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Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins

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1 Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins
Welcome & introductions of company representatives… Name, current title, work location, brief employment history Poll the students quickly to get an idea as to who the audience is… Majors? Degrees? Student-employees(interns/co-op’s)? How many are from the state in which the college is located? How many know Cummins well? If so, from where? Indicate that you’ll be giving a quick Company/Product overview and feel free to ask questions throughout the presentation Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins

2 Cummins... • #262 Company on 2000 Fortune 500
$6.6 Billion sales, $356 Million EBIT and charges in 1999 32,000 employees worldwide Operations in approximately 40 countries; Offices in every time zone • Design, manufacture and market diesel and alternative fuel engines, filtration and exhaust systems, power generation systems and related components • World’s largest independent engine manufacturer Company culture committed to Corporate Responsibility and making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate For those who are not familiar with Cummins, here is a quick high-level overview… Make sure to indicate that we are more than engines w/our subsidiaries… “Independent” status is key to note in an era of mergers and acquisitions - we have maintained this due to our unique position as a supplier to a vast array of industries and customers/OEM’s Note that Corporate Responsibility is a key historical core value of our company…something we pride ourselves on

3 Indiana Iowa Minnesota New York North Carolina Ohio South Carolina
Tennessee Texas Wisconsin Australia Brazil Canada China England France Belgium India Japan Mexico South Korea Where are we located and who else are we associated with? U.S. states information was taken from annual report, indicating where we have research, manufacturing or other significant facilities - not including distributorships Country information was taken from annual report - substantial research, manufacturing or regional offices OTHER WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARIES: Fleetguard-Nelson Holset Cummins Power Generation (formerly ONAN) Cummins ReCon also Kuss Corporation, Universal Silencer

• Talent…from every aspect of the spectrum • Agile, flexible, innovative, driven and determined employees to keep us at the top of our industry in the new millennium • Well-rounded individuals who’s values are in alignment with the historical core values of our company • The team members who will enhance both the immediate and future success of our company Slide reviews the key things we are looking for in employees in addition to any of the functional expertise we are seeking...

At Cummins, diversity is an INCLUSIVE term… We’ve operated in global business markets for almost 40 years and have benefited from the talents of employees from around the world - bringing diverse backgrounds, skills, work-styles, cultures, etc. Our future business success in the global marketplace is dependent on the talent we attract today…from all aspects of the diversity spectrum. Diversity of all forms is key to our future success - this slide captures how Cummins views diversity and why we value it...

6 The Changing Role of IT Programming and technical work is increasingly being outsourced to specialists Businesses need fewer purely technical employees Today’s IT employee needs a variety of skills: Business process knowledge Technology Leadership Project Management Analysis and decision-making Interpersonal and communication

7 IT At Cummins Over 1,000 IT professionals around the world
We are looking for future leaders who can quickly assume responsibility and make immediate contributions to the business IT and business employees work side-by-side to deliver IT solutions to business problems but it’s a 51/49 proposition -- 51% business, 49% IT IT enables the business, it doesn’t drive the business e-Business is increasing the opportunities for IT staff to become more closely involved in business operations

8 IT Career Paths Program Business Project Associate Analyst Specialist
Knowledge Worker General Management Associate Analyst Specialist Advisor Manager Director Strategist Executive Business Project Program Certification

9 BENEFITS • Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) options and profit sharing
The strength and power of our people keeps us at the forefront of our worldwide markets and we continuously strive to identify outstanding, diverse talent to complement our existing workforce and ensure our future business success. The following major benefits enhance your career at Cummins: • Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) options and profit sharing • Medical, Dental and Life Insurance • Flexible spending accounts for dependent and health care • Financial assistance for further education - $7K annually • Extensive in-house training programs Continuing education programs & on-site courses • Comprehensive salary and benefits program • Flextime and part-time work possibilities • Employee development programs Benefits that are important to note - very comprehensive package….

Broad, “unbounded” career paths Challenging assignments Exposure to industry leading technologies Career paths are employee-driven employees are encouraged to manage their career management will help identify development opportunities Company culture focused on employee development Responsible corporate citizenship and a healthy work-life balance Geographic Flexibility You can make a career in Columbus, Indiana or travel the world -- the choice is yours

11 The Power of A Worklife Balance
is the Power of Cummins Employee Recognition Programs Employee Satisfaction Surveys Work/Life Balance Workshops and Initiatives Domestic Partner Benefits Flex Time Policy Mentoring Educational Assistance/ Tuition Reimbursement Policy Treatment of Others Policy and Training Sexual Harassment Training Diversity Training Site-based Recreation Programs Child Care Center

12 IT At Cummins Development Opportunities:
$7,000 per year tuition reimbursement Corporate IT sponsorship for accelerated and executive graduate degree programs (including tuition, books, lab fees travel, lodging & meals) Project Management Training Leadership Training Internet-based Training

We’ve presented a quick overview about Cummins, our products and what type of people we are looking for - are you ready for the challenge of a career with a global Fortune 500 technology company? Open up to any additional questions….

14 Backup Slides

15 Visit us on the web at
Website address

• Application Developers • Database Administrators • Network Administrators • Systems Analysts • Web Developers • Summer Internships IT careers - brief overview

European Engine Alliance (Iveco - New Holland) Scania-Cummins Fuel Systems BMC Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. Cummins-Komatsu Engine Company Cummins and KamAZ Inc. Komatsu-Cummins Engine Company Consolidated Diesel Company (Case) Ssang Yong Heavy Industries Fleetguard Shanghai Wuxi Newage Alternators Self explanatory slide….reinforcing the global locations & partners information Dong Feng Motors Getrag Precision Gears Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Behr America Holdings Tata-Holset Private Ltd Pakistan Engine Systems Ltd A.E. Goetze Flowery Branch Tata-Cummins Engine Company Cummins India Ltd WABCO Compressor Manufacturing Company

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