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Working for a Better Norfolk N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS.

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1 Working for a Better Norfolk N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS

2 Ground Rules Use the cards provided to pose your questions or request to comment. Please stay on topic - Neighborhoods & Schools. Show mutual respect for differing opinions. Civility Rules. (No boos/ cheers/ non-verbal put –downs/ tomato throwing, etc.) Limit comments to three minutes. What about ‘Other’ questions not on topic?

3 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Median HH Income Norfolk has the lowest median household income in South Hampton Roads.

4 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Ward 5 exceeds the city and reflects the national statistic. Ward 5 Median HH Income

5 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS “Half the workplace lives outside the city. One of my concerns is how we connect Norfolk residents with those jobs.” - Paul Fraim

6 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS If half the workplace lives outside the city… Neighborhoods & Schools Connect non- resident employees to Norfolk Connect Norfolk residents to employment

7 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS American Association of School Administrators “[Education] is the best investment we can make – one that pays off in countless dividends, for us, for our children, and for our society... If we hope to maintain or improve the quality of life in our communities, attract new industries, and continue to prosper as a nation, top-notch schools are essential.”

8 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS USA Today “… in city after city in the United States, a house in a high-quality school district is likely to be worth at least 10 percent more than a similar house, even one right across the street, whose residents must attend school in a lower-rated district (i.e., one rated lower on standardized test scores).”

9 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Move, Inc. “ Because proximity to a quality school is such a high priority for some families as they search for their next home, buyers and sellers in cities with top ranked schools or school districts can often expect to see higher median list prices as compared to the statewide median list price, sometimes as much as 10 to 28 percent higher.”

10 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Healthy Neighborhoods Good Schools Quality of Life More Than Money…

11 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Things Money Can’t Buy… I know my neighbors & we look out for one another. I am proud of my community. Properties are routinely updated & owners regularly re-invest in their homes. Public & private properties are well kept, maintained & free of litter & debris. My neighbors understand what is acceptable behavior in the community, & we all live well together. Litter is not acceptable. We pick-up & remove litter from the street, sidewalks & lawns. Cars are not parked on sidewalks or lawns in my neighborhood nor left in states of disrepair in the driveway.

12 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Ward 5 Neighbors Say…

13 N EIGHBORHOODS & S CHOOLS Our Guests Tonight … Dr. Richard Bentley, Jr. Superintendent of Schools Marcus D. Jones Norfolk City Manager

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