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Welcome to the Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) Briefing

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1 Welcome to the Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) Briefing
Navy College Office 321 Watson Road SW Suite 149 Anacostia Annex, DC 20373 Phone: Fax:

2 What is my SMART? S – Sailor M- Marine
A- ACE (American Council on Education) R- Registry T- Transcript

3 What does SMART do for ME?
Contains… Military Rating Information Training courses completed College level exams (CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior, DLPT) Academic Records (from Colleges) Degrees and Certification awarded SMART transcripts are FREE available on NKO or at

4 Is your SMART up to date? Reasons to request updates to SMART…
1. Courses completed prior to Service or taken without TA 2. Certifications and Military Training missing from SMART 3. Degrees Automatically updated when military training is completed CLEPs and other exams are also automatically updated Accessible to active, retired, and separated personnel since 1976 Navy College Center, VOLED Detachment, N211 Center for Personal and Professional Development 6490 Saufley Field Road Pensacola, FL

5 Accreditation There are two main types of accreditation: Regional and National Regional accreditation is the most versatile Credits/degrees from Nationally accredited schools may not be accepted by other colleges Diploma Mills - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is If you choose a Non-Accredited School your credits won’t be accepted at an Accredited school and you can’t use Tuition Assistance

6 SOCNAV agreement…what is this?
It is an agreement that sets your degree plan so that it cannot change – it protects you! Requires you to take 25% of classes at home college Send NCO a copy of your Degree Plan/SOCNAV agreement (Make sure to keep a copy for your records) Guaranteed transferability between SOC Schools Over 100 SOCNAV Colleges and Universities Available to Adult Military Family Members

7 Distance Learning Partnerships
34 partnerships with Colleges and Universities - AA to Master Degrees Rate related degree via distance learning Gives Maximum credit for Military Service Credits Transfer between partner schools Shorter Semesters Website for DANTES

8 College at Sea - NCPACE Courses are available free of charge if you are deployed as an Individual Augmentee, or if you are based at a type 2 or 4 seagoing command Courses are delivered by CD-ROM You must purchase the textbooks

9 Navy College Learning Center What can it do for you?
Enterprise Hall, Suite 147 (202) Free test prep programs and materials ASVAB Refresher courses/Prep FASTRACK SAT/ACT CLEP GED Seaman to Admiral-STA 21 Life Skills and Work Skills Open to Active Duty, Retired, Separated, and Adult Family Members Assist in location Study Guides and Practice Exams

10 Testing!!! Navy College Office (NCO)
DLPT 5, DLAB, SAT/ACT Testing and Proctored Exams call for test times and to reserve your spot Some tests may have to be ordered – call 2 weeks in advance National Testing Centers (NTC) – Computerized CLEP/Dantes. Excelsior and Pearson Vue Exams Testing 4 days/wk Instant results for Clep/Dantes Bolling AFB: (202) Andrews AFB: (301)

11 Tuition Assistance (TA)… What is it?
Assistance towards pursuing your voluntary educational goals.

12 Who is eligible to use TA?
Active Duty Enlisted Must complete course(s) prior to EAOS Active Duty Commissioned Officers Course(s) must be completed 2 years prior to the end of service obligation Officer Reservist Must be recalled for 2 or more years Enlisted Reservist Must be recalled for at least 120 consecutive days and be active duty for the entire length of the course(s)

13 TA Policy Changes for FY 2010
TA will no longer fund courses with clock hours, pending new regulations (NAVADMIN is in development). In addition to required TA brief, service members must receive counseling from NCO to develop education plan/goals before using TA for the first time. There is no waiver to exceed credit limit yet for FY10. We will be notified if this changes during the year. Service members will only be allowed ONE Incomplete grade/course extension while using Tuition Assistance. Passing grade must be posted within 6 months of original end date of course. Application/Registration Fees and Student Activity fees can no longer be covered with TA.

14 How Much Can TA Pay? Each Fiscal Year (Oct 1 -Sept 30)
#Credits $ per hr High School Completion 100% Semester Hours 16 $250 Quarter Hours 24 $166.67 Clock Hours (not covered as of Oct. 2, 2009) XXX Continuing Education Units 16 credit hours x $ = $4,000 a year Waivers to exceed credit limit are not available for FY10 as of now. Total TA funds cannot exceed $4500 per fiscal year.

15 What TA DOES and DOES NOT cover?
Courses on education/degree plan Courses at lower level only if required for change of designation or prerequisite for degree plan Fees attached to courses (Lab Fee, Technology Fee) We will not pay back fees you have already paid yourself. Does Not… More than one degree at each level Failed Grades (F) OR Withdrawal (W) grades Non-credit courses Repeat classes using TA Graduation Fees, Late Fees, Parking fees, Application/Registration fees, or Student Activity Fees Flight Schools P.E. and Recreation courses Books, online books, or software

16 How do I apply for TA? Attend a TA Briefing
Receive counseling from NCO to develop an education plan Choose a school and class(es) you want to take – Navy College can help you Fill out a TA application WebTA ( ) Paper version NETPDTC 1560/3 (Rev. 09/07) available on NCO Website if you cannot access WebTA Forward TA application to Commanding Officer/Sign By Direction Authority for signature/approval: Commanding officers must ensure compliance with professional and career development policies Have Degree Plan on file after 5 courses; fax it to your local Navy College Office (202)

17 What is WebTA? Web Tuition Assistance (WebTA) is a process that allows qualified Sailors to use paperless technology to efficiently request TA. The Sailor sends their request for courses to their command – ONLINE. The command approves the Sailor for taking courses and forwards the request to the NCO – ONLINE. The Navy College Office approves TA by electronic signature. TA Authorization documents are printed ONLINE. The Sailor will deliver their TA Authorization to the school.

18 Can anyone use it? Active Duty Navy
Anyone can access WebTA at the MyEducation website, but their Tuition Assistance records must be up-to-date for them to apply. If you are not current in these 9 items you are unable to use WebTA until you make corrections via your Navy College Office. Active Duty Navy Academic Counseling within the past two years TA Policy Counseling within the past two years EAOS has not occurred (N/A for Officers) No outstanding TA Waivers missing or overdue grades Must not owe for previously funded courses Must still have TA quota credits for the fiscal year Not in STA-21, GEV, AEV programs

19 Let’s get started… Via the Navy College Program Website Or go straight to MyEducation MyEducation WebTA

20 If you are not eligible You get a caption that says: “We are sorry, but you are ineligible to use this system.” The Eligibility window lists the things you need to correct in order to use WebTA. You must work with your NCO to clear these items.

21 If you are eligible You get a caption that says: “Please select one of the Following options to continue:” And the Eligibility window says: “Your eligibility to use this system has been verified.” You can continue by clicking: “Create TA Authorization”.

22 Application Agreement
The first screen is the Application Agreement Acceptance page. This page details the obligations a Sailor accepts concerning: Timely submission Change notifications Grade reporting/reimbursement Service obligation requirements “I Accept” indicates the Sailor has read and will comply. “I Do Not Accept” closes the program.

23 Screen 1 of 3 Some information is entered automatically from your records, but should be verified. This screen is used to enter information about you and your processing of WebTA: Your contact information. How to get in contact with your command. The of your “CO or By Dir” authority. Who your servicing NCO will be (NCO Anacostia – Block 15)

24 Screen 1 of 3 If you don’t enter required information the system will not let you continue.

25 Screen 2 of 3 This screen wants to know about your educational goals and existing agreements: Immediate goal? Education Plan? Graduation date? SOCNAV agreement? NCPDLP program?

26 Screen 3 of 3 This screen has the information specific to the TA requested: Drop-down boxes help find information and format dates. Find school name by using % (wildcard) and partial name. All form items are required (unless specifically noted). This is the information that goes on the TA Authorization, it must be complete and correct.

27 Once you Save your application
The system does a check for information that may require confirmation.

28 Once you Save your application
Looking at the Application Status History tells you what is happening with your WebTA. Once you have saved your WebTA you have the option to Cancel or Submit or Change.

29 Submit Application to CO or By Direction Authority
The application is forwarded on-line to your CO or By Direction Authority for approval. The student has the option of canceling or resubmitting. Resubmitting allows changing or correcting the command address. Canceling or changing the document must be done prior to command processing the application.

30 Emails upon submission
Sent to the CO or ByDir address listed on screen 1 of 3 When approved, sent to the Sailor’s address listed on screen 1 of 3

31 Your TA Authorization Voucher
If your command disapproves your TA Application, you will have to work with them to determine when to reapply. Your NCO will you, letting you know if your TA Authorization Voucher has been approved or disapproved. If the NCO has approved your TA Application, you may print your TA Voucher on-line. Make sure you have a current and phone number on the request!

32 Student Notification AFTER Education Office Approval

33 To print an Electronically Signed TA Document
1. Go to 2. Click on Existing Applications 3. Click View for Existing Applications in Authorized Status

34 4. Click Print Document. Approved document returns for student to print and provide to school.

35 What does an Authorization look like?
Wait hours to receive TA Authorization Voucher Review Authorization for accuracy If problem, pen and ink change, and fax back to NCO When correct, sign and send/fax Authorization to school Keep copy for your records!

36 WebTA Authorization Vouchers printed from MyEducation Portal will be digitally signed by NCO

37 Application Status This shows the normal flow of a WebTA (from bottom to top): Sailor creates WebTA. Sailor submits to Command. Command approves and forwards to NCO for processing. NCMIS automatically s Sailor when TA is approved or disapproved.

38 Other options under WebTA
In addition to requesting TA, there is information you can access on WebTA to make it easier to manage your education: Check existing applications. View Application Agreement Check FY Cap Status View your history

39 Other options under WebTA
Check Existing Applications Explains the six application categories Shows your existing applications

40 Other options under WebTA
View Application Agreement The same agreement you read and accepted when initially requesting TA.

41 Other options under WebTA
FY Cap Status Lists how many credits you have used and how many you have remaining.

42 Other options under WebTA
My History Courses you have completed using TA or NCPACE CLEP/DSST exams

43 A couple of reminders… Tuition is paid based on the data you provided: if there are any changes to dates, courses, or other information, your School’s request for payment may not be honored or you may be required to pay back the government. You CANNOT electronically change or cancel any information on your TA Application after it has been processed by your NCO. If you need to make changes to your TA Application after your NCO has authorized funding, contact your NCO to change or cancel your TA funded course(s).

44 How to avoid TA problems…
When course is completed Fax Unofficial Grade to NETPDTC fax: OR submit grade report to Navy College Office Upon Graduation notify NCO and fill out registration form When Dropping a course Notify School and NCO immediately! Repay TA for voluntary withdraw after drop/add period See NCO about waiver process for non-voluntary withdrawal from a class (ex. Deployment or Family/Medical emergency) Repay any failed course Arrange payment with Pensacola Pay student share to school

45 Reaching out with Education!
Montgomery GI Bill 36 months = $49,248 $1,368.00/ month, full-time Top Up + TA= 100% Buy-Up MGIB Benefits Cost $600 Pays $150 /month ($5,400) $1,518/month, full-time Reaching out with Education!

46 More MGI Bill Benefits . . . To activate your GI Bill
Form VA /VONAPP available online at Submit to VA Regional Office Top-Up: Pays “student share” on TA Write TOP UP on top of TA and send to school & VA GI Bill can reimburse for National Tests (ex. LSAT,GRE,GMAT) - VA form MGIB does NOT cover books Option of alternating between MGIB Active Duty or Top-Up with TA

47 The Post-9/11 GI Bill (chapter 33)
August 1, 2009: Chapter 33 benefits can be paid for training pursued on or after August 1, No payments may be made for training pursued before that date. If eligible, you may switch from the MGI Bill (Chapter 30) to the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33). If you switch, you cannot switch back to the MGI Bill. While Active Duty, the Post 9/11 GI Bill will only cover tuition that TA does not cover. Books and supplies will not be covered while on active duty. Go to the Navy College Website ( for more information on the Post-9/11 GI Bill, including how to select or switch to this program.

48 Credentials Program Office
Navy COOL Credentials Program Office (850) /6664 Available to Navy and Naval Reserve service members -on a first come first serve basis Grants professional civilian credentials that are parallel to a Sailor's Rating The Navy has limited funds to fund credentialing (certification/license) exams To apply submit SF form to fax or scan Registration fees, preparation guides, processing fees, etc., will not be reimbursed

49 Scholarships and grants do not have to be repaid!
Pell Grant Pays tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and dependent care expenses Not seen as duplication of benefits by Federal Treasury

50 Auxiliary Programs Offered…
USMAP United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (Journeyman’s License) Certification through documented work experience (On-The-Job-Training) In rating/MOS designated for the trade Establishes credentials for civilian employment Troops to Teachers Assist military personnel to become certified teachers in public schools Helps relieve teacher shortage in at-risk schools Provides positive role models for students and matches school districts with competent applicants

51 Are there any questions?
Thank you and have a Great Navy Day!!

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