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For the Class of 2015 After High School What. After High School WHAT? More Education Full-time Employment Military Service A Combination of the Above.

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1 For the Class of 2015 After High School What

2 After High School WHAT? More Education Full-time Employment Military Service A Combination of the Above Undecided

3 What about Post-Secondary Education Options?


5 Post-Secondary Planning Timeline & Calendar

6 Levels of Training

7 Finding a School that Fits Attend the HHS College Career Planning Conference, Tuesday, October 21 st –For Juniors, Seniors and Brave Parents –Approx. 55 Reps will be here Talk to Reps that visit Hays High Visit Schools!! Pick up materials from Counseling Office Visit School Websites

8 Schools in Kansas Four-year Schools Two-year Schools Technical Schools Private & Out-of-State Career Schools Go to for more info on the above schools Click on “Colleges and Universities” –Public –Private

9 More Schools in Kansas See for info on eighteen private colleges in Kansas Go to for info on Cosmetology schools See for info on the 26 public tech schools & community colleges

10 What to look for in a school? Academic Area Size, Location, Cost Graduation Rate/Grad School Placement Job Placement Rate Scholarships –Profile of students who receive scholarships –Compare scholarship amount to tuition Special Discounts

11 Tests Required for Admissions? ACT SAT ASSET Others

12 ACT All College Bound Students Must Take Consider Taking Twice 6 Test Dates A Year –September, October, December, February, April, June –Register 5 weeks before the desired test date Register by Sept. 19 th for October 25 th ACT Register online at Take ACT Only or ACT Plus Writing? Cost? ACT--$38 ACT Plus Writing--$54.50

13 SAT Another College Admissions Exam Similar to PSAT Preferred by some out-of-state schools and some scholarship programs Also given several times a year Some selective schools also require SAT Subject Tests Cost? $52.50 See your counselor to determine if needed

14 ASSET Some vocational schools may use the ASSET for admissions/course placement May also take ASSET to qualify for Concurrent Credit Courses The ASSET is --About 50 minutes long --Typically tests Reading and Math Skills --Free of Charge --Will be given again at HHS on Nov. 24

15 Admission to the School of Your Choice Review Admissions Qualifications Take any required tests Fill out admissions application(s) –Note admissions/financial aid priority deadlines Pay any admissions application fee Complete transcript request forms

16 College Admissions Process Qualified Admissions Requirements –Earn 2.0 or above in QAR Curriculum, AND –ACT Score of 21, or SAT of 980, or –Rank in top third of class –Also, a 2.0 or above in Concurrent Credit When to Apply—Priority Deadlines –Sept. 1 for Military Academies or earlier –Nov. 1 for KU, K-State and WSU –Nov. 15 for FHSU

17 Tech School Admissions Check with School—some programs have more that one start date a year Some programs fill early and have waiting lists Have you taken any required tests?

18 Prospective Student Athletes NCAA Clearinghouse Go to NCAA ACT code is 9999 Cost to Register--$75

19 Why Financial Aid? Consider the Costs…………

20 Tuition & Costs for 2014-15 School Year* K-StateKUFHSU Tuition/Fees: $9,034$10,448 $4,468 Room/Board: $7,890$ 7,272$5,280** Books: $ 1000$ 950$ 840 Totals: $17,924$18,670 $10,588 These totals don’t include any extra expenses like gas, computer, phone, meals out, entertainment, etc. Costs estimated from school websites for 15 cr. hr. per semester for two semesters The ** for FHSU Room/Board is for Ellis Co. Grads

21 Estimated Tuition and Costs for 2014-2015 NCK Tech-Hays (Formerly North Central Kansas Technical College) Auto Mechanics Nursing Tuition/Fees:$5,815 $4,037 Books/Supplies:$1,875 $2,974 Tools:$5,350 ____ Totals: $13,040 $7,011 These Totals do not include Housing, Personal Expenses, nor cost of Gen Ed courses for an Associate Degree

22 Tuition and Costs for 2014-2015 Barton Community College Tuition and Fees:$3,264 Room and Board:$7,466 Books:$1,270 Total: $12,000

23 A Quick Example …

24 Three Types of Aid Merit based Need based Merit plus Need

25 How to Find Out about Scholarships/Financial Aid HHS Scholarship Calendar Internet—, or School websites, freshman admissions bulletins, and school catalogs (online) Admissions representatives College/Career Planning Conference Contact department you want to major in

26 Other Sources for $ Help Your parents’ employers Your employers Service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.) Military Counselors’ Seminar Handouts Read Counselors’ Emails

27 When filling out scholarship applications, pay attention neatness and completeness! Application makes first impression No pencil Preferably type Online applications common Review instructions before submitting Make copies or save electronically

28 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Required for need-based aid including scholarships, grants, loans and work study

29 Financial Aid Worknight December 1 st in the HHS Lecture Hall At 7 p.m.

30 Housing Options to Save Money Co-op Scholarship Dorms or Houses Ellis County Residents in FHSU Dorms get $1000 off the regular cost per semester

31 HHS Scholarship Calendar Announcements and Special Notes –Websites like and Agency and Foundation Scholarships –Dane Hansen College & Vocational Scholarships In-State Schools’ Scholarships Out-of-State Schools’ Scholarships Additional Notes and Opportunities –Test Dates

32 Dane Hansen College Scholarships 160 College Scholarships to be awarded –10 Leader of Tomorrow Awards--$40,000 –50 Hansen Scholar Awards--$13,000 –100 Hansen Student Awards--$8,000 To apply must have 3.5 Cum GPA and ACT Score of 21 or above Must take Scholarship Test September 11 Must sign up for Test by September 2 nd –No Exceptions

33 Dane Hansen Career & Tech Ed Scholarships 100 Scholarships awarded--$8000 each Recipients may enroll in any career/tech ed course, at any Kansas school, as long as it is not leading to a 4-yr. degree Simple Application Process –Fill out application and submit by Nov. 1 –A 3.5 GPA is NOT required –There is NO qualifying test –Must obtain three reference letters

34 Scholarship Search Services Be very cautious unless the service is FREE.

35 Homework for Parents and You! Review After High School What? paying particular attention to: Post-Secondary Planning Calendar NCAA Requirements “Financial Aid for Your Training” Update Your Resume at Read the September Scholarship Calendar Read Counselor Emails!!

36 If you have questions ……

37 Above All, Pursue Your Dreams…

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