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Session Aims Harvard Referencing Assignment Work.

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1 Session Aims Harvard Referencing Assignment Work

2 Harvard Referencing Required for Management Report Enables the reader to review the original articles Prevents plagiarism Proves that you have researched and are applying management theory

3 Direct Quoting To use a definition provided by Slack et al (1995, p684) “quality is consistent conformance to customer’s expectations”.

4 Referencing There are a variety of tools and techniques which can be used to help improve operational accuracy. Hill (2000) and Slack et al (1995) include amongst their suggestions input-output analysis, flow charts, scatter diagrams, cause-effect diagrams, Pareto diagrams, checklists, process mapping and why-why analysis …

5 Quotation cited by another Author According to Dr Karou Ishikawa “As much as 95% of quality related problems…can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools” (cited by Barnes and Wormer, 1995, p12)

6 Harvard Referencing - Bibliography Book: –Slack N et al, 1995, Operations Management, London, Pitman Publishing Article on-line: –Barnes B & Van Wormer JW Dr, (2005), 7 Basic Tools of Quality, on-line, available at http://www.grand-, accessed 23/01/06 http://www.grand-

7 Harvard Referencing - Bibliography Journal Article: –Kallrath J, 2002, Planning and Scheduling in the Process Industry, OR Spectrum, August 2002, pg 219 – 250 Website –, 2006, available at, accessed 04/01/06

8 Websites If there is an article name this is included alike it is in a book or journal reference

9 General Rule Author, Year, Book edition, Title, Source(publisher, journal title, TV programme, magazine / newspaper title etc), Date accessed if internet, Date of TV programme; interview etc, Journal edition; issue; month Page numbers (if applicable)

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