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VeteransEducational Grant Veterans Educational Grant School Veterans Official Manual April 2010

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1 VeteransEducational Grant Veterans Educational Grant School Veterans Official Manual April 2010

2 Veterans Educational Grant VetEd Grant Application (WDVA 2200) deadline has been changed. Deadline is now 60 days after the start of the semester, term or course. Enroll as an undergraduate only; not eligible if one has a bachelor’s degree Pay tuition and fees to the school Earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or better Do not exceed family income limit Submit Application (WDVA 2200) within 60 days after the end of the semester

3 Veterans Educational Grant If veteran left active duty more than ten years before the start of this semester, then only part-time study is allowed (11 credits or less). If veteran is eligible for National Guard Tuition Grant or Reserve Tuition Assistance Program, then one is not eligible for the VetEd Grant; it does not matter if they applied for the other grant. The benefit is based on active duty service: –90-180 days (30 credits or two semesters) –181-730 days (60 credits or four semesters) –731+ days (120 credits or eight semesters)

4 Grant Reimbursement Payment - WDVA will reimburse 100% of tuition and fees up to the UW-Madison undergraduate rate for the same number of credits. Eligible fees are limited to Segregated Fees (UW System) and Material Fees (WTCS). Wisconsin GI Bill – the VetEd Grant reimburses the same tuition and fees remitted or waived by the Wisconsin GI Bill. In 2007 the Wisconsin GI Bill increased to full (100%) remission of eligible fees at Wisconsin public schools; leaving no fees eligible for VetEd reimbursement for an eligible veteran.

5 For School Officials To Access the On-Line Application Process Submit Authorized Signatures Form, WDVA 2016 – Hardcopy required. WDVA will enter 2016 information and notify the school when the information has been entered. The school then completes the on-line process at WDVA’s website.

6 Enter User ID and Password, Click Login

7 Select View Existing Application. Click Go

8 Choose how to sort the list. Display options

9 To access the file for processing, click on the Application Number, aka, Base File Number: Click Application Number

10 Review the veteran’s reported financial aid and make corrections, as necessary. Note that Stafford/Perkins loans, Pell grants and the Montgomery (Federal) GI Bill are not to be reported or included. Click Continue

11 Fill in required fields. Click Continue

12 To print a copy of the application, click Create Current Educational Grant Application

13 To send a message to WDVA, click Messages

14 When the new screen appears, click Message

15 Enter subject and message, click Save

16 To send the application to WDVA, click Submit

17 To reject and delete an application (e.g., duplicate application), Click Reject By clicking Release Ownership, you allow other officials at your school to view the application instead of just the owner.

18 Once you submit the application, look for this message in green font. If you do not see it, the application has not been properly submitted!




22 Leslie Ann Busby-Amegashie Veteran Benefits Specialist 608.266.3575 Joe Bertalan Supervisor, Training & Employment Section 608.267.7329 WDVA Points of Contact:

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