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Locotrol IV & LEB (January 2003) 1-1 Locotrol IV & LEB.

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1 Locotrol IV & LEB (January 2003) 1-1 Locotrol IV & LEB

2 1-2 Benefits of Locotrol ãCharging time is reduced ãBrake applications are faster ãAir brake releases are faster ãPower efficiency and overall tonnage capabilities are enhanced ãMore rapid acceleration and deceleration are possible ãStopping distance is reduced ãImproved control of slack action ãReduction of draft forces on the head end of the train

3 Locotrol IV & LEB1-3 Benefits of Locotrol ãLow speed train handling is improved by ability to make faster brake applications and running releases ãReal-time data logging which reports malfunctions

4 Locotrol IV & LEB1-4 Locotrol IV Components oControl console oSystem module oRadio equipment

5 Locotrol IV & LEB1-5 Overview of Control Console The control console is arranged into four different function zones Display SelectAlarmsData Display AreaOperation Area

6 Locotrol IV & LEB1-6 Control Console Details Each of the four zones contain the following function buttons or indicators: Display Select - System - Remote - Mode - Main - Unit - Alarm - Train Alarms - Comm - Fail - WS - PS - PC - Penalty - Traction - Reduced Data Display Area - Remote consist status - Air brake status, etc. Operation Area - Execute - Cancel - Bright - Dim

7 Locotrol IV & LEB1-7 SYSTEM KEY Figure 4 - System Data Display System Data Display

8 Locotrol IV & LEB1-8 REMOTE KEY Remote Data Display

9 Locotrol IV & LEB1-9 MODE KEY Mode Data Display

10 Locotrol IV & LEB1-10 MAIN KEY Main Data Display

11 Locotrol IV & LEB1-11 Independent Control

12 Locotrol IV & LEB1-12 UNIT KEY Unit Data Display

13 Locotrol IV & LEB1-13 ALARM KEY Alarm Data Display

14 Locotrol IV & LEB1-14 TRAIN KEY: Brake Pipe Brake Pipe - Data Display

15 Locotrol IV & LEB1-15 TRAIN KEY: Unit Data Unit Data – Data Display

16 Locotrol IV & LEB1-16 Alarms Area Alarm Data Display

17 Locotrol IV & LEB1-17 Radio Equipment Data radios Electronics interface cabinet

18 Locotrol IV & LEB1-18 System Module Lead / Remote Locotrol / Convention Same-Lead / Opposite System Module Circuit Breakers Logger port and lead unit number thumb wheels and system status indicators. -Elec - Radio - Relay

19 Locotrol IV & LEB1-19 MAC90 Setup On lead & remote MAC90 units ensure the Distributed Power & DPU circuit breakers are “ON.” Engine Control Switch is in RUN position.

20 Locotrol IV & LEB1-20 AC 4400 Setup AC 4400 Locomotives: Distributed Power Breaker: This is the main power breaker for the Locotrol equipment. It must be “on” for Locotrol operation. Engine Control Switch: Place the engine control switch to the RUN position on both the lead and remote locomotives.

21 Locotrol IV & LEB1-21 Locomotive Electronic Braking Current locomotives with Locomotive Electronic Braking (LEB) equipment are AC4400s:CP 8500 – 8580 & CP 8600-8655 SD90MACs:CEFX 100 –139 & CP 9300-9303 Note: Not all AC4400’s & CEFX locomotives are commissioned for LEB service.

22 Locotrol IV & LEB1-22 LEB Circuit Breakers Circuit breakers in the nose under a protective shield.

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