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2 Introduction: 1.The CIT building, housing a lot of computer hardware and labs, can benefit massively from a structured cabling project. 2.The current cabling system used for the job is functional but there is always room for improvement. 3.Horizontal cabling provides a means to move telecommunications signals from a telecommunications outlet to a horizontal cross connect in a telecommunication closet. This makes the process better.

3 Introduction: 4. It is critical to have the full benefits of newer technologies in providing better service for both student and faculties. 5. The university shouldn’t fall short not even in the slightest detail. 6. Chances are that these intricate details will make or break big institutions.

4 Executive Summary  The project is about implementing Horizontal cabling on the CIT building that will help increase efficiency and organization of underlying wirings.  This assures that the foundations of the system will be reliable for the years to come and easy to maintain when repairs are needed.

5 Project Definition  The proposed project will have copper cables running from a telecommunications room, which are rooms designated to store the needed equipments, to the individual telecommunications outlet where it is connected to work area computers that need them.  This type of cabling only runs from room to room in one floor exclusively. Each floor will have separate telecommunications room that will manage the connections readily.

6 Project Definition

7 The main room on the other hand would likely be located on the first floor of the building.  They will be connected by vertical cabling that connects each floors from one another and links it back to the main room.  The wiring used here is built to last about 10- 20 years if you intend to disregard natural disasters, terrorist attacks or angry rats eating the cables. And talking about rats, there are different ways of staving them away to keep the cables working but it is a trial-and-error since there is no sure way of getting rid of them.

8 Project Definition i.The cables are also universal and backwards compatible, ensuring that a wide variety of connections whether old or new can be linked together. There is EIA/TIA wiring standards for these matters. ii.For that, individual cables should be limited to 90 meters in length between the wall plate in the work area and the patch panels in the wiring closet. iii.Patch cords for connecting the patch panel to hubs and switches in the wiring closet should be no longer than 7 meters total distance (with a maximum of two patch cords per line, each of which does not exceed 6 meters in length).

9 Project Definition iv. Cables connecting users’ computers to wall plates should be limited to 3 meters in length. V. All in all, the horizontal cabling will be able to help make the lives of both administrators and users. Its durability and orderly manner of the structure will be an investment that will assure quality.

10 Project Vision 1.The vision we intend to create is that of the CIT building fully utilized as a center of technology and advancement. 2. It will have systems that run for years without a hint of lowered quality. 3.The satisfaction of the students towards these facilities will help them focus more on their goals and not on unnecessary thing.

11 Project Objectives  To organize the wiring properly  To connect almost voice, data and videos  To generally use it in easier way to manage

12 Project Scope and Methodology

13 Deliverables Switch rack Switched rack PDU(Power Distribution Unit) Conserve valuable physical rack space in cramped equipment racks, but they do increase the distance between the power outputs of the PDU and the power inputs of the devices that will receive electricity. Distribution cables Distribution Cable, 12f, LC-LC, FX2000, OFNR, 10 m Fiber cables Optimax Field Installable Connector, LC, Multimode 50µm, for 900µm tight buffered fiber Storage area network(SAN)High Density Cabinet, Slack Management Spool, 3U Filler Plate, 4U Filler Plate, Horizontal Manager with Cover 2U, Multi- duplex Pre-terminated Cable, Fiber Patch Panel, Fiber Adaptor Module Enables permanent connections to switches So that sensitive ports are never touched. Improves flexibility and manageability with all moves, adds, and changes made at the Fiber patch panels in the cross-connect. Any switch can be connected to any Equipment location. SAN cross-connect can be placed anywhere in the Data Center for improved security with all switch ports mirrored on fiber Patch panels.

14 Deliverables Miscellaneous accessories Labeling, Velcro Ties, Cable Slack Management, Cable Slack Management Main Distribution Area(MDA)Optical Raceways, Storage Area Management, High Fiber Count Platform, Racks and Cable Management, Patch Panels, System Modules/Cassettes, Cable Assemblies, Cable, Managed Connectivity, Connectors, Accessories, Core VSM The MDA houses the main cross-connect and the core routers and switches for the Corporate LAN.

15 Deliverables Horizontal Distribution Area(HDA) Racks, Frames & Cable Management. Distribution Cable, Single-ended Patch Cords (Pigtails), Patch Cords, Patch Panels The HDA houses cross-connects and active equipment (LAN, SAN, KVM switches) for Connecting to the EDA(s). Zone Distribution Area(ZDA)integrated trunk module (ITM), The optional ZDA acts as a consolidation point within the Horizontal Cabling run Between the HDA and EDA(s). Equipment Distribution Area(EDA)Server Cabinet, Horizontal Manager, Filler Panel, Distribution Cable, Patch Cords, Patch Panels. The EDA is where cabinets and racks house end equipment (servers) and where Horizontal Cabling from the HDA is Terminated at patch panels.

16 Project Organization OrganizationMembersProject Responsibilities CISO Ms Harriet B Fernandez, Director for Computing and Information Services Provide knowledge in planning the structured cabling system and follows the format of standard guidelines of the government. Xavier University Physical Plant Engr Ramil Pajo, Director for Physical Plant Maintains the cable wires, equipments and take holds of the changes of wires when the life span of structured cabling system is due. Xavier University board of administration President : Fr Roberto C Yap SJ Office of the President Ms Bernadette R Geveso, Executive Assistant to the President Fr Eric G Velandria SJ, Asst to the President for Campus Development Ms Maria Soledad dela Fuente-Amir, Director of Human Resource Approved and cancel of the project system

17 Stakeholders Stakeholder/GroupStakeholder Interest CISOManage, develop and plans for the whole design of the system XU-PresidentBenefits project system XU board of trusteesSponsor of the project XU Physical plant Installation of the cabling and maintenance unit the system in the building XU Communications OfficeProvide a organized data and communication transmission XU college departmentsSystem users of the data transmission

18 Implementation Plan The proposed system implementation is expected to be before the June 2013 starts. This project system target before June 2013 school year.

19 Approach PhaseOverall Approach Horizontal Cabling  Improve Cabling structure and long term efficiency also it easy to maintain.  Scalability, Flexibility manageability and availability requirements and cost of ownership.

20 Work Breakdown Structure Data Gathering  Blue Print  Floor Plan  Hardware Prizes 1 month Installation  Components  Wirings  Telecommunication Closet 2 to 3 months FeedBack  Evaluation of the system after installation1 to 2 months Maintenance  MonitoringTwice a month June 2013 to December 2013

21 Estimated Project Cost Cabling  120meters for 40 computers in work area  45meters for 15 computers in faculty 10, 800 4, 050 Telecommunication Closet250, 000 to 400, 000 RJ-45  80 pcs. 40 computers in work area  30 pcs. 15 computers in faculty 560 210 IT Architecture100, 000 Construction Worker  40 workers Wages = 280 448, 000 Physical Plant Office  2 person Wages = 5, 000 10, 000 Miscellaneous50, 000 Total Cost1, 023, 620


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