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What does it take to be an average stundent in Estonia?

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1 What does it take to be an average stundent in Estonia?

2 There are 68 196 students in Estonia 59% of them have entered the work market 56% of employed students have a full-time job The average income of the working student is about 6000 krones (ca 380€)

3 Facts about Estonian HE system State-comissioned education Tuition fees (average about 20 000 kroons per semester) Extreamly weak system of social guarantees International mobility - about 6% of all students are sure that they area able to study abroad

4 Shall we Choose Tuition Fees? restricts access to higher education for people with lower socio-economic background reproduces social inequality reduces quality of higher education, students are often forced to fulltime work alongside their studies limits student mobility

5 Shall we Choose Tuition Fees? students choose their area of study according to their financial capabilities and future prospects, not according to their interests increased drop-out rate Increased pressure to finish school as fast as possible (not as smart as possible)

6 The reality... Pre-paid tuition fees between 10 000 and 100 000 kroons per academic year (600-3725€) 54% of all students are paying. 25% of students in public schools are paying. Universities are free to set their own tuition fees, no regulation from government Higher tuition fees for foreign students

7 The reality... Tuition fees and lack of social guarantees force students to work 59% of all students are working, additional 19% intends to go to work in near future Over 60% of students think that working hinders their studying progress Only 6% of students paying tuition fees would be able to continue their studies without working Students are choosing their area of study according to lower tuition fees/no tuition fees. 55% of students would have made different choice if they had to pay for the subject they are currently studying.

8 Study allowances The maximum sum that one student may get is 1500 kroons (ca. 95 eur) The allowancy depends on the avarage grades of the student and the personal premeability of the study programme Only 16% of all students in Estonia recieve this money EÜL fights against this system!!!

9 Other important facts to consider for surviving... There is no housing allowence for students Housing expenditures make 75% of whole income Low transportation benefits Private b anks’ slavery

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