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LOMPOC UNIFIED ADULT EDUCATION. Lompoc Unified Adult Education.

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3 Lompoc Unified Adult Education

4 Our Students


6 Applicant Agency CaliforniaFederal Table 4 Program year 2009-10 EducationalProgram Year 2009-10 Functioning LevelSection 231 and EL Civics Performance Percentage Comparison to Completing Goal Level State Goal ESL Beg Literacy43.00%61.60%71.40%+28.40 ESL Beg Low33.00%62.10%62.80%+29.80 ESL Beg High48.00%58.20%68.10%+20.10 ESL Int Low46.00%51.80%54.50%+ 8.50 ESL Int High43.00%47.40%62.50%+19.50 ESL Adv21.00%22.40%52.40%+31.40

7 Lompoc Unified Adult Education

8 GED/Diploma  280 students on track for completion within the next 12 months  75% of all students are 18-24 years old *2011 Testing Data is Through April 2011 *

9 LUSD STATEWIDE Fail Pass Lompoc Unified Adult Education GED California 2010 Pass / Fail Rate

10 Lompoc Unified Adult Education How we achieved our successes  Recurring conferences  Goal planning with learners  Data analysis  Integration of 21 st century skills at all levels

11 Lompoc Unified Adult Education Project Success  Matriculating students  Building relationships with learners for pathways to 21 st century living wage futures  Partnerships  Certifications  Simulation  Service learning

12 Lompoc Unified Adult Education Vocational  VN 100% pass rate NCLEX  VN graduates average 3 job offers $25-$30 per hour  High community connectivity Lompoc Unified Adult Education



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