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Welcome Youth Leadership Academy to Salisbury University Agenda for Today: Career Development? What are Your Options? Your Values, Interests and Skills.

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1 Welcome Youth Leadership Academy to Salisbury University Agenda for Today: Career Development? What are Your Options? Your Values, Interests and Skills Why is Choosing Your Major Important? Activities

2 Activity-Index Card Read your card Look at the different criteria that are available Check what you want in a career Write down your job title and your name Introduce yourself to the person to your left and explain to them why you chose the job you did Express those findings to the class See sample card

3 Works mostly on ownWorks mostly with others Works mostly with hands and bodyWorks mostly by thinking Works outdoorsWorks indoors Doesn’t require 4 years of collegeRequires 4 years of college Problem Solving Physical Coordination People Skills Images Musical Talent Words Name:_______________________________________Date:______________ Job Group Chosen:__________________________Job:______________________

4 What is career development? “Career Development is a lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward an interesting future.” Why is career development important? Because it supports your ability to create a meaningful life. Who can help me with career development? Career Development Professionals have the skills, knowledge, and experience required.

5 Discover Your Career Clues Who are your heroes, the people you admire most? What is it that you admire most? What school subjects do you do best in or enjoy the most? What sports, hobbies, or other activities do you enjoy? How far do you plan to take your education? Technical certification Two-year associate degree Four-year bachelor’s degree Advanced or professional degree (master’s or doctorate) The more education you get, the more you are likely to earn and the more jobs are likely to be available to you.

6 Steps to finding a career that makes you happy Step 1-Self-Assessement What are your work skills? What are your interests? Values? Needs? What is your passion? What are your personal strengths? Step 2-Career Exploration What occupations are good matches for you? What education or training is needed? Where can you get it? What steps do you need to take to get started? Step 3-Decision Making Narrow your choices. Try your options with internships, job shadowing, volunteering, informational interviews and/or part-time work. Step 4- Taking Action! Get the education or training you need.

7 Here is how you figure out your career Exploring – Learn about yourself and the world of work- interest inventories, talk to mentors, teachers, counselors, part-time or full-time jobs, use occupation websites, etc. Planning – Find out what you need to do to meet career goals- go to community and technical school reps, college reps, counselors Doing – Take steps toward getting skills and qualifications for various occupations- volunteer, shadow, internships, etc. “You are in the exploration stage of your life, Research your options and make sure you have all the information you need to make a sound decision. By exploring your interests you may discover a career you may not have otherwise considered.” -- High School Counselor

8 Why talk career development? You are still in high school! It is essential to have a Career Plan. Students are entering a highly competitive global workforce. Nearly 90%of the fastest growing jobs in the US require education beyond high school. Almost all jobs in the foreseeable future will need some form of certification or post secondary degree/ certification. Now we will look at some actual job descriptions. Does it meet your interests, skills, abilities and strengths.

9 Activity-Ask yourself: a. What do I want to do? Where do I want to do it? b. Where do I want to go with my life? c. What kind of person am I? d. What do I want out of life? 1. You will have a chef, trainer, housekeeper…staff. 2. Fashion designers will want to dress you. 3. You will live in a major city and travel frequently. 4. You will schmooze with the most powerful and poor people in the world. 5. Your life and speech will constantly be analyzed. 6. You will live in public housing. 7. You & your family will receive death threats. 8. You will not get paid.

10 Another Job 1. You will be your own boss. 2. You will live in a metropolitan area & fly frequently. 3. You will help others every day. 4. You will need exemplary multi-tasking & prioritizing skills. 5. You will have to wear a uniform. 6. You must feel comfortable working in highly stressful situations & confronting others. 7. You will work alone & be on-call 24/7/365. 8. You will have to hide your identity & not get paid.

11 Importance of Career Exploration-the prior jobs made you think about your interests, skills, abilities, etc. Consider the following before making a career decision. Self Assessment is crucial when making career choices. -Really look at yourself honestly. -What do you like? -What comes easy to you? -What is important to you?

12 Personality Activity Use pencils and paper on your desk Sign your name like you are signing a check – Take a minute to think about how signing your name feels, share with those around you – Feels normal and what you are used to doing. Why should your career be the opposite? Sign your name like you are signing a check, with your other hand – Take a minute to think about how signing your name feels with the other hand, share with those around you – Feels weird and NOT what you’re used to? A career should be something that you enjoy or are wanting to do, not something you have to do just to get the task done.

13 Major Minor Option Concentration Registration Pre-Professional – Pre-Law – Pre-Medical – Pre-Dental Practicum/Internship Co-Op Certificate AS (Associate of Science) AAS (Associate of Applied Science) Technical School BA (Bachelor of Arts) BS (Bachelor of Science) Others? Below are terms that are requirements for you to begin you career

14 What I am most familiar with is college career options-below is one way to look at college career development Classes You Like MajorCareer

15 Activity-Celebrity Majors-It is very important to do what you like-not what your major typically indicates-Psychology Major=Counseling, Social service worker, Case manager NOT Marketing manager, Training specialist, Employment recruiter, etc.) Go to the website below for the celebrity majors quiz-use paper and write down answers careerservices/Students/ Presentations/FamousMajors/ Default.html careerservices/Students/ Presentations/FamousMajors/ Default.html

16 Mayim Bialik from “Big Bang Theory” PhD in Neuroscience Steve Carell Bachelors Degree in History Bill Cosby Masters Degree in Education Adam Sandler Masters Degree in Fine Arts Eva Longoria Parker Bachelors in Kinesiology All of these Celebrities and MANY MORE have a College Degree but do you know who has what degree?

17 You know you want to do in college, what else is important? Your interests Your values Your strengths Selecting a major relevant to your interests Size of school Where do you live? Do you want to work while attending college?

18 Interests What do you enjoy? How do you spend your time? What are you passionate about?

19 Values What is important to you? What inspires you? What guides your actions?

20 Strengths In what areas do you excel? What comes naturally?

21 Why is choosing your major important? You will spend over 80,000 hours of your life working! Why spend it doing something you don’t enjoy? The occupation you choose has a big impact on many aspects of your life. Narrowing your choices somewhat helps to define your lifestyle and give you a clearer picture of who you are. Career planning results in having realistic career goals. Students who engage in career exploration programs report higher grades and feel better prepared for the future compared to students who do not.

22 What size school do you want to attend? Size makes the intimate relationship between staff and student close or distant causing students to excel to show initiative but could also lead students to slack off. Large- many students can make interaction difficult between staff and student. Student can also have strong relationship due to initiative taken to meet professor. Student can also hide in crowd and slack off leading to bad grades. Small- Student can have close one on one work with professor but can easily use that relationship to build false trust and think they could slack off leading to bad grades. Close relationship could still also help out student if problems with assignment occur. Variety of activities, clubs and amenities will be different depending on size Large- Bigger budget and allowance for more activities but many students can also lead to one being just among the crowd in a club Small- Smaller budget shortening the potential for activities allowance. Can also allow students to start organizations and be in a leadership role instead of among the crowd.

23 On campus Activities closer to door and more likely to be involved Sharing room forces compromise and patience usable for future Off campus Cheaper rent depending on area and easier choice of roommates Single room keeps personal space and allows focus on other things than drama Would you want to live on campus or off campus? Would you want to live on campus or off campus?

24 Getting a job Income for activities or helping with paying for school Can expand social network into local area outside of school Not getting a job Can allow for the student to excel in academics and be a part of unpaid academic things Become the leader of a club or greek organization for networking and resume building Would you get a job on/off campus or only be a full time student? Would you get a job on/off campus or only be a full time student?

25 Final Activity-Cell Phone What are your strengths? What job would be a good fit for you? Maybe your best friend can help! Call your best friend and ask: “What one job would be a perfect fit for me and why?”

26 Questions? Thank You! Good luck!

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