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SEM – A UK Perspective Session T1.10 Tuesday 08:15 AM - 09:15 AM204B Philip Henry.

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1 SEM – A UK Perspective Session T1.10 Tuesday 08:15 AM - 09:15 AM204B Philip Henry


3 Overview UK HE – facts and figures UK HE – current context SEM – US-style SEM – UK-style? Opportunities? Questions?

4 UK HE Facts and Figures Majority ‘public’ institutions 8 ‘private’ institutions out of c 175 c 2.3m students c 1.8m undergraduates c 0.5m postgraduates c £29b income c £28b expenditure

5 UK HE Context Move from an ‘elite’ to a ‘mass’ system UG Admissions ‘Clearing’ House (UCAS) 3 year full time degree 1 year full time taught masters 3 to 4 year full time PhD Major reduction in public funding £9,000 tuition fees Easing of controls on UK/EU UG recruitment Almost a ‘market’? Major focus on international students

6 UK HE Income by source

7 UK HE Tuition Fees over 50 Years 1962 Mandatory maintenance grants introduced to cover tuition fees and living costs 1989 Grants frozen and student loans introduced 1998 1997 Dearing Report used to introduce annual tuition fee for England of £1,000 2006 Students starting university become the first to be charged the higher £3,000 fees 2012 Following Lord Browne’s 2010 report, Universities in England can charge tuition fees up to £9,000 per year

8 Impact of higher tuition fees?


10 UK Transnational Education



13 Major UK International Markets


15 To summarise … Changed from an inward looking elite system to an outward looking mass system Widening participation/Social mobility v Quality £9000+ tuition fees and some movement towards a real market Growing reliance on transnational education to offset the public funding shortfall Assumptions about stable ‘home’ recruitment Paradigm shift yet to be acknowledged fully

16 US SEM … Mature concept Well developed research and literature AACRAO SEM Annual Conference AACRAO SEM Endorsement Program AACRAO SEM Quarterly AACRAO SEM at Regional Meetings It’s a way of life …It’s a way of life …

17 AACRAO SEM For more than 20 years, AACRAO's SEM Conference has been the leading venue for investigating the most pressing SEM issues affecting higher education. The sessions and the workshops at the meeting will help you anticipate challenges and implement forward-looking solutions on a wide range of issues such as: Holistic admissions Use of technology as an integral part of enrollment strategy Focus on international student recruitment and other new markets Attention towards life-long learning Competency-based assessment Enhancing diversity We invite you to join us in October to continue the conversation about SEM's role on your campus.

18 AACRAO SEM Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program AACRAO's Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program (SEM-EP) provides a well-defined, self-paced professional development program and career advancement track for in-service enrollment service professionals. For the individual, completion of the program is a valuable addition to a resume and a formal recognition by AACRAO regarding professional readiness to meet current and future challenges in the field. For the institution, the program will offer a better way to evaluate the preparedness of prospective employees for SEM positions.

19 UK SEM … Recruitment and Retention Informed by PIs and Sanctions No ‘real’ market to date League tables - student ‘experience’ Some ‘Islands of Excellence’ Research and literature on retention Lack of integration and cohesion Lack of good or relevant data There’s a very long way to go …There’s a very long way to go …

20 UK Registration – What??!! We’ll be in touch with you … Mail the forms and stand in the queues Mail the forms and stand in the queue On-line/fill in some forms and stand in the queues Web registration and stand …

21 UK SEM – The Reality? Outdated thinking Outdated technology Student tuition fees – a game changer Student as a consumer Student as a litigant Student centredness?! Competition - at last?!

22 UK HE - Drivers for change Regionalisation of UK £9,000+ tuition fees Relaxation of Home/EU intake controls Approaching a ‘market’ situation Growing number of private providers National Student Survey League tables - student ‘experience’ Home Office/UKVI immigration policies

23 UK Immigration Changes Home office wins the battle with the Treasury Immigration a major political issue Students included in the immigration figures Government to reduce to ‘tens of thousands New ‘Points Based System’ for immigration Tier 4 visas main route for full time students Universities ‘licensed’ to ‘sponsor’ Tier 4 students Universities have onerous sponsor obligations with licences at risk if these aren’t met

24 UK SEM – Opportunities £9,000+ tuition fees Graduate employment prospects good Approaching a ‘market’ situation Can’t assume ‘home’ means ‘home’ Getting a better handle on data Understanding the real costs of non- completion and recruitment ‘Joined-up’ systems and processes

25 UK SEM – Opportunities ‘Success’ as a focus … Successful early interventions Successful communications Successful outcomes … all of them Successful use of new technologies Successful strategies that empower students and staff

26 UK SEM – Opportunities Successful use of new technologies Cloud based services Effective integration of key systems Building a comprehensive digital profile Proactive reporting to support effective and timely interventions Regulatory compliance SEAtS Software taking a lead in the UK

27 SEM – a tool for cultural change? Understanding data/systems/processes Teamwork across the University Using 21 st Century technology/vendors Improved communications Plan – the strategic approach Look - no silos (well, fewer)! Genuine long term thinking CRADLE TO ENDOWMENT …

28 Philip Henry E-mail: p.henry.p@gmail.comTel: +44 (0) 7759 530196

29 Questions

30 Higher Education Academy Higher Education Funding Council for England Higher Education Statistical Agency Universities UK Quality Assurance Agency UK HE – Information Sources

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