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Ireland “ Emerald Isle” By: Alyssa Smithwick. Irelands Economy O Ireland’s main source of income is trade due the accessible trade routes surrounding.

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1 Ireland “ Emerald Isle” By: Alyssa Smithwick

2 Irelands Economy O Ireland’s main source of income is trade due the accessible trade routes surrounding the island O There main trade partners are the United States, Great Britain and other members of the European Union 14

3 Value of imports and exports compared to GDP

4 Imports 14 Refined Petroleum (7.3%), Packaged Medicament s (5.7%), Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft (4.1%), Computers (3.3%), and Crude Petroleum (3.1%)

5 Exports 14 Top 5 Products exported by Ireland Packaged Medicaments (20%), Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds (18%), Scented Mixtures (4.2%), Nucleic Acids (4.2%), and Computers (3.7 %)

6 Irelands outputs or exports 14

7 GDP quarterly 14

8 Ireland’s Real GDP

9 Irelands GNP

10 Annual GDP and GNP growth

11 National Debt and General Government Debt


13 Resources O Natural gas- limited supply though O Peat O Copper O Lead O Zinc O Silver O Barite O Gypsum O Limestone O Dolomite 2

14 Currency The current currency of Ireland is the Euro and they began using it when they became part of the European Union before then they were associated with the British pound 2

15 How currency relates to US dollar O 1 euro is equal to 1.37 U.S dollars O The cent pieces of 1- 50 cent are the same as the U.S but once you get to the 1 euro and 2 euro coin those are equal to 1.37 U.S dollars and the 2 piece is 2.74 U.S dollars 2

16 Physical Geography

17 Facts about Geography O The area is 70,280 sq km O Coordinates are 53’00 N 8’00 W O The terrain id mostly level to rolling interior plains surrounded by rugged hills and low mountains, also containing sea cliffs on the west coast O The climate is temperate maritime, with changes from the North Atlantic current causing mild winters, cool summers, and consistent humidity 8

18 Geographical challenge

19 Mountain Ranges O Ireland is home to many important mountain ranges including the blackstairs, bluestack, comeragh, and the twelve pin mountain ranges O The most well known mountain range would be the Macgillycuddy’s reek because it is home to Ireland’s highest point the Carrantuohill mountain 9

20 Carrantuohill O It is home to the largest mountain on the island called Carrantuohill O This mountain stands at 1042 meters high which would be 3,414 feet high ry/Europe/Ireland/South/Kerry/ Killarney/photo816433.htm 9


22 Rivers and Lakes O River Shannon is Ireland's longest river and it widens into four main loughs(lakes) O It widens into the lakes known as Lough Allen,Lough Bafin, Lough Derge, and Lough Ree O Other inland lakes are the Conn, Corrib, and Mask O Other rivers of size are the Barrow, Black water,Firn, Lee, Nore, and Slaney rivers 3


24 Peat Bogs O 15% of the land in central and Western Ireland is covered in peat bogs O Peat bogs are ancient lakes that have now become filled with a spongy mixture of mud and sphagnum moss- this moss is used by many rural families to heat their homes O The largest group of bogs is the Bog of Allen which is located in the centrer of the Republic of Ireland and covers 375 square miles 8

25 Natural Barriers O The many mountain regions surrounding the island of Ireland is a natural barrier that has protected them from many invasions of new inhabitants O Drumlins which are small rocky hills formed during the Ice Age and they now serve as the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 9


27 Culture

28 National Holidays O Christmas O Easter O St. Stephens Day- used to observe Stephen a Christian martyr O Saint Patrick's Day- religious holiday to celebrate St. Patrick and to also celebrate the true Irish culture 11


30 Society O The cities of Ireland are centered around the main breweries which continue to be the center point for the city O The brewery is seen as a place to socialize and share things with your friends O Community is seen as a big apart of your life and everyone is close knit in the cities 13


32 Class Structure O There are three main classes O The working class O The middle class O The gentry or the elite 13

33 Work ethic O The work ethic is very high due to the hard labor of the agricultural business that is so important to Irelands economy and culture O They are greedy people and they want to monopolize many things so that they are gaining the greatest profit 6

34 Women's right O Women have little say in Ireland and many experience violence from their male companions who are trying to show that they have all the power O ¼ women have had situations of sexual abuse O The government does little to help them and they see it as part of the culture

35 constitution/

36 Marriage Practices O The traditional engagement ring is the caudal ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship which are the three things that they believe will support a happy marriage O The traditional Irish wedding is in a catholic church and many have a very strong Celtic culture throughout the ceremony and the reception that follows 13


38 Food O Ireland makes much of its food from the crops grown there due the fact that 60% of land is used for agriculture O The culinary tradition is to make more food then the family needs because they like to share what they have with family and friends 12

39 Food O The most traditional food is the Irish stew which is a staple at many of the family meals O Bacon and Cabbage O Colcannon O Smoked salmon with Irish soda bread O In Ireland like many other European countries lunch is the big meal and it is normally a stew along with soda bread or a potato type substance 12


41 Demography 8

42 Recreational activities O Native sports are gaelic football – which is a cross between football and rugby and hurling O Horse racing O Irish derby O The cliffs of Mother is a great place if you like the beautiful scenery and excitement of climbing the large cliffs 3


44 Religion O Catholicism is the largest religion O Followed by Christianity O Along with other Gaelic religions 11


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