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GRADUATE STUDIES IN EDUCATION Master of Education & Ph.D. in Education.

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1 GRADUATE STUDIES IN EDUCATION Master of Education & Ph.D. in Education

2 The M.Ed. program  Engages learners in critical analysis of research and current literature that speaks to their practices and the visions and missions that create their practices

3 M.Ed. Program Routes Thesis Route (Six courses + thesis):  two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses  Four additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*  Thesis (12 credits)  30 credits in total required *may be any of the M.Ed. 3 credit courses

4 M.Ed. Program Routes Major Research Paper Route (Eight courses + MRP):  two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses  six additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*  Major Research Paper (MRP) (6 credits)  30 credits in total required *may be any of the M.Ed. 3 credit course

5 M.Ed. Program Routes  two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses  seven additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*  EDUC-5186 Research Project & Seminar Course (3 credits)  30 credits in total required *may be any of the M.Ed. 3 credit course Research Project Route (nine courses + Research Project & Seminar)

6 M.Ed. Core & Required Courses Core Courses: EDUC-5196 Understanding Education EDUC-5157 Survey of Research Methods

7 M.Ed./Ph.D. Elective Courses by Theme Plus the indicated courses (for your M.Ed. route) from one of the following themes: Adult EducationLanguage and Literacy LeadershipSpecial Education Teaching and Pedagogy Other electives (note that Nipissing University does not offer a specialized M.Ed. degree):

8 Adult Education  EDUC 5416 Developing Curriculum for Adult Learners  EDUC 5466 Adults as Learners  EDUC 5476 Mentoring as Supportive Practice

9 Special Education  EDUC 5456 Issues in Special Education  EDUC 5616 Assessment in Special Education  EDUC 5617 Readings in Special Education  EDUC 5626 Foundations of Special Education  EDUC 5636 Mental Health in School Populations  EDUC 5647 The Gifted Learner  EDUC 5656 Models and Methods for Program Development with Gifted Learners

10 Educational Leadership  EDUC 5176 Education Law in Schools  EDUC 5326 Organizational Management  EDUC 5336 Educational Leadership  EDUC 5337 Conceptions of Student Risk and Resilience, and Educational Leadership  EDUC 5346 Interpersonal Relations in Administration  EDUC 5356 Supervision of Instruction  EDUC 5366 Safe Schools  EDUC 5376 Ethics, Values and Decision Making in Education & Schooling  EDUC-5526 Leadership in Action Research

11 Teaching and Pedagogy  EDUC-5116 Principles of Curriculum & Instruction  EDUC-5126 Theories of Learning  EDUC 5136 Models of Teaching  EDUC 5146 Reflective Practice  EDUC 5236 Curricular Strategies  EDUC 5246 Curricular Issues  EDUC 5256 Evaluation of Curriculum & Instruction  EDUC 5266 Holistic Education  EDUC 5286 Narrative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning & Research  EDUC-5516 Information and Communication Technology in Education  EDUC-5546 Assessment of Learning

12 Language and Literacy  EDUC 5296 New Literacies: Making Multiple Meanings  EDUC 5426 Developmental Reading  EDUC 5436 Early Literacy  EDUC 5446 Literature Based Instruction in Language  EDUC 5496 Meanings of Literacy  EDUC 5637 Integrated Approaches to Language Curriculum  EDUC 5586 Research Themes in Second Language Education

13 Other Electives  EDUC 5156 History of Education in Canada  EDUC-5166 Critical Pedagogy and Approaches to Democratic Education  EDUC 5276 Educational Representations in Popular Culture  EDUC 5417 Alternative Schooling  EDUC 5486 Independent Study  EDUC 5536 Issues in First Nations Education  EDUC 5646 Creativity and Learning  EDUC 5676 Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research  EDUC 5677 Quantitative Approaches to Educational Research

14 M.Ed. Faculty Advisor  Once admitted to M.Ed. program, you are assigned a faculty advisor  If completing a thesis or research paper, you will need a supervisor for your research – may be someone other than your faculty advisor

15 Thesis & MRP Registration  Before commencing work on a thesis or MRP, you must complete the Major Research Paper/Thesis Application.  The application must be approved by your research supervisor and a second reader before being submitted to Graduate Studies in Education for further approval by the School of Graduate Studies.

16 Registration Status for M.Ed.Students Full-time  Enrolled in 3-4 courses in the first two terms  Geographically available  Eligible for scholarship funding  May not work more than 10/hr/wk for NU

17 Registration Status for ME.D. Students Flexible Full-time  Register as full-time  Ideal for working professionals engaged in continued employment  May enrol in fewer courses each term as their work or personal schedule permits  Not eligible for scholarship funding

18 Time to Completion  Full-time ME.d. students must complete all degree requirements within two years or six terms. They have the option to apply for up to three one-term degree extensions.  Flexible full-time students must complete all degree requirements within 3-4 years.

19 The Ph.D. Program Focused on Educational Sustainability  Grounded in the context of a post-modern society, and recognizing the importance of multiple per ​ spectives, this PhD program in Educational Sustainability will prepare students from a variety of fields, such as education, health, social work, social justice and administrative leadership, for sustainable educational practices in the 21st century.

20 Ph.D. Program Requirements  successfully complete three core courses during a summer institute residency program over two years (4 weeks each July) held at the Nipissing University campus in North Bay;  successfully complete three 3-credit elective Phd or MEd/PhD courses from the current course  successfully complete a Comprehensive Exam (2 qualifying papers);  successfully complete a Dissertation (Research Thesis Study) to the University’s standard;  successfully meet the degree requirements within six years of first registration.

21 Core Courses and Electives Core courses:  EDUC-6116 Critical Conversations in Educational Research  EDUC-6117 Conversations in Educational Theory  EDUC-6126 Doctoral Seminar Core courses will be available through summer institutes on an annual basis. Electives:  EDUC-6118 Inquiry-based Growth and Development in Education Sustainability  Additional 3-credit electives are selected from the current Master of Education course offerings.Master of Education

22 Ph.D. Faculty Advisor  All PhD candidates are assigned a Faculty Advisor upon entry into the program.  When appropriate, candidates will approach/select a Faculty Supervisor who will guide them through the doctoral dissertation process. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

23 Ph.D. Comp. Exam and Dissertation Registration  With the assistance of your Faculty Supervisor, you must identify your Dissertation Committee before writing the Comprehensive Exam and enrolling in the Dissertation.  You must successfully complete the Comprehensive Exam PRIOR to enrolling in the Dissertation.  The Comprehensive Exam Application and the Dissertation Application must be approved by your Dissertation Committee before being submitted to Graduate Studies in Education for further approval by the School of Graduate Studies.

24 Admission Requirements – M.Ed & Ph.D. a) Proof of graduation with an approved undergraduate degree from an accredited university with at least a B standing; b) Three Confidential Recommendations – two academic and one professional c) Ph.D. – Proof of completion of a MRP or Thesis at the Master’s level d) A résumé detailing educational and professional experience. e) A typed statement of approximately 1000 words explaining the value of undertaking a Master of Education program in your teaching/learning environment. f) Proof of proficiency in English may be required for graduates of foreign universities whose first language is not English.

25 Tuition Fees Full-time & Flexible Full-time M.Ed.  Full-time and flexible full-time M.Ed. students pay a term fee, every term (fall, winter, and spring/summer ) for a minimum of six consecutive semesters.  A continuation fee of $1,000 + ancillary fees per semester for a maximum of three additional terms is required following the six semesters.

26 Tuition Fees - Ph.D.  Ph.D. students pay a term tuition fee every term (fall, winter, and spring/summer) for a minimum of twelve consecutive terms.  A continuation fee of $1500 + ancillary fees per semester for a maximum of six additional terms is required following the twelve semesters.

27 Financial Support  Financial Support for full-time graduate students:  University and government scholarships are available.  Ph.D. Dean’s List Funding - The top six selected applications (based on graduate level course average and application package upon entry) will receive a tuition scholarship of the value of per term tuition (not including ancillary fees).  and-funding/Pages/default.aspx or e-mail the School of Graduate Studies, and-funding/Pages/default.aspx  or e-mail Financial Aid at

28 Application Deadline Dates Ph.D. commencing in July 2014  January 15, 2014 Master of Education Full-time  September 2014 start & eligible for scholarship funding – app. deadline January 15, 2014  Late applications to full-time M.Ed. Program accepted up to June 13 th but NOT eligible for scholarship funding.

29 Application Deadline Dates Master of Education Flexible Time  July 2014 start – app. deadline March 21, 2014  September 2014 start – app. deadline June 6, 2014

30 For More Information… Admission requirements: or e-mail Tuition information: services/Pages/default.aspx or services/Pages/default.aspx e-mail M.Ed. & Ph.D. program information: or M.Ed.: Ph.D.: studies/PhD-Ed-Sustainability/Pages/ studies/PhD-Ed-Sustainability/Pages/default.aspx

31 GSE Contacts  Dr. Michelann Parr, Chair – Graduate Studies in Education or ext. 4424 Office: North Bay Campus, A305  Janice Vaillancourt Secretary – Graduate Studies in Education Contact for North Bay and Brantford campuses, ext. 4378 Office: North Bay Campus, F307  Jessica McMillan Administrator Schulich School of Education, ext. 4264 Office: North Bay Campus, F201

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