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Proposed Tuition & Fee Changes 2012-2013 1. Purpose/Process: Tuition & Fees-- 2012-2013 Annual process to develop recommendation for Campus Initiated.

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1 Proposed Tuition & Fee Changes

2 Purpose/Process: Tuition & Fees Annual process to develop recommendation for Campus Initiated Tuition Increase (CITI) tuition and fees proposal Chancellor to the WSSU Board of Trustees (BOT) o UNC publishes guidance o Approval authority--UNC Board of Governors 2

3 Tuition & Fees Working Group Brenda Allen, Provost & VC Academic Affairs—Co-chair Avery Andrews, Student Representative Carolynn Berry, Assoc. Prov. Instit. Planning/Assess/Grad Studies Owen Cooks, Assoc. VC Facilities Trae Cotton, VC Stud. Affairs, Co-chair Letitia Cornish, Asst. Provost Admin/Planning Leah Darby, Student Representative Devon Davis, Student Representative Kristopher Glenn, Grad. Student Representative Austin Grier, Student, SGA Pres.— Co-chair Gerald Hunter, VC Finance & Admin. Jonathan Jackson, Student Representative, Past-President, SGA Tomikia Legrande, Assoc. VC Enrollment Mgmt Justin McKenzie, Assoc. Provost/CIO Randy Mills, Assoc. VC Financial Plan/Budget Robert Muhammad, Dir Financial Aid Olivia Sedwick, Student Representative Nathan Thompson, Assoc. Controller, Dir. Business Finances 3

4 Tuition & Fees– BOG Guidance 4 Undergraduate Tuition: Tuition increases for undergraduate resident students limited to 6.5% of current tuition. Campuses with significant unfunded needs may submit proposal for Tuition increases above 6.5%---must fully document significant need and provide detailed plan, and tuition is the only viable funding. o At least 25% of new tuition revenues must support need- based financial aid. Campuses whose Tuition & General Fee rates differ significantly from those charged by similar UNC institutions or public peer institutions may consider one-time adjustments to tuition/fees to “catch up”—must be fully justified and consideration should be given to phasing in the increase over a multi-year period to reduce impact on students. Combined Tuition, General Fees, and Debt Service Fees must continue to remain in the bottom quarter of WSSU’s public peers.

5 Tuition & Fees– BOG Guidance (cont) 5 Non-resident Tuition: Tuition for non-resident students at all levels …higher than the rates charged residents of NC and comparable to the rates charged nonresident students by comparable public institutions. Graduate Tuition: Although tuition ceilings have not been established for graduate schools, campuses encouraged to review all revenue sources before recommending increases higher than the undergraduate rate increase. General Fees (Athletics, Student Activities, Student Health, and Ed Tech) increases must not exceed 6.5% overall. Special Fees, Those that apply to students in particular programs such as nursing, are permitted this year. Miscellaneous Service Charges, such as transcripts, ID replacements, and diplomas, are also permitted.

6 Tuition Category Current Tuition Campus Initiated Tuition Increase (CITI) Total % CITI Change Undergraduate- Resident$2,670 $174 $2, % Undergraduate- Non-Resident$11,783 $174 $11, % Graduate-Resident$3,177 $207 $3, % Graduate-Non- Resident$12,473 $207 $12, % Proposed Tuition Changes Revenue ProjectionsFTE’s$ ChangeAmount Undergraduate-Resident 4477 $174 $778,998 Undergraduate-Non-Resident 400 $174 $69,600 Graduate-Resident 329 $207 $68,103 Graduate-Non-Resident 14 $207 $ 2,898 Total 5220 $919,599

7 Tuition Revenue Tuition New Revenue: $919,599 o Financial Aid (25%): $229,900 o Retention of students, faculty, staff (75%): $689,700 7

8 General Fees (6.5% Composite Ceiling Imposed by GA) Current Proposed $ Change % Change Athletic Fee$579 -0% Educational & Technology Fee* $406.46$431.46$ % Health Service Fee$207$247$ % Student Activities Fee$460.70$495.70$ % Total General Fees$1,653.16$1,753.16$ % *Ed Tec Fee--Lifelong Learning $51/FTE $15.00/CH ($21 for Grad) NA Proposed Fee Changes

9 Education & Technology Fee Current fee: $ o Proposed: + $25 (6.2%) Resulting Fee: $ ( Generates: $130,500 ) o Supports technology upgrades and sustainment in classrooms/labs 9

10 Student Health Fee Proposal  Current Fee: $207 o Proposed: $40 (19.3%)  Resulting Fee: $247 (Generates $208,800) o Funds critical staffing needs—part-time physician, full-time pharmacist, nurse practitioner, and health educator. o Permits on-campus pharmacy support at convenient location 10

11 Student Activities Proposal  Current fee: $ o Proposed: + $35 (7.6%)  Resulting Fee: $ (Generates: $182,700) o Supports Student Staffing for Thompson Ctr. Lobby— greeters, information, facility monitoring. o Adds Professional Staff for recreational functions in new Student Activity Center (two bball courts, game room, etc.), manage online registration and train students for officiating. o Funds co-curricular programs initiated by faculty. o Funds programs/activities for non-traditional and veteran students 11

12 Special Indebtedness--Current Currently two existing fees: o $115 issued to fund original construction of Thompson Center Fee retires this year o $75 issued for improvements in Civitan Park A previous fee committee and BOT approved $185/FTE for construction of the new Student Activities Center, but not implemented 12

13 Summary New Special Indebtedness (cont) “Restore the core”: $115/FTE (Net increase—Zero) Student Activities Center: $60/FTE (Previously approved at $185) South Campus Acquisitions/Improvements: $145/FTE North Campus Acquisitions/Improvements: 115/FTE Total Debt Service: $510 ($320 net increase) 13

14 Special Indebtedness--New  Restore the core: $115/FTE (offset by elimination of $115 for Thompson) o $8M of capital expenditures to restore key academic infrastructure on campus o First project—Student Success Center o Previous Fee Committee and BOT have approved.  Student Activities Center: $60/FTE o $3.75M of capital expenditures on the new Student Activities Center o Proposed fee REDUCES previously approved fee from $185 to $60/FTE resulting in a savings of $125 per student  South Campus Acquisitions/Improvements: $145/FTE o $10M of capital expenditures to acquire and improve Civitan Park and Bowman-Gray Stadium o Key to development of the South campus o Will attempt to re-finance with the current Civitan fee to reduce overall cost  North Campus Acquisitions/Improvements: $115/FTE o $8M of capital expenditures for parking structures and north campus improvements o Key to development of the North campus o Investments in pedestrian safety and campus connectivity 14

15 Current Proposed $ Change % Change Tuition (Under/Res)$2,670$2,844$1746.5% General Fees$1,653$1,753$1006.0% Debt Service$190$510$320168% Total$4,513$5,107$ % Total Change: Tuition, General Fees, Debt Service 15

16 Tuition & Fees—Peers 16 QuartilePEER GROUP Tuition & Fees Rank--Least Expensive I -- Least Expensive WINSTON-SALEM STATE UNIV. ( ) $4,5131 WINSTON-SALEM STATE UNIV. ( ) $5,1071 Alcorn State University 5,2472 Albany State University 5,8023 Fort Valley State University 6,0304 SUNY College at Old Westbury 6,3245 II Univ. of Maryland, Eastern Shore 6,4826 Tennessee State University 6,5297 Norfolk State University 6,7008 Morgan State University 6,8969 Delaware State University 7,05610 III Virginia State University 7,09011 Prairie View A&M University 7,40112 Jacksonville State University 7,65013 University of South Carolina-Aiken 8,75014 Francis Marion University 8,80215

17 Tuition & Fees—Peers (cont) 17 QuartilePEER GROUP Tuition & Fees Rank--Least Expensive IV Most Expensive William J. Patterson 11,46416 Rutgers University—Camden 12,61517 Xavier University of Louisiana 17,90018 Spelman College 23,25419

18 Full Peer Tuition/Fee “Catch Up” Scenario Total Increase Target Potential--5 Years: $1,517 Resulting Total Percent Increase Headroom-- Top of Quartile Increase $ 594$5, %$ Increase $ 320$5,4276.3%$ Increase $ 278$5,7055.1%$ Increase $ 225$5,9033.9%$ Increase $ 100$6,0301.7%$0 18

19 Special Fees  Education &Human Performance Prof/Grad Licensing Fee: $100/FTE o Software subscription for TK-20 and electronic portfolio s/w  Health Sciences Prof/Grad Laboratory Fee: $500/FTE o Funds high-cost consumables, certification exam preparation, virtual equipment maintenance  Late Registration Fee: From $50 to $100 o Deter late registration to permit adequate planning for courses, faculty, and enrollment projections  Lifelong Learning: Site-based Support Fee: $206 per student o Purpose is to offset cost of site-based instruction.  International Education Fee: From $10/year to $15/year: o Increase scholarships for international experiences 19

20 Meal Plans Proposed Changes Block Plans-Resident – – 2013Change Plan A (325/$125 meals/declining bal.) $2,604$2,784 $ % Plan B (225/$150 meals/declining bal.) $2,360$2,523 $ % Plan C (125/$125 meals/declining bal.) $2,226$2,380 $ % Plan D (100/$250 meals/declining bal.) $1,993$2,131 $ % Plan E (75/$325 meals/declining bal.) $1,799$1,923 $ % Plan G (50/$450 meals/declining bal.) $1,654$1,768 $ % 20

21 Meal Plans Proposed Changes Commuter Plans 2011 – – 2013Change Plan I (75/$$100 meals/declining bal.) $1,328$1,420 $ % Plan J (60/$125 meals/declining bal.) $1,155$1,235 $ % Plan K (40/$175 meals/declining bal.) $966$1,033 $ % 21

22 Meal Plan Increase Usage: Based upon Consumer and Producer Price indices (CPI, PPI) Offsets increased costs of vendor and operations/maintenance 22

23 Housing and Residence Life Proposed Fee Increase and Justification for Academic Year Resident Hall Price per Semester Price per Year Proposed Increase per Semester % Increase Proposed Total Price per Semester Proposed Total Price per Year Traditional Air$2,186$4,372$3508%$2,361$4,722 Wilson Suites$2,498$4,996$4008%$2,698$5,396 Wilson Apartments$2,836$5,672$00%$2,836$5,672 GHT 3 Bed ADA Accessible$2,829$5,657$4538%$3,055$6,110 GHT 4 Bed Apartments$2,829$5,657$4538%$3,055$6,110 GHT 2 Bed Double Suites$2,856$5,712$00%$2,856$5,712 GHT 1 Bed Single$2,954$5,908$1773%$3,043$6,085 23

24 Housing and Residence Life Proposed Fee Increase and Justification for Academic Year Resident Hall Price per Semester Price per Year Proposed Increase per Semester % Increase Proposed Total Price per Semester Proposed Total Price per Year RAMS Commons 4 Bed/ Kitchenette $2,785$5,570$2795%$2,925$5,849 RAMS Commons 4 Bed Kitchen $2,927$5,854$1763%$3,015$6,030 RAMS Commons 2 Bed/ Kitchenette $3,142$6,283$00%$3,142$6,283 RAMS Commons 2 Bed/ Kitchen $3,196$6,392$00%$3,196$6,392 Foundations Heights 4 Bed and 4 Person $3,383$6,766$00%$3,833$6,766 Foundations Heights 2 Bed and 4 Person $3,273$6,546$00%$3,273$6,546 Foundations Heights 4 Bed and 8 Person $3,246$6,492$00%$3,246$6,492 24

25 Housing Rate Increase Use Offset increased operations and maintenance costs Promote more equitable pricing structure Assist with strategic plan for meeting long- term housing needs Additionally: Request increase of Housing Cancellation Fee from $200 to $500.  Incentive for reasonable notification to prevent unused housing 25

26 Category Undergraduate Resident Undergrad. Non- Resident Graduate Resident Graduate Non- Resident Tuition (CITI) $174 $207 General Fees$100 Debt Service$320 Housing (Apartment-Wilson Suites )$400 Meal Plan (Plan B meals/sem) $163 Total Increase for Year:$1,157 $1, Tuition & Fee Summary Typical Student

27 CategoryUndergrad. Resident Non-Resident Graduate Resident Graduate Non- Resident Tuition$2,844$11,957$3,384$12,680 General Fees$1,754 Debt Service $510 Housing (Apartment-Wilson) $5,672 Meal - Plan B (225 meals/sem.) $2,523 Total $13,303$22,416$13,843$23, Tuition & Fee Summary Typical Student Total Cost

28 May we address additional questions? 28


30 WSSU Tuition History 2008 – Category % % % % Undergrad- Resident $1,7010%$1,7014%$1, %$2, %$2,670 Undergrad- Non- Resident $10,3410%$10,3414%$10,7556.2%$11,4203.2%$11,783 Grad. Resident $2,0604%$2,1424%$2, %$2, %$3,177 Grad- Non- Resident $10,5534%$10,9754%$11,4146.3%$12,1292.8%$12,473

31 General Fee History Fee % % % % Athletic Fee$5446.5%$5790%$5790%$5790%$579 Education & Technology Fee$3010%$ %$ %$ %$ Health Service Fee$1785%$1874%$1870%$ %$207 Student Activity Fee$3605.5%$3806.5%$ %$ %$ Total General Fees$1,384$1,448$1,513.16$ $1,654.16

32 Context: Tuition & Fees: Supplemental Tuition: The 2010 General Assembly provided guidance for up to $750 additional increase in tuition assessed across , : 32 Category Student TOTAL Supplemental Und. Res.$390$233$623 Und. Non-Res.$550$200$750 Grad. Res.$500$140$640 Grad. Non-Res.$600$150$750 Revenue: $3.5 million—75% to offset budget reduction offset; 25% to financial aid

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