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Department of Biochemistry Microbiology & Immunology O Chair: Dr. Daniel Figeys O 27 core professors O 50 cross appointed professors O 33 adjunct professors.

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1 Department of Biochemistry Microbiology & Immunology O Chair: Dr. Daniel Figeys O 27 core professors O 50 cross appointed professors O 33 adjunct professors

2 Microbiology & Immunology (MIC) and Biochemistry (BCH) Graduate Programs O 30 professors in MIC and 60 professors in BCH O Core BMI O Cross appointed from other Departments O OHRI, CHEO O Adjunct professors O Government, NRC, CBS

3 Structure of MIC graduate program O Director - Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis O Graduate committee Dr. R. Parks (OHRI), Dr. M.A. Langlois (BMI), Dr. Pineault (CBS), Dr. MacPherson (OHRI), Dr. S-H. Lee (BMI)

4 Structure of BCH graduate program O Director - Dr. John Baenziger O Associate Director – Dr. Vas Mezl O Graduate committee Drs. D. Picketts, D. Bulman, JF Couture, J. Lee, K. Baetz, M. Pelchat, T. Lagace, and X. Zha.

5 Graduate Office RGN 2135 O Academic Administrative Officers Cindy Strasbourg (BCH) O O 613-562-5800, ext 8229 Fay Draper (MIC) O O 613-562-5800, ext 8164

6 Responsibilities of Graduate Programs O structured program of study and research appropriate for the degree sought O appropriate criteria for the evaluation of students (directed studies, comprehensive examinations, seminars, and theses) O assess the student's progress systematically and in all cases at least once per year

7 Responsibilities of Graduate Programs O implement appropriate policies for the financial support of students O create for students a milieu which fosters career development O monitor the performance of thesis directors in terms of the quality of direction, as evidenced by the time to degree, the attrition rate of students under their direction, their availability, their ability to determine research topics of appropriate scope, etc.

8 Degree Expectations 1) Depth and Breadth of Knowledge M.Sc. : A systematic understanding of knowledge in the discipline/field; critical awareness of current problems /new insights in the discipline Ph.D. : A thorough understanding of a substantial body of knowledge, relevant knowledge outside the field

9 Degree Expectations 2) Research and Scholarship M.Sc.: comprehension of how established methods of research and inquiry lead to new knowledge in the discipline; critical evaluation of current research; ability to develop sustained argument or originality in the application of knowledge Ph.D.: conceptualize, design, implement research, make informed judgements on complex issues, produce original research of a quality to satisfy peer review and merit publication

10 Degree Expectations 3) Application of Knowledge M.Sc. : apply existing knowledge in critical analysis of new problems Ph.D. : undertake research at an advanced level; contribute to development of academic, professional tools, methods etc.

11 Degree Expectations 4) Professional Autonomy M.Sc.: Skills necessary for employment – personal responsibility, decision making in complex situations, intellectual independence, ethical behaviour consistent with academic integrity, appreciation of broader implications of applying knowledge Ph.D.: Skills as for M.Sc. - autonomy

12 Degree Expectations 5) Communication Skills M.Sc. : ability to communicate ideas, issues and conclusions clearly Ph.D. : ability to communicate complex and/ or ambiguous ideas issues and conclusions clearly

13 Policies and Procedures COURSES 2 approved graduate courses in their respective programs O For MIC O M.Sc. Students, MIC5100, plus one O For Ph.D. student, one must be a MIC course O Seminar course every session O Participation in BMI Poster and Seminar Days, one presentation every year (poster or seminar)

14 Policies and Procedures OTHER PROGRAM REQIREMENTS O Registration to MED8166 in first year O PhD Comprehensive exam (9998) O Research thesis (9997) O TAC meeting once/year

15 Policies and Procedures THESIS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Role of the TAC Monitor the student’s progress in the program + provide advice on the conduct of the research project. Within 2 terms: O Identify TAC (2 members + supervisor) O Hold first TAC meeting and submit summary and report to RGN 2135

16 Transfer M.Sc. to Ph.D. O Hold Transfer Exam in 4 th session (the first registration in the PhD must occur in the 5 th session at the latest). O Permission of the supervisor and TAC O Completion of course requirements for the M.Sc. (A- average in courses) O Transfer Exam (defence of research proposal)

17 Policies and Procedures TIME CONSTRAINTS M.Sc. O The minimum stipend is committed only for 2 years O Time limit set by FGPS: 4 years Ph.D. O Minimum stipend is committed for 4 years O Time limit set by FGPS: 7 years

18 Research Graduate Research is part of your studies, and is NOT PAID WORK Success in research takes dedication, motivation, and commitment Your supervisors will expect you to be in the lab for as many hours as necessary to make progress

19 Theses O Your thesis should be considered the most important document/manuscript you prepare as a student O “papers” format theses ARE NOT accepted in the MIC program. O “paper” format theses are accepted in the BCH program (but must have a minimum of 3 papers, 2 as first author).

20 Other Training O General Laboratory Safety O Biosafety O Radiation O Animal Care Environmental Health and Safety Service (EHSS) University of Ottawa Animal Care Service

21 Internal Scholarships O Admission scholarships O $7500/year for two years O $9000/year for four years O Excellence Awards O Tuition waiver for students with external scholarships

22 Scholarships for International Students O Full scholarship O Full tuition O Partial O Covers difference between Cdn tuition and international tuition O Bourse internationale de la francophonie O Differential between $2500 and international tuition

23 Travel Funding Attendance and presentation at meetings is an essential component of graduate training O MIC and BCH: one award in MSc and two awards in PhD O FGPS / GSAED / Supervisor are other sources

24 External Scholarships Deadlines for external scholarship applications are mostly in the fall O OGS O QEISST O NSERC O CIHR Check the FGPS/Scholarships website for details

25 Teaching Opportunities O TA, marking - undergraduate BCH program O Posted in July each year - Room 4170 O Co-ordinator: Dr. Josee Coutu O Other positions may be available through Chemistry, Biopharmaceutical

26 Problems O Supervisor / TAC members O Academic Administration Officers (Fay/Cindy) O Director and Graduate Committee O Department Chair O Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Medicine O Vice Dean of FGPS

27 Additional Support O Faculty of Medicine counseling service O International Student Office O Student Academic Success Centre, FGPS

28 BMI Graduate Student Association The BMI Bulletin BMIGSA’s GUIDE TO SUCCESS FOR NEW BMI STUDENTS!

29 Fun Things O Research ! O BMIGSA O Parties/ Barbecues O Field trips O Workshops O Research symposia O Career Day

30 Welcome to graduate studies! Any questions: Please call 613-562-5800 Fay Draper at ext. 8164 or Cindy Strasbourg ext. 8229 or e-mail to

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