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Performance Management Solution Doug Pearson NSS Corp 603-296-2909 XSELLerator.

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1 Performance Management Solution Doug Pearson NSS Corp XSELLerator

2 If you can measure it, you can manage it

3 What Our Customers Say  Coaching has improved  Cross-selling has increased  Information is more timely and credible  Information is easily accessible  Increased flexibility of processing – monthly/weekly/daily  Improved sales management capability  Higher quality and quantity of referrals from Tellers  Increased referrals across business units

4 Features Sales tracked by employee and location Multiple views of sales performance Extended cross-sell session Referral routing with Automated referral matching to sales Ranking reports Many incentive program options Expanded metric definition Scorecard Management

5 Performance Metrics  Sales – units and dollars  Referrals  Cross-sell  Financial Ratios – ROA  Percentages – ROE  Profitability  Net Deposit Growth  Non-interest Income  Mystery Shopping  Customer Satisfaction

6 Branch Manager Score = MetricLevelWtStratifica tion TargetActualPct Attain Score Net Deposit Growth Branch30Low Volatility $600,000$660,000110%33 Net Loan Growth Branch25Low Volatility $500,000$525,000105%26.25 Non- interest Income Branch15Moderate Volatility $60,000$45,00075%13.75 C/L Referral Sold Employee15High Volatility %13.75 Business Developme nt Calls Employee15High Volatility %15

7 People Front Line Personnel Back Office Personnel Management Job Classes Teller FSR Branch Managers Assistant Branch Managers Commercial Lenders Mortgage Lenders

8 Granite Financial Bank

9 Where Do We Get The Data?

10 Look at the Solution - Demonstration Five Perspectives Teller……………Tom White FSR ………………Ken Able Branch Manager …….Don Smith Retail Executive …….Oscar Taylor Administrator

11 Customers

12 Subscription Pricing Pack Size Monthly 25$795 50$ $1, $1, $1, $2, $3, $5,520 With subscription pricing there is a one-time set-up fee of $4,900 Pack size is the total number of employees tracked and managers accessing XSELLerator

13 Software as a Service Pricing PackSet-upMonthly 25$2,450 $1,000 50$2,650 $1, $3,050 $1, $3,450 $2, $3,850 $2, $4,250 $2, $6,250 $4,800

14 NSS Performance Management Solutions StaffPro Analyzing branch staffing levels Scheduling staff SalesCoach Sales Management tool Sales meeting management

15 A Performance Management Solution To Achieve Sales and Service Excellence Doug Pearson NSS Corp XSELLerator

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