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COMPLIANCE SURVEYS David Lewis – ELR Louisiana Daryl Carson – SECSS California.

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3 COMPLIANCE SURVEYS David Lewis – ELR Louisiana Daryl Carson – SECSS California

4 Why, When and How Surveys are Conducted Purpose 1.To educate certifying Officials. 2.To verify accuracy of benefit payments 3.To assist in correcting discrepancies Scheduling 1. Regular schedule 2. Follow-up surveys 3. ELR/RO or SAA recommendation

5 Why, When and How VA Surveys are Conducted Case Selection 1.10% of beneficiaries…minimum 10(unless fewer enrolled), maximum 50. 2.Expanded sample (50% discrepant, 30% overpaid). 3.Random selection from computer listing.

6 VA Survey Procedures Preliminary Procedures 1.ECSS or SAA– Schedule visit, provide school with names of students, whose records will be reviewed. (email, phone) 2.School – Gather requested records, provide a quiet work area, provide the students to be interviewed (voluntary)

7 Records for Compliance Surveys Academic VA Financial Aid Files Student Payment Records Application for Admission Program Curriculum Students Unofficial Transcripts Prior Credit Evaluation - AARTS, SMARTS, CCAF Tuition and Fees Payment Ledger Registration Information Drop/Add Slips Evidence of Remedial Training Copy of Catalog and Schedule of Classes (Residence or Distance) for survey period Schedule of Tuition and Fees

8 VA Survey Procedures Areas of Review 1.Is program approved, and are courses required? 2.Was prior credit evaluated and properly reported? 3.Were term dates accurately certified? 4.Were credit/clock hours accurately certified? 5.Were status changes promptly reported? 6.Were standards of progress enforced? 7.Other issues (Tuition and Fees,Yellow Ribbon)

9 Most Common Errors Found Courses not on degree plan Degree plans not filled out properly Repeat courses Late reports Changes in tuition, fees, or Yellow Ribbon not reported CH33 funds posted or returned incorrectly

10 Compliance Survey Tips 30-Day review of student progress Suggested file organization (SCO Handbook) Accurate degree audits Accurately & promptly report changes Adjustments Amendments Terminations

11 Results Exit interview with school officials Referrals- to the SAA and Muskogee to request for action (if necessary) Written report of findings- School, SAA, Muskogee

12 The Remote Review Options Purpose 1.To make more efficient use of time 2.To minimize funding required for travel Participation 1. Optional- School must be willing and able to participate 2. Procedures

13 Conclusion Questions ?

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