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Business Analytics Faculty of Sciences. Why Business Analytics? Business Analytics in practice: The VU medical centre.

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1 Business Analytics Faculty of Sciences

2 Why Business Analytics? Business Analytics in practice: The VU medical centre

3 Situation at VUmc Containers with medical instruments 1800 different containers 1 till 20 containers needed for 1 operation 32 operating rooms 60 departments 80 storage rooms

4 Stock in VUmc

5 Problems at VUmc Lack of space Loss of materials Financial limitations Miscommunication between departments Consequences: Longer operations Extra costs Too many items in stock Not enough items in stock

6 Role of Mathematics How many storage rooms? Minimalize walking distances Analyse demand for products Calculate stock levels Determine order strategy How to cope with variability?

7 Role of Information Sciences Stock registration Formulate demands on software Calculate profits/costs

8 Role of Business Standardization Fear of changes Outsourcing Arrangements with suppliers Independency Expand storage

9 The ideal mix: Business Analytics Focused on improving business processes with the use of: –Mathematics –Information Sciences –Business Practical solutions via: –better information –smarter decision rules –better risk management

10 Business Analytics: Master Programme (1) 2-years (120 EC), in English Specializations –Optimization of business processes –Computational intelligence –Risk management for financial markets Internship –Six months (36 EC) –Contacts with more than 200 business companies

11 Business Analytics: Master Programme (2) Compulsory courses (33 EC): –Applied Stochastic Modeling –Applied Analysis: Financial Mathematics –Data Mining Techniques –Project Optimization of Business Processes –Scientific Writing in English –Statistical Modeling BA research paper (6 EC) BA Internship (36 EC)

12 Admission requirements: Master BA Bachelor of Science At least 90 EC Mathematics and/or Computer Science and/or Econometrics courses At least 45 EC Mathematics courses, including Probability Theory and Statistics English language skills

13 Admission requirements: Premaster BA HBO-Bachelor degree Bedrijfswiskunde Other HBO-bachelor degree with sufficient mathematics/econometrics courses Bachelor diploma has to be obtained before 1 september 2012 !!

14 Business Analytics: Premaster Programme (1) 1 year, 30 EC compulsory program Algemene Statistiek Discrete Optimalisatie Heuristieken Inleiding Programmeren Statistische Data Analyse Stochastische Processen Tuition fee: €1,771 (not refundable)

15 Business Analytics: Premaster Programme (2) Make appointment with mastercoordinator: René Swarttouw, Apply before 1 July 2012 Register before 1 September 2012

16 Business Analytics: The Dual Variant Combination of study and work –As regular employee with matching salary –parttime work, parttime study –Total duration of study: 2½ year Possible only after the premaster year Job application! Companies select!

17 Business Analytics: Parttime NO separate programme for parttime students Lectures and practical work during the day and spread over the week Individual programme, dependent on availability Recommended availabiliy: two days!

18 Thanks for your attention!

19 Pre-Master's programme: Tuition fees and duration of studies In the 2012-2013 academic year, the contract rate for the Pre-Master’s programme is equal to the statutory rate of € 1,771. Tuition for non-EEA nationals is €9,000 or €11,000, depending on the Pre-Master’s programme in question. The contract rate is a fixed rate which is not refundable upon termination of enrolment, even though the programmes are generally worth 30 credits. Pre- Master’s students cannot receive exemption from paying tuition based on having paid tuition fees to the university or to another institute of higher education for a regular Bachelor’s or Master’s programme. The nominal duration of study for students coming from higher professional education (HBO) is four years, with one additional year at the statutory rate. The Pre- Master’s year is exempted for this purpose.

20 Master's programme: Tuition fees and duration of studies The statutory tuition fee is €1,771. The nominal duration of study is 1 year for 60 credits, 2 years for 120 credits, and 3 years for 180 credits. Students may study for one additional year at the statutory rate. After this additional year, they must pay the higher statutory rate of €4,834. Students wishing to take a second Master’s must pay the institutional rate (€10,500 per year at the faculties of Arts, Theology and Philosophy and €12,000 at other faculties). The statutory rate applies to students taking a second Master’s in healthcare or education whose first Master’s is not in one of these fields. The institutional rate does NOT apply to students taking two Master’s simultaneously as long as both degrees will be completed before 1 September 2013.

21 For questions and up-to-date information: Student Admissions stand at the Master’s Day information fair

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