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College Costs and Financial Aid Resources Available for You

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1 College Costs and Financial Aid Resources Available for You
Costs vary from school to school Cost will make a difference Research college costs Research ways to reduce your costs Plan ahead…

2 College Costs Tuition Fees Room and Board Books and Supplies
Equipment and Personal Supplies Transportation Miscellaneous expenses

3 Tuition and Fees Full time tuition Fees include:
Student Body Center Fee Recreation & Wellness Fee Student Body Association Fee Student Health Service Fee Campus Card Fee (varies by college)

4 Room and Board Housing options available Food Expense

5 Books and Supplies Books and class supplies Backpack Notebooks
Pens and pencils Regular paper and printer paper Desk supplies and folders

6 Equipment and Personal Supplies
Computer Printer Desk lamp Refrigerator Microwave Bedding and linens (mattress topper, pillow, sheets, blanket, towels)

7 Transportation Commuter expenses Traveling home during breaks
Community bus or shuttle

8 Miscellaneous Expenses
Clothes Laundry Moving expense Recreation

9 Published Price vs Net Price
Published Price = totaling everything up Net Price = published price minus grants, scholarships, tax benefits Financial Aid helps establish net price

10 Use College Cost Calculators
Naviance/Family Connection College Websites

11 Using Naviance/Family Connection
Select College Select Cost & Aid tab Or locate college website

12 Cerritos College

13 Local Community College (per year)
$ 1,380 tuition per year/15 units ($46.00 per unit) $ 60 fees (activity fee, health fee) $ 1,700 books $ 3,040 Total Per Year (+ parking) (approximately)

14 Calif. State Long Beach

15 Local California State University (per year)
$ 6,420 tuition and fees (in-state resident) $ 1,828 books $ 11,688 room and board (yr) $ 1,366 miscellaneous fees $ 1,400 travel $ 22,702 Total Per Year (approximately)

16 U.C. Irvine

17 Local University of California (per year)
$ 14,577 Systemwide Fees (tuition) $ 2,385 Campus Fees $ 1,732 Books and Supplies $ 12,638 Room and Board (yr) $ 1,821 Personal $ 809 Transportation $ 33,962 Total Per Year (approximately)

18 University of Southern California (USC)

19 University of Southern California (USC) per year
$ 48,348 Tuition per year (in-state) $ 1,500 Books $ 13,334 USC Housing and board (yr) $ 5,300 Additional fees $ 68,482 Total Per Year (approximately) $ 350 Orientation fee (one time) $ 604 Parking/Transportation (yr)

20 Arizona State University (public)

21 Arizona State University (public)
$ 14,899 Tuition & Fees per year (WUE) $ 1,600 Books $ 12,600 Room and Board (yr) $ ? additional fees $ 29,099+ Total Per Year (approximately)

22 New Mexico State University (WUE)

23 New Mexico State University (WUE) per year
$ 6,573 Tuition and Fees per year $ 1,206 Books $ 7,200 Room and Board $ ? Additional Fees $ 14,979+ Total Per Year (approximately)

24 Compare Colleges Approximate Total Per Year
$ 3,040 Community College $22,702 California State University $33,962 University of California $68,482 USC $29,099 Arizona State University (WUE) $14,979 New Mexico State Univ. (WUE)

25 Scholarships and Free Money
Yes, there is free money! Plan ahead!

26 Financial Aid Overview
Need Based Merit Based College Awards Scholarships Loans

27 CSS Profile
Over 400 colleges use this form $25 report fee

28 Need Based - Federal and State
(Use Cal Grant GPA Verification and FAFSA Form) Cal Grant Pell Grant Federal Academic Competitive Grant Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant SMART Grant University Grant

29 FAFSA FREE Application for Federal Student Aid
ONLY use website (official/free government website) Apply after January 1 Complete on your own Need PIN (student and parent) Estimate first Need tax documents IRS retrieval tool

30 Middle Class Scholarship
Requires FAFSA or Dream Act UC or Cal State Family income up to $150,000 Citizen, permanent resident, AB540 Award $ varies

31 Cal Grant GPA Verification
Due by March 2 Based on classes/grades Set up account Cal Grant A, B, or C $ varies

32 Merit Based National Merit Scholarship Program National Achievement Scholarship Program National Hispanic Recognition Program Cal State President Scholars University Grant UC Regents/Chancellor’s Grant

33 (evaluated through college app) Grants Scholarships
College Awards (evaluated through college app) Grants Scholarships Dean’s Presidential Trustee Alumni

34 Scholarships Loans Federal Loans Private Loans

35 Scholarship Preparation
Use your Naviance account! GPA Test Scores Honors Extracurricular Activities Leadership Community Service Employment College/Career Goals Prospective Colleges

36 Portfolio Save important work Art Film/Video Writing, poetry Media
Computer graphics Special projects

37 References Letters of Recommendation Teachers Counselor Coach
Community representative Employer Allow 2-3 weeks Provide gentle reminder Thank you card and update!

38 Scholarships Naviance
Banks, stores, local community organizations, employees College websites

39 Merit Award Nominations
Franklin Olin College of Engineering Barrett Honors College at the Arizona State University The University of Toledo Indiana University The University of Evansville Boston College Boston University The College of New Jersey Whittier College New York University Oklahoma State Univ. and more! University of Virginia CSU Fresno CSU Long Beach The College of Idaho Whitman College Washington University in St. Louis Babson College The University of Connecticut Mount Holyoke Scripps College Vanderbilt University Seattle University Emory University

40 Opportunities (merit based and need based)
Middle School (Grades 7-8) High School (Grades 9-12) Seniors College

41 Middle School PTSA – Reflections City of Cerritos Library
Cerritos Optimist Essay (7-12) Cerritos Optimist Speech (7-12) Doodle 4 Google (7-12) Elks Americanism Essay (5th-8) Elks Drug Awareness Essay (7-8) Girls Going Places (ages 12-18) India Heritage Awards (8) Swackhamer Disarmament Video (all ages) Veterans of Foreign Wars Patriot’s Pen Essay Viet Olympiad (7-12) Water is Life Poster Contest

42 High School (Grades 9-12) ACT Poster Contest (11-12)
Rotary Club Speech Lions Club Speech American Legion Auto Club Video Best Buy Distinguished Young Woman (11th) Congressional Arts EF Global Citizen Scholarship (9-11) Extreme Web Development Gen and Kelly Tanabe Young Women’s Empowerment Day (11-12) Holocaust Remembrance Project JFK Profile in Courage Essay Music Center Spotlight Awards- Performing Arts Music Center Spotlight Awards – Visual Arts National Peace Essay Nordstrom (11th) Siemens Foundation United States Senate Youth Program (11-12) Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of Democracy Viet Olympiad Awards (10-12) Violet Richardson Award

43 Seniors Boeing Scholarship Coca Cola Scholars Foundation Elks
Union Plus Scholarship Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Alpha Kappa Delta (females only) Asian Pacific Fund Scholarship AXA Achievement Community AXA Achievement Scholarship Ronald McDonald House Charities Burger King California Cash for College Cash for College Video California School Employees Association California State PTA Cal State Univ. Fullerton Future Scholars Daring Young Artists To Dream Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Dr. Denny Ko Future Entrepreneurs Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go Dreamers Challenge Scholarship Edison Scholars Program Gates Millennium Scholars Hispanic Scholarship Fund Horatio Alger India Heritage Awards Intel Science Italian Catholic Federation Key Club KFC Colonel’s Scholars Larry Wong Memorial Scholarship Lowe’s Mahatma Rice Scholarship Mayor’s Youth Walk of Achievement Milken Scholars Program Nara Bank NASSP Herff Jones Principal’s Leadership Award National Federation of Independent Business Young Entrepreneur Pacific Community Credit Union Cerritos Center Performing Arts Scholarship Philippine Society of Southeast Los Angeles Scholarship Questbridge (11-12) Rafu Shimpo

44 Seniors (continued) Union Plus Scholarship Raoul Teilhet Scholarship
United Negro College Funds Verbal Ink Language Essay Scholarship Verizon Scholarship Awards Viet Olympiad Awards Visine Students with Vision Scholarship Water Replenishment District Scholarship Wendy’s High School Heisman Awards Program HS PTSA Scholarship Parents Support Group Scholarship William Davila Scholarship Fund Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program Youth Automobile Safety Scholarship Program Raoul Teilhet Scholarship Ray Shine Music Ron Brown Scholar Program Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Society of Automotive Scholarship Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation Society of Women Engineers Southern California Mothers of Twins Southern Calif. Pro Golf Association Johnny Revolta Stan Chambers Journalism Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Tzu Chi Scholars Scholarship

45 Scholarship Follow-Up
Submit any requested documents Thank you card!

46 Thank you. Questions?

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