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Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 1 Tilecal Status report Stato dell’esperimento Responsabilita’ di Pisa Attivita’ in corso: commissioning, calibrazioni, analisi.

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1 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 1 Tilecal Status report Stato dell’esperimento Responsabilita’ di Pisa Attivita’ in corso: commissioning, calibrazioni, analisi difisica Richieste

2 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 2 Commissioning is being done by all Institutes: F/E electronics, bus, HV, LV etc. Move to z=0 +final alignment based on survey data for tiles+LAR ~25 Aug. 05. Barrel installation completed on 10/12/2005 10 Dec 2004

3 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 3 F/E electronics tests with Mobidick September 2004 Concerns last certification tests of the individual FE Drawers, before Commissioning (using the local portable Test Bench MobiDICK). All elements are tested, including cooling circuitry + fibers (with pulse LED) All drawers installed in the Barrel, few channels still to be fixed. Still on the critical side: LV.

4 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 4 Use MOBIDAQ: -on truck + temporary cables -At Z=0 with final cables MOBIDAQ in USA15 TTC & GLINK fibers CANbus patch panel MobiDAQ Row 16Row 19 1 2 3 F/E electronics tests with MobiDAQ USA15 Tests of the complete system on 8 modules at time: SD, buses, CIS, Laser, HV, LV... Use of the online Monitor for immediate diagnostic and offline analysis MobiDAQ is also used for preliminary Cosmic Runs.

5 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 5 Fingers and drawers

6 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 6 Fix a drawer

7 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 7 Trigger boards QDC for the trigger CCT with S-links for the digital readout TTC modules MobiDAQ

8 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 8 MobyDAQ: sample of results Pedestal rms (noise) CIS scan (gain)

9 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 9 Cosmic Ray Tests (preliminary now at 185) Tile Barrel lower modules Special 9U VME, FPGA programmable 6 Super Drawer/unit Use MobiDAQ and temporary trigger logic, Online Monitoring + Offline analysis

10 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 10 ATLANTIS GeoModel Allows: -Check for dead-channels -HV-Cesium equalization - Compare with Tbeam data Cosmics: first results Rates in UX15: 130  /h (TileCal)

11 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 11 Cosmics Runs, Energy (pC) for the B-Cells (Check dead channels)

12 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 12 Main steps for barrel: until end Aug: Installation and commissioning WPs standalone in USA15/UX15 7-29 September: cables/fibers/pipes installation to the fingers rotating in sectors every 2 days (8 fingers/day) with several teams (TC contractor, Protvino, CF, LIP, tile techs pool+….. 9 Sept->16 November : install LV, commission 8 fingers at the time rotating in sectors every 6 days (2.7 fingers/day) with MOBIDAQ,ROD DAQ (if available) and MOBIDICK when needed. 16 Nov-7 Dec: commission the 2 barrel partitions (~5000 channels) with ROD DAQ The EBC and EBA will follow during end 2005, first half of 2006 Overall commissioning scenario

13 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 13 Organization We have started a reorganization of TileCal defining things to be done (Work Packages) and responsabilities, hopefully to improve on the efficiency. This process has now converged. In this scheme Pisa is well represented at all levels.

14 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 14 TileCal Organization (1)

15 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 15 TileCal Organization (2)

16 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 16 TileCal Organization (3)

17 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 17 TileCal Organization (4)

18 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 18 Activities in Pisa Laboratory tests (PMT) Simulation Analysis

19 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 19 Tests in Pisa: PMT long run tests (G. Usai) Test of stability of PMT operating in LHC environement for 1-2 years at full luminosity.

20 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 20 Sample of results being obtained Stability (Am) Gain I-dark Quantum eff. We are still debugging. Most of the problem solved. Am source is “old” Poor room temp. conditioning Some channels look “weird” One measurement lasts 12 h light is setting: Q pmt = 50  C Increase light to MB at LHC Time

21 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 21 Other ongoing activities: On Line Monitor (Chiara, Andrea, Paolo); Chiara Roda coordinates the effort of a group of physicists from various subdetectors. The work started as an OnLine monitor for TileCal TB, evolved as “GNAM” at the CTB and now looks as a promising approach to a “low level” monitor for many sub detectors for ATLAS. GNAM is now a package of the standard TDAQ software. Chiara participates to the monitor working group of ATLAS. monitor snapshot TileMuId (G. Usai); the work continues in collaboration with muon community. The method of tagging muons with TileCal is a standard and well debugged tool in Athena and HLT and is evolving as a method for Isolation of muons in the calorimeters Recovery of muons large energy losses Comparison G4/CTB (Andrea, Anna) has made large progresses and should be near to the end. “Real Detector Simulation” in G4 (Anna)

22 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 22 Comparison CombinedTB - Geant4 (A. Dotti) pions in LArg+Tile Pions at  = 0.35, E beam =20 - 350 GeV Data calibrated at e.m. scale Tested some methods of energy reconstruction in LArg Fixed few little bugs (now in Athena version 10.0.2) Now agreement in energy reconstruction is within 5% (E beam = 20 - 350 GeV). Works on shower shape still going on.

23 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 23 Energy distribution E beam = 180 GeV 180 GeV  =0.35 LArg TileCal LArg + TileCal E (MeV) Entries (A.U.)

24 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 24 Mean reconstructed energy G4 DATA Reco E (GeV) E data / E G4 ±5% E Beam (GeV)

25 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 25 20 Gev50 Gev 100 Gev200 Gev We can do better! Using weighting techniques on CTB data (Chiara, Iacopo, Andrea) The energy of cell i is weighted: a, b are obtained by minimizing: LinearityResolution Raw Corrected

26 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 26 This activity comes along with the Jet Energy reconstruction/calibration (Chiara, Iacopo). Calibration of DC1 dijet (QCD) sample has been done, in progress the work on the “Rome-layout” production. Few methods of jets reconstruction (cone, kt, topojet) and then recalibration. Results of our method: linearity +-2% (0.02-4 TeV) resolution improves by 15% The package is now a standard method in Athena.

27 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 27 Physics analysis. Two analyis to check the possible use of a LVL2 “b-tagger” (FASTRACK a la CDF or battery of CPUs). pp->j+Z+X with Z->bb (b-tagged jets); if possible to trigger on this channel it would be the ideal way of calibrating the b-jets.pp->j+Z+X with Z->bb pp->bb+A/H with A/H->bb (3/4 b-tagged Jets); this is a standard discovery channel of the supersymmetric Higgs.pp->bb+A/H with A/H->bb In both studies the b is assumed to decay hadronically and be identified by impact parameter. The advantage is the BR, the disadvantage is the tag efficiency, mistags. pp->Hqq +X with H-> 

28 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 28 SignalQCD LVL1 Rate KHz -4.9 LVL2 Rate Hz -98-10 Kin. Sel+2b fb 1098195000 80bb (V. Cavasinni and I. Vivarelli) S/BS/√B 30 fb -1 2.5%20.6 Needs to lower the jet thresholds to have sidebands for bknd subtraction, hence reduce the rates at LVL2 by fast tagging b- quarks.

29 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 29 pp-> bb+A/H->4b (3/4 tagged) (V. Cavasinni and I. Vivarelli) SelectionεSεS εBεB S (30 fb -1 ) B (30 fb -1 ) S/BS/√B Official ATLAS HLT menu 0.11%1.6 10 -9 14046303.0%2.0 Improved multijet trigger 1.1%1.3 10 -8 1380368503.7%7.2 The proposed trigger allows to have a factor 10 more statistics. To avoid too large QCD rate it needs fast b-tagging. It is a counting experiment where the new scheme of triggering can improve the significance over the standard trigger menu.

30 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 30 ATLAS light HIGGS discovery potential at 30 fb -1 Vector boson fusion qqH   at least one  decaying leptonically) fundamental at masses 120-140 GeV.

31 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 31 H VBF    hh  F.Sarri, V. Cavasinni, I.Vivarelli) In this channel we have an additional huge background from QCD: Fundamental the algorithm to identify  ’s/reject QCD jets Use the results of the Milan,Freiburg groups: D. Cavalli, M. Heldmann

32 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 32 “Hard” cuts HVBF    hh  signal vs QCD background preliminary

33 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 33 “Soft” cuts HVBF    hh  signal vs QCD background preliminary

34 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 34 Richieste Un nuovo dottorando: Paolo Adragna Richieste MI: 5 KE per riunioni ATLAS-It, riunioni per Monitor, Roma Wshp etc. Avuto 8KE speso ad Aprile 3KE. Richieste ME: 12 mu. Avuto 90KE speso ad Aprile 37KE ma: 7mu (30KE) di installazione (tecnici), promessi alla collaborazione saranno utilizzati a Settembre. Ci rimane per metabolismo 20KE. Ci viene richiesto di mantenere un fisico sempre al CERN per il commissioning. Vivarelli e’ al CERN con resonsabilita’ di test finali del Barrel (MobiDAQ). Al commissioning dovremo partecipare anche con altri fisici.

35 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 35 Test procedure with MobiDAQ Step TaskDescription for commissioning in sectors (8 SD at the time)Duration 0Connecting cables(With temporary cables & local LVPS takes several hours…)30 min 1Running diagnostic package in DVS Tests using CANbus done successively for each SD Other tests can run in parallel for 8 SD Errors displayed automatically and stored in logbook. In case of errors check : LV, disconnected cables, etc... If no success, use Mobidick near finger for repair and retest. Meanwhile bypass daisy chain+ go to Step 2 for other SDs. 30 min 2long term stability runs “a la test beam” 3 independent runs for: pedestal, CIS, laser On-line Monitoring provide summary histograms More detailed histograms available if problems detected Histograms saved locally (which database?) Runs can be analyzed offline using Athena Several hours (if needed) FE electronics tests with MobiDAQ

36 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 36 Back Energy in a cone around a tagged muon (G. Usai) Cone radius

37 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 37 1) Mean value for CIS signal as PMT function 2) Distribution (48 PMTs) of mean value for CIS signal 3) Distribution (48 PMTs) of rms for CIS signal 4) Signal Timing as PMT function (no corrections applied) 1 2 3 4 Back

38 Roma 17 Maggio 2005TileCal 38 Tile Muon Trigger Set-Up (june 2005) The tile muon trigger will take advantage of the output of the trigger towers (used later for LVL1, sum of the signals of all cells in one tower). One trigger tower covers ∆ηx∆φ=0.1x0.1, readout for the tile muon trigger via Chicago coincidence boards (see later) up to η<0.8. –For 0.8<η<1.0 there are still some cells in the first samplings. They could be included into the trigger by changing a patch panel (now the Chicago trigger boards read only 8 towers in 1 mod.) Each trigger tower will provide a signal. Coincidence with back to back tower. NIM signal. 4 boards will be produced to read out 24 modules (12 on the top and 12 on the bottom) Expected rate:130/h Test equalization, timing,...

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