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A new partnership to prepare the Teachers Newark needs (NMUTRP)

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1 A new partnership to prepare the Teachers Newark needs (NMUTRP)

2 An Urban Teacher Residency is a partnership between an urban school district and a university, designed to meet the specific staffing needs of the district. The teacher preparation program is embedded in the classrooms of the urban school district. Residents are apprenticed to experienced teachers who serve as their mentors.

3 Early programs in the U.S. are located in Boston, Chicago, and Denver and were initiated by the school districts. They are tightly focused on specific district needs, and they support new teachers at a very high level. Attrition from urban school districts has been shown to be as high as 50% within the first three years teaching. In the Boston UTR, 86% have stayed in teaching since 2003. In Chicago, 85% have stayed. In Denver, 100% of the new teachers prepared in the residency program since 2003 are still teachers in the district. Attrition of new teachers is a significant problem in urban districts, and Urban Teacher Residencies offer an important corrective.

4 The Federal Government has recently dedicated millions of dollars to fund 28 new UTRs. The Newark Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program is one of these new, federally funded efforts.

5 Two cohorts: 15 EC/EL residents begin at the start of the spring semester of every year, 10 Math and Science residents begin at the start of the summer semester every year. First cohort of EC/EL Residents started the program in February 2010 and will finish in June 2011. First cohort of Math and Science Residents will start the program in June 2010 and complete June 2011. EC/EL dual certification residents have an 18 months program Math/Science residents have a 12 months program.

6 EC/EL Residents will complete the program with Provisional Certification in Early Childhood OR Elementary Teacher and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. Math and Science Content Area Residents will complete the program with Provisional Certification in Math OR Science All Residents are committed to teaching in Newark for three years. Residents are paid a generous stipend and tuition to MSU is also paid.

7 Early Childhood/Elementary residents receive a stipend of $39,000 over 18 months. Math/Science residents receive a stipend of $26,000 over 12 months. Residents are eligible for additional funds under the federal TEACH grant. ** Financial terms are not need-based **

8 Residents will work side by side with Mentors. Mentors will participate in a Mentor Institute and professional development activities (half day per month and other events). Mentors will participate in action research projects with Residents. Mentors will have an opportunity to apply for National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification OR pursue credits towards a Master’s Degree at MSU.

9 Employment - People who successfully complete the program will be given preferential advancement in the hiring process for a teaching position in the Newark Public Schools. NMUTRP requires residents offered a position to teach in Newark for 3 years upon program completion. Induction Support - During this period, each resident is mentored by an experienced teacher. Research shows that one-on-one mentoring is a great support to new teachers. It keeps them in urban schools for a rewarding teaching career.

10 MSU TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM Portrait of a Teacher Theory Course based instruction NEWARK PUBLIC SCHOOLS Clinical Experiences in Newark Classrooms

11 Ed Foundations /Theories of Practice Pedagogy Portrait of a Teacher Research/ Content Inquiry Montclair State University Newark Public Schools Vision, Mission, Curriculum, Assessment, Culture, Community, Teachers, Administrators, Professionals

12 Residents learn the district’s instructional initiatives and curriculum while they come to understand the students, families, history, and context of Newark - the community where they will teach. Focus is on the District’s priorities. OLD MODEL: Focus was on who the University prepares to be teachers. NEW MODEL: Preparing effective teachers for Newark Public Schools.

13 Koru Is a spiral in the Mãori Culture. It represents the fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world. It also represents peace, tranquility and spirituality along with a strong sense of re-growth or new beginnings.

14 Early Childhood/Elementary applicants must have completed an undergraduate program in a liberal arts. Math/Science applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree with a MAJOR in the specific discipline they are going to teach. All applicants must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. All applicants must have passed the required Praxis II Exam(s). All applicants must take the GRE general test.

15 Dr. Rosemary Steinbaum, NMTRP Program Director 973 655 6687 Toyin Adekoje NMTRP Program Advisor 973 655 7990

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