Sailors may use GI Bill to supplement TA-funded courses through MGIB Top Up program. After completion of their 5 th course, Sailors must have an official degree plan to be eligible for more TA/NCPACE-funded courses. Upon completion of a certificate/degree, Sailors will request their institution to send their official transcript to Navy College Center to update their SMART.


12 Honolulu, HI. Chaminade University,




16 2008/07/072008/09/14 Chaminade University/Honolulu, HI

17 2008/07/072008/09/14 Chaminade University/Honolulu, HI

18 Chaminade University



21 2008/07/07 2008/09/14 Chaminade University/Honolulu, HI

22 Before finalizing your Application, the system may ask you to reconfirm your entries. For example, on question 15, if you selected a NCO that is different than the one that appears by default, the following will appear: Default NCO for Your Command: NAVSTA Pearl Harbor/Pearl Harbor HI US NCO you Selected: NCO BAHRAIN Reason for Alternate Selection: TDYCloser to this NCOOther


24 Chaminade University NOTE: You cannot make any changes to your eTA application once you have submitted it. You must contact NCO to make any changes.


26 The CO/By Direction you indicated will then receive an email from eTA Application. The subject line will be: “TA Application Approval Request for LCDR Sailor” The email will say: An Electronic Tuition Assistance (TA) Application has been submitted to you for approval by a member of your command. This member is eligible to receive TA funding. Please click on the following link, review the TA Application, and indicate your approval or disapproval for this member to use TA funding. (A unique link to your application will appear here.) The member will be notified of your approval or disapproval by an automatically generated email.


28 NAVADMIN 161/07 Requirements your command will check:  Advancement eligible Sailors must have taken and passed their most recent advancement exam (para 3A).  Sailors must pass (or be medically waived) from their most recent physical readiness test (PRT) (para 3B).  Sailors must not be under instruction in initial skills training or duty under instruction training status (para 3C).  Sailors must be recommended for promotion or advancement (as applicable).  Sailors that have non-judicial or courts-martial punishment in the previous 6 months are not eligible for TA or NCPACE courses (para 3E).



31  Once your TA Application has been approved/disapproved by your CO/By Direction, you will receive an email. You can also check the status of your TA Application at  If your TA Application is approved by your CO/By Direction, it is automatically sent to your NCO for processing.  Once your TA Application is processed by your NCO, you need to obtain your TA Voucher from them. Pick it up at NCO or request NCO to fax/email it to the number/address you indicate.  If your NCO has any problems with your TA Application, they will contact you using the email/phone number listed on your application.

32 NCO Contact Information NAVY COLLEGE OFFICE BAHRAIN Bldg. 66 Sunday – Thursday: 0730 – 16:30 Phone: (973) 1785-9447 DSN: (318) 439-9447 Email:

33 Mirza Henderson, Director Joi Branch, Education Advisor Christine Parshall, Ed Tech Bldg. 66 Navy College Office Bahrain NCO Satellite Contact Information Sunday - Thursday: 0730 – 16:30 (973) 1785-9447/9446/3194

34 I have read and understand the WEB TA Policies and Procedures Date____________Full SSN_______________ »Name:________________________________ »Command:_____________________________ »Command number:______________________ »UIC number:_______________ »Email address:__________________________ »Day time number:________________________ »Do you have Degree Plan? Yes___ No___ »Do you have GED? Yes___ No___ »Do you have H. S. Diploma? Yes___ No___ * This form is used to enter your WEB TA workshop participation into our database and will be shredded after this information is entered. * Please forward this completed form to your Navy College Office FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – PRIVIACY SENSITIVE: ANY MISUSE OR UNATHORIZED DISCLOSURE MAY RESULT IN BOTH CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES.

35 Your almost done! Complete the document on the previous slide and e-mail it to the NCO Office in Bahrain….and your ready to apply for eTA…

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