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F.5 Geography Field Trip Report.

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1 F.5 Geography Field Trip Report

2 Destination: Shek O Topic: Coast

3 About……….. Date: 2nd October, 2000. Destination: Shek O
Weather: Very hot , no cloud. Teacher: Mr.P Lui Group members: Richard, Gary, King, Charlie, Michael, Jeff, Kay, Kathy.

4 Stop 1: Shek O Beach

5 Shek O Beach

6 What type coastal feature is it?Beach
Describe the location of the beach in relation to the headland.It is a bay-head beach which lies at the head of a bay between 2 headlands. Estimate the size of the beach.About 1.02Km What are the main materials that formed the beach?Sand, pebbles Which direction is the beach facing?South or SSE What facilities are provided to the beach-goers?Toilets,washing rooms,shops…… What are the unfavourable factors to develop Shek O as a major tourist resort in HK?the transportation network is not well-developed.

7 Stop 2: Shek O Headland

8 Name the type of rock in the headland.granite
The rocks along the coast are being weathered/eroded.Suggest the erosional agents to the formation of the feature.Sea water ,waves What weathering processes are being taken place in the area?Hydraulic action, abrasion, attrition, solution Looking at the offshore island in the southern side of the headland. It is Ng Fan Chau. What coastal feature(s) can you find on the island?Block disintegration, cracks and Sea caves

9 granite

10 Ng Fan Chau

11 Stop 3 Shek O Headland Bridge

12 Describe the materials you can find around this area
Describe the materials you can find around this area.Sand,rock,boulders,pebbles Measure the size of materials in 2 different locations-one is on the southern shore and another is on the northern shore.Is there any difference between the size of materials?In the north,the materials are smaller but in the south,the materials are larger. Name the coastal feature formed in the area.Tombolo

13 Tombolo

14 A simple sketch diagram.

15 The formation of tombolo
The two islands (HK islands and Tai Tau Chau)provide shelter to the shallow sea in between against the prevailing winds. Then the longshore drift brought in materials and deposited them in slack water. A sand spit is formed on each island. As the 2 sand spits continue to grow longer, the finally join up. The two separate islands are linked up to form a tombolo.

16 Stop 4 Tai Tau Chau

17 On Tai Tau Chau, you can see a rock which is affected by denudation
On Tai Tau Chau, you can see a rock which is affected by denudation.Identify the type of weathering process being take place. Block disintegration

18 A sketch diagram

19 Estimate the height of the feature.Not clear,about 100metres
What is the coastal feature formed in the southern part of the headland?Geo Estimate the height of the feature.Not clear,about 100metres List out the favourable factors for its formation. It is exposed coast with long fetch and deep coastal water.Destructive waves are common.Therefore, there is wave erosion. At the Tai Tau Chau pavilion, try to look around and see whether you know the names of surrounding land and sea.We can see Tseung Kwan O in the north.Shek O headland and Ng Fan Chau in the south.

20 Geo

21 Others:

22 Sea cave

23 Block disintegration

24 Members: Richard Gary King Jeff Choy Charlie Michael Kay Kathy

25 The END

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