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So, you want to become a teacher! General Information Session Presented by: T EACHER E DUCATION A DVISEMENT C ENTER (TEAC) Education Student Services Kennesaw.

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1 So, you want to become a teacher! General Information Session Presented by: T EACHER E DUCATION A DVISEMENT C ENTER (TEAC) Education Student Services Kennesaw Hall Room 3018 1000 Chastain Road Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591 (770) 423-6105 10/04/13

2 A Leading Producer of Teachers in Georgia! KSU produces outstanding teachers! Outstanding engaged faculty: Dr. Kim Loomis, professor of middle grades science education, received the esteemed KSU Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award. Accreditation: KSU’s teacher preparation programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission (PSC). KSU Alumna Pamela Haight Why KSU?

3 Cohort Model Take classes on site Build relationships with the community Urban Education

4 Receive global learning scholarship Eligible to apply for global engagement certification on their transcripts International Student Teaching Opportunities Costa Rica Ecuador China Belize Uganda

5 Education Majors Pre-K through 12 th Grades Art Music Health & PE Foreign Lang Biology Chemistry English Math History Early Childhood Birth - Kindergarten Pre-K thru 5th Middle Grades 4 th – 8th Secondary 6-12 grades

6 Bachelor of Science in Art Education Leads to Georgia Teacher Certification Pre-K through 12 th grade Program of study includes Studio Art History Aesthetics Art Criticism Degree is a major in art and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching art.

7 Choose applied concentrations: Bachelor of Music in Music Education Piano Voice Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone Trumpet Horn Trombone Euphonium Tuba Percussion Guitar Violin Viola Cello Contrabass Leads to Georgia Teacher Certification P-12 grades

8 Leads to Georgia teacher certification Pre-K through 12 th grades in selected teaching field Concentrations available include: French German Spanish Degree is a major in the primary language with coursework required for teacher certification Foreign Language Education

9 Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education Leads to Georgia Teacher Certification Pre-K through 12 th grades Degree is a major in health and physical education and a second major in pedagogical studies with an equal emphasis on the teaching of both health and physical education. Kennesaw State University is one of only three programs in Georgia to be nationally recognized by NASPE and the only program in the metro-Atlanta area to receive this distinction.

10 Department of. Chemistry &. Biochemistry. Chemistry Education Track Leads to Georgia teacher certification 6 th – 12 th grades Chemistry Creating effective and engaging educators Candidates complete a major in chemistry with a concentration in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching science.

11 Department of. Biology & Physics. Bachelor of Science in Biology Education Leads to Georgia teacher certification 6 th – 12 th grades Biology Nationally recognized and accredited. Candidates complete the equivalent of a major in biology and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching science.

12 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education Leads to Georgia teacher certification 6 th – 12 th grades Mathematics Graduates are in high demand throughout the state Nationally recognized by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics KSU Mathematics Education faculty has an international, national, and statewide reputation

13 Leads to Georgia teacher certification 6 th – 12 th grades English Nationally recognized and accredited program Rich and broad knowledge in British Literature American Literature World Literature Language and Linguistics Writing and Grammar Instruction English/Language Arts Methodologies Media and technology in the classroom Bachelor of Science in English Education DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH

14 Bachelor of Science in History Education Leads to Georgia teacher certification 6 th – 12 th grades History Nationally recognized and accredited program Take course work in the Social Sciences Fields: Geography Economics American Government American History European History World History

15 Leads to Georgia certification in the teaching field of computer science (grades 6-12) The endorsement may be obtained simultaneously with another degree leading to teacher certification or after obtaining an initial certification in another teaching field Endorsement in Computer Science Education Department of Computer Science

16 Bagwell College of Education

17 Leads to Georgia Certification for Teaching Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Choose a Traditional or a Montessori Concentration Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Science Birth through Kindergarten Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education Dr. Feland Meadows, Director of the Montessori Program at KSU

18 Leads to Georgia Certification for Teaching Pre-K to 5 th Grade Developmentally appropriate practices: Science Mathematics Reading and Language Arts Social Studies Music, Art, and PE Bachelor of Science in Elementary & Early Childhood Education

19 Leads to Georgia teacher certification 4 th – 8 th grades in the selected areas The only NMSA recognized and accredited program in the state of Georgia. Choose two of the five teaching fields: Language Arts Mathematics Reading Science Social studies Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education

20 Atlanta Public Schools Bartow County Schools Cartersville City Schools Cherokee County Schools Cobb County Schools Center for Education Placements and Partnerships Fulton County Schools Gordon County Schools Hall County Schools Marietta City Schools Paulding County Schools Arranges field placements and builds partnerships with local schools in the following school systems: Supports courtesy and cooperative student teaching placements

21 TRAC is a curriculum center designed to help education students, educators, and community members plan and prepare effective and creative classroom instruction and activity. TRAC houses over 8,000 books, more than 2,000 DVDs and videos, 500 kits and games, and 66 professional journals and periodicals. Visitors can check out books, DVDs, videos, and instructional enhancement items, conduct educational research, preview videos, make copies, create manipulatives, projects, and much more!

22 The Kennesaw State University iTeach Center is a collaborative partnership between the KSU Bagwell College of Education, KSU ITEC degree program and the Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA).

23 Impacting Lives Bagwell College of Education Meet a KSU alumnus!

24 Office of Undergraduate Admissions Applications and deadlines: Applying to KSU

25 View your transcript evaluation on Owl Express. The Registrar will assign KSU course numbers if transferring courses are determined to be equivalent. Elective credit will be assigned if a course cannot be deemed an exact equivalent. 1T00 - 4T99 See your advisor for possible substitution credit. Transfer Evaluations

26 KSU Office of the Registrar KSU Transfer Course Equivalency Database: Database of courses offered at other colleges and universities that may transfer successfully to KSU Transfer Equivalencies Database

27 Students transferring from a University System of Georgia Institution should meet with an advisor regarding their transfer courses in areas A-F and see DegreeWorks (within Owl Express). USG Transfer courses

28 Opportunity to register early! Student Success Services (770) 423-6219 sign up using your Net ID Contact your advisor before attending orientation! New Student Orientations

29  Admission to Teacher Education is separate from admission to KSU.  Transfer students must be fully accepted to KSU and have a completed transcript evaluation by the Office of the Registrar in order to be considered for admission to teacher education. Teacher Education Admission

30 Completed ENGL 1101 & 1102 with grades of C or higher (also satisfies Regents Reading and Writing requirements) Completed 45 semester hours of coursework from accredited institutions Registered with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to obtain a MyPSC account and PSC ID# ( Passed or Exempted GACE Program Admission Tests Teacher Education Admission Criteria

31 Exemption from GACE Program Admission Tests SAT – Min. 1000* (Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) ACT – Min. 43* (English + Math) For GRE exemption and additional exemption options, visit Professional Standards CommissionProfessional Standards Commission * SAT scores prior to April 1, 1995, and ACT scores prior to 1989, were “recentered,” typically adding points. See Professional Standards Commission website:  Bring supporting documentation to TEAC (KH 1314) if not on Owl Express

32 Three tests: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing The Reading and Mathematics tests consist of selected-response questions The Writing test consists of selected-response questions and two constructed-response (written) assignments Passing score required for each test Tests are administered at approved computer testing centers GACE Program Admission Tests

33 Program Admission Test I – Reading (200) Program Admission Test II – Mathematics (201) Program Admission Test III – Writing (202) Program Admission Combined Test I, II, and III (700) GACE Program Admission Tests For additional information, see Online registration: Fall Semester Testing Blocks: 10/5/13–10/25/13 – scores return 11/1/2013 11/2/13–11/12/13 – scores return 11/29/2013 11/30/13–12/21/13 – scores return 12/27/2013

34 GPA Requirements KSU AGPA ≥ 2.75 AND Education Transfer GPA* ≥ 2.75 * Education Transfer GPA includes general core and lower division courses required for major Teacher Education Admission Criteria

35 EDUC 2110 * with grade of C or higher and Cleared Background Check If transferring EDUC 2110, you will need to submit a background check through (Package code KE61) also required for placements in schools Teacher Education Admission Criteria *credit for EDUC 2110 may be awarded for completion of an approved High School program

36  Supplemental recommendations are only required if you are substituting EDUC 2110 from another institution Positive faculty recommendation: EDUC 2110 Download recommendation form or see TEAC websiterecommendation formTEAC website Teacher Education Admission Criteria

37 Professional, responsible behavior in all classes, field experiences, and interactions with peers, faculty, and staff Positive evaluations in field experiences Potential for success in the program Satisfied any additional admission requirements specified by a major Teacher Education Admission Criteria  ARED, FLED, HPE, MUED students…see your department advisor for additional program requirements

38 Teacher Education Application DEADLINES For Fall: April 15 For Spring: Sept. 15 For Summer: Feb. 15  You do NOT have to have completed all the requirements for admission to the teacher education program at the time of application.

39 Obtain an application at TEAC (KH 1314) or online at KSU Advisor’s Signature: ECE, MGE and History Education – signed by TEAC  online appointment scheduling online appointment scheduling Advisors in other program areas listed on brochure or TEAC website  Contacts Contacts Return completed applications to TEAC (KH 1314) Teacher Education Application

40 Frequently Asked Questions SECOND BACCALAUREATE INFORMATION TEAC Website:

41 For information on Graduate Programs Graduate Programs in Education (770) 423-6043 KH 3018

42 Complete the information form Complete an evaluation form Visit the TEAC website: Teacher Education application forms PowerPoint presentation Frequently Asked Questions Please Remember To

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