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WELCOME Seniors and Parents Class of 2015 College Planning Night East Bay High School website

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1 WELCOME Seniors and Parents Class of 2015 College Planning Night East Bay High School website

2 Visit East Bay’s Website East Bay High School website Click on “Guidance” Scholarship Listings Bright Futures Handbook SAT and ACT Test Date Information Community Service Requirements Guidance Newsletter THIS POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

3 Senior Handbook Use your red folder all year to store important college and financial aid paperwork Senior Handbook is a reference guide to help navigate you through the process –Important College and Financial Aid Meetings on pgs. 3 & 4 –SAT & ACT Testing Dates – pgs. 5 & 6 –c/o 2015 Bright Futures requirements – page 9

4 College Entrance TESTING

5 SAT & ACT Testing SAT and/or ACT scores are required to get a college admissions decision & for Bright Futures eligibility and various scholarships –Registration Online for for –Test Dates & Locations for 2014-2015 6 SAT Test Dates available –Next test Nov 8 – registration deadline 10/9/14 5 ACT Test Dates available –Next test October 25– registration deadline 9/19/14

6 SAT & ACT Testing SAT and ACT –Test Dates & Locations in the Senior Handbook pgs. 5 & 6 - Registration Online –Costs to take the tests $52.50 SAT ACT $38.00 No Writing/$54.50 Plus Writing –Fee Waivers Available for students on free or reduced lunch –Send your scores to colleges when you register – 4 free score reports SAT/ACT scores are not listed on your transcript

7 SAT/ACT Comparison SAT & ACT both widely accepted, national college admissions tests SAT is an analytical reasoning test ACT aligned with classroom coursework PERT is for community college academic placement and Gold Seal qualifying Students should take the SAT and the ACT multiple times to determine preference.

8 SAT Scores Reading scores range from 200 - 800 Math scores range from 200 - 800 Writing scores range from 200 - 800 2400 highest possible SAT score Bright Futures (and some colleges) is looking for a 2 section score total with Critical Reading + Math combined

9 ACT Scores 4 sections – English, Math, Reading and Science. Each section scored from 1 - 36 Add all four sections scores together and divide by 4 to get the total (composite) score Writing section is optional but required by most four year colleges and universities

10 Sending your SAT and ACT Scores to Colleges SAT and ACT scores are sent electronically directly from the testing company May send four (4) free score reports to colleges when you register to test If you need to send scores after the test there is a fee to do so SAT/ACT scores are not on your transcript

11 Super Scoring Students benefit by taking the SAT and/or ACT more then once Most colleges and university will take the highest section score to give students the highest total score. Bright Futures will also take the highest section scores to determine scholarship eligibility

12 Super Scoring SAT example (200-800 score range): Student took the SAT three times... ReadingMathWriting Test #1 490610500 Test # 2 580500500 Test # 3 520510540 580 +610 + 540 = 1730 FMS Bright Futures score = 1190 (Reading & Math)

13 Super Scoring ACT example ( 1-36 score range ): Student took the ACT three times... EnglishMathReading Science Test #1 252320 21 Test #2 182622 23 Test #3 202126 27 25 + 26 + 26+ 27= 104=26 4 (sections) 26 composite (total) ACTscore

14 Understanding GPA’s Weighted - Honors, dual enrollment and AP (District) Un-weighted - No quality points added (State) Recalculated (weighted) –Academic core credits + academic electives; weighted for honors, dual enrollment and AP –Recalculated GPA’s are used for college admissions and Bright Futures –Go to OR to determine recalculated GPA’s

15 When you are completing a college or scholarship application, always list your highest GPA unless they request the un-weighted GPA! GPA Reporting

16 Guidmii Using your Edsby username and password, go to: and login. Track high school graduation requirements View your various GPA’s—weighted (District), Bright Futures, State University System (SUS) Bright Futures/Scholarship Information College Admissions Information Explore career and academic options Access high school transcript information

17 go to Dept. Of Education parent and student tool for college and career planning Create an account and log-in View your unofficial transcript - Click on the “Reports” tab and check your Bright Futures status. This is also your weighted, recalculated GPA for college admissions Explore college majors and careers

18 College Admissions

19 Selecting a College Ask questions that matter to you –Location Close to home? Far from home? In-state? Out-of-state –Public or Private school –Size of School –Majors Does the school you want to attend have your major? –Campus life –Sports –Cost of attendance

20 College Campus Visits Open House dates – on line –RSVP - don’t just show up Daily tours –10am & 2pm Special events –Invitation only No school business given On-line college fairs and virtual tours

21 How to Apply to College Apply on-line – NOW – the latest Web site lists included in your folder What’s needed for an admissions decision? –Completed on-line application –Application fee paid –SAT and/or ACT scores sent –High school transcript sent –Essay and/or recommendation letter (rqst)

22 How to send your transcript –Complete the yellow form found in your folder or pick one up in Guidance –Give completed form to the Registrar, Mrs. Canizares in Guidance –No charge for electronic transcripts –$2.00 fee for paper transcripts (private and out-of-state colleges) –Scholarship requests are free

23 State University System (SUS) 12 Public Universities in the state of Florida – pgs. 21 & 22 in handbook Map and websites also in your folder SUS admissions matrix –Enrollment data –GPA averages –SAT and ACT averages –Cost of attendance Read the SUS admissions matrix

24 Private Colleges and Out-of-State Universities Pgs. 23 & 24 in the handbook Applications completed on-line; check deadlines carefully Financial estimator available to determine cost of attendance (COA) For in-state private colleges, Bright Futures money paid at public tuition dollar amounts Address is needed for private or out of state transcript request - $2.00 fee

25 Hillsborough Community College - HCC Five campuses available Open admissions for high school graduates Online application preferred SAT/ACT/PERT used to place students in college level reading and math classes Avoid remedial classes by having “college ready” test scores HCC timeline - pgs. 13 & 14 in Senior Handbook HCC Honors available for qualified students

26 HI-TEC Centers Part of the Hills. Co. Public School system Offering over 40 career training programs Non degree certificate programs vary in length from 6 months to 2 years Very affordable and open access to graduates –Four locations available Aparicio-Levy Technical Center Brewster Technical Center Erwin Technical Center Learey Technical Center

27 College and Career Center Group or individual assistance for Bright Futures Scholarship completion SAT & ACT registration SAT & ACT Prep class registration Military information Technical School information Community Service Assistance “GET IT DONE” MONDAYS

28 How to get started with Community Service Select a place to volunteer Complete proposal approved BEFORE volunteering and get required signatures Proposal must be approved prior to starting community service Once completed, hours must be turned in on the organization’s letterhead in letter format December 15 deadline for Bright Futures “early evaluation” Seniors have May 1 st deadline for all community service hours

29 Community Service Class of 2015 - Bright Futures and community service requirements –Florida Academic Scholarship 100 hours –Florida Medallion Scholarship 75 hours –Florida Gold Seal Scholarship 30 hours

30 Military Information There are 5 Military Academies: –Navy – the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD; US Naval Academy - –Army – US Military Academy in West Point New York; –Air Force – the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO; –The Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY; –The Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT;

31 Military Information ROTC Scholarships Offered at colleges around the country –Air Force - –Army - –Navy - Enlistment in the Military after High School –Take the ASVAB in October here at East Bay or at the recruiting station for the specific branch

32 Paying for College Determine the COST of Attendance (COA) The COA is an estimate of how much money will be required to attend school for one year at a college (on or off campus) The COA is determined for each student by the postsecondary institution Go online to check COA for each school you’re considering

33 $$ Cost of Attendance $$ The COA is determined for each student by the postsecondary institution and may include: Tuition and fees Books and supplies Transportation Personal expenses Room and board Misc. costs Go online to the college websites and type in Cost of Attendance

34 What is my Cost of Attendance? (Example at 4 year, in state, public university) In-State school, Living on or off-campus Tuition- $6,800 Room/Board- $9,190 Books/Supplies$1,500 Miscellaneous-$1,000 Total $18,490.00 In-State school, Living at home Tuition- $6,800 Room/Board- $2,000 Books/Supplies$1,500 Miscellaneous-$1,000 Total $11,300.00

35 What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is money available to help students and their parents pay for educational expenses. Students and parents use various resources to find money for school No limit on financial aid amounts earned Students and parents are the primary source of funds for post secondary education and are expected to contribute to the extent they are able.

36 Types of Federal Financial Aid Grants- Aid given to students by the federal government or by the university that is need based, and the student is not responsible for paying back Scholarships- Award money given to students based on academic, athletic ability, ethnicity, gender, major or talent, that is not paid back Work-Study- Money earned by students as payment for work. Does not have to paid back. Loans- Three types of loans that may be borrowed by the student and/or parents that must be paid back with interest either while enrolled or six or nine months post- graduation or if students stop attending.

37 Sources of Financial Aid Federal Programs - FAFSA State Programs – Bright Futures Institutional – Colleges/Universities Civic & Community Programs Foundations – Hillsborough Education, DeBartolo, Bailey Family Parents Company & Union Programs Scholarships through Private Donors

38 Federal Financial Aid FAFSA – Free Application For Federal Student Aid – Apply online at Important part of the college application process for ALL students and parents On-line application begins January 1, 2015 Awards: Grants, Work Study, low-interest loans Based on family income from 2014 tax returns Financial Aid Meeting on January 15, 2015 @ Riverview High School Do not go to – charges a fee!

39 39 How much federal student aid can you receive? Example: first-year student in 2015-16 Maximum amounts allowed: Federal Pell Grant: $5,730 Academic Competitiveness Grant: $750 TEACH Grant: up to $4,000 Federal Stafford Loan: $5,500/Federal Perkins Loan: $5,500 Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: $100 - $4,000 Federal Work-Study: depends on funds available at school Federal PLUS Loan (for parents): COA minus other aid received Award amounts are based on your household income

40 State Financial Aid aka - Bright Futures Florida Financial Aid Application –14 potential scholarships w/one application Online Registration begins December 1 st Bright Futures pays a basic rate per credit hour wherever you attend in the state Students can qualify for one of the three Bright Futures Scholarships Available

41 Bright Futures Scholarship Award Levels Students may receive funding for ONE of the three awards – page 9 in handbook for requirements Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS) –$103.00 per credit hour Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS) –$77.00 per credit hour Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) –$77.00 per credit hour @ technical centers for certificate programs only

42 Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) 3.5 weighted GPA in required college preparatory credits. Required Credits: 4 English (3 with substantial writing) 4 Math (Algebra I level and above) 3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab) 3 Social Science 2 Foreign Language (sequential, in the same language) 16 college preparatory credits May use up to 2 additional credits from courses in these academic areas and/or AP, IB, or AICE fine arts courses to raise GPA.

43 Florida Academic Requirements –16 credits (college preparatory) –3.5 GPA weighted, recalculated (unrounded) in 16 (or up to 18) academic courses –100 Community Service Hours –Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing dates (not mixed from different test types) –ACT = 29 Composite (excludes writing section) –SAT = 1290 (critical reading and math) –Liberal Arts & Applied Math are NOT accepted math courses toward the required 4 Math credits 43

44 Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) 3.0 GPA weighted, recalculated in required credits: 4 English (3 with substantial writing) 4 Math (Algebra I level and above) 3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab) 3 Social Science 2 Foreign Language (sequential, in the same language May use up to 2 additional credits from courses in these academic areas and/or AP, IB, or AICE fine arts courses to raise GPA.

45 Florida Medallion Requirements –16 credits (college preparatory) –3.0 GPA weighted, recalculated (unrounded) in those 16 (or up to 18) courses –75 Community Service Hours –Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing dates (not mixed from different test types) –SAT = 1170 (Reading + Math) –ACT = 26 Composite (excludes writing section) 45

46 Florida Gold Seal Vocational (GSV) –16 credits (core required for HS graduation) 3.0 weighted GPA (unrounded) in those 16 core courses –3 career/technical credits in one vocational program 3.5 un-weighted GPA (unrounded) in those 3 credits –30 Community Service Hours –Test Scores SAT = 440 Critical Reading and 440 Math ACT = 17 English, 18 Reading, 19 Math –Test sub-scores can be used from multiple testing dates (not mixed from different test types) 46

47 State Grants, Scholarships & Applications 47

48 Bright Futures Homepage –What’s New Chart of Eligibility and Award Criteria –Students You have all year to qualify for Bright Futures Financial Aid Recipient History to check status or go to 48

49 Types of Scholarships National scholarship databases –Free search sites State scholarships –FFSA & Bright Futures Regional scholarships –Barnes, DeBartolo, etc. County - Hillsborough Education Foundation –Begin applying in November, 2014 –75 organizations in the Tampa Bay Area

50 Scholarships East Bay Scholarship Bulletins –Published 5 times a year –All Seniors receive a hard copy –Electronic copy available on the East Bay High School website under “Guidance” Local scholarships –In March for all EBHS seniors –Local organizations donated over $150,000 in scholarship monies to the Class of 2014

51 Scholarship “SMARTS” Scholarships can be based on your academic success, gender, ethnicity, financial need, athletics, college major, essay completion, etc. Scholarship money can be “stacked” on other money such as Pre-paid, Bright Futures, Federal aid, etc. It’s a numbers game! The more applications you complete the better chance you’ll have of getting a scholarship. Try to apply to one scholarship per week. Use the East Bay High School scholarship bulletin Go to East Bay High School website under “Guidance”

52 Scholarship Tips Follow application instructions Get organized and make copies and keep a scholarship log – Use the tracker! Proofread your application. Have a parent, teacher and/or counselor review and don’t leave items blank Meet the deadlines How will you know if you won the scholarship? –Often you’re only notified if you are selected –Notification details written on the web site Try to complete one application a week!

53 East Bay Class of 2015 – We are proud of you! Q & A

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