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CC partners with Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to provide cash assistance to employees impacted by the recession. Providence Health engages CC to replicate.

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2 CC partners with Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to provide cash assistance to employees impacted by the recession. Providence Health engages CC to replicate Regence program for their employees. CC begins management of Providence Health System’s Helping Hand Fund. 2008-09 2009 2010

3 What the Helping Hand Fund Was In house for 30 years Managed by Mission, HR, or EAP Taxes paid on both ends (Providence and the employee) Little oversight or managed care Not a long term solution What We Learned ATM / annual bill pay Lasting solutions needed

4 What the HHF Looks Like Now Confidential once in a lifetime benefit (no more repeat users) Ability to assist with a greater amount Financial Wellness seminar is a requirement Results of the Partnership Ensure consistent and comprehensive approach 100% of donations go directly to fellow caregivers Offers a real hand up (foreclosure prevention) Greater awareness of needs of employees Other community partners have asked us to manage similar funds

5 Based on the initial success of our Regence and Providence emergency assistance programs, the agency undertakes a formal Asset Building Initiative in 2011-12. This initiative engages stakeholders – clients, staff, community partners, financial institutions, Board members, & funders – to assess the place of asset building in social services and potential roles for Catholic Charities in this strategic area.

6 From Community Stakeholders: Be dynamic – one size does not fit all agencies Leverage existing internal strengths & compliment existing external capacities/partnerships Balance scale with quality Embrace innovation The Services Needed by our Clients: Financial wellness/literacy services Financial Coaching Credit Building/Repair Foreclosure Prevention Affordable Tax Prep/ EITC Promotion Job Training/Workforce Development/Job Placement Self employment development support Savings Promotion – IDA programs Microenterprise/small business development/ loans

7 1.Create organizational structures that integrate and prioritize asset building across the agency. 2.Enhance Financial Wellness Services by developing culturally effective curricula and expanding to all populations served by CC. 3.Build capacity (staff and volunteer) to deliver services. 4.Add long term Financial Coaching support to improve client long term success rate. 5.Create new opportunities for clients through IDA programming, micro/social enterprise. 6.Identify and focus on strategic partnerships to achieve asset building goals and to leverage needed resources and services.

8 The Fabric of Human Development Communities in Need Low-income families Victims of Domestic Violence Homeless Women Pregnant Women Families in Crisis Refugees Youth at Risk Immigrants Individuals Impacted by Abortion Victims of Human Trafficking

9 Economic Development

10 Providence Health Employees Helping Hand Fund Providence Health Employees Helping Hand Fund Lupus Patients Molly’s Fund Patient Assistance Lupus Patients Molly’s Fund Patient Assistance Financial Education Saving Money Money Attitudes Budgeting Reducing Debt Financial Education Saving Money Money Attitudes Budgeting Reducing Debt Additional Classes Coaching IDAs Additional Classes Coaching IDAs Community Members Referrals from Parishes & Community Partners EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FUND ADMINISTRATION FINANCIAL EDUCATION Referrals from all CC Programs ONGOING SUPPORT

11 “Danesha” Sleeping in her car with her four children since being evicted and running out of money for a motel room. HHF paid for immediate lodging and CC staff worked hand in hand with Danesha to help her find affordable housing for her family. Danesha learned new money management skills from CC’s Financial Wellness course and is now enrolled in our Financial Coaching program. The HHF paid the rental deposit and helped acquire household items. Now Danesha and her family are settling into their new home! DANESHA’S RESPONSE: “Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. You were an answer to prayer and have showed me how I can move to the next level in my future goals. I see my life moving in a positive direction now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

12 “I just wanted to say that the class is so good. My husband I were treated with kindness and a non-judgmental attitude as we were helped with our finances. We were put at ease. I am really looking forward to the classes helping us as my husband has lost two jobs in the last few years.” “Thank you for your help! I think it is great that this [class] is a requirement of the Helping Hand Fund. I know I am walking away with the extra support and tools I need to achieve my goals.”

13 Of the 818 surveyed participants to date… 99% found the class helpful Of 528 participants who answered questions about how the class influenced them… 82% were committed to starting an emergency fund 96% were committed to using a monthly budget plan 84% were committed to paying down debt Of 130 class participants who provided an update 6 months later… 50% report having increased their savings 50% report using a monthly budget plan 57% report a reduction in personal debt

14 Address immediate presenting issues by providing tools, resources, and referrals to improve financial situations. Help clients change financial behaviors by providing accountability. Assist clients in identifying financial goals (short and long term) and support client while they work toward meeting those goals. Enroll in IDA’s if appropriate to client goals.


16 “ I always felt that I was a conscientious and thrifty spender, but I was not organized. Catholic Charities enabled me to take a hard look at my finances, which my partner and I avoided for far too long, and they provided easy-to-follow guidelines for saving money and managing our finances. They also offered very easy budget sheets and other methods of tracking our spending that worked best for our lifestyle. After a few months of one-on-one coaching, my partner and I feel confident with our spending routine, and we are actively saving money for emergencies and homeownership.”

17 Internal audit conducted in 2012 FWS’ administration of the HHF received recommendation of Best Practices within the Providence Health System with the additional recommendation that it be shared with the National Catholic Healthcare Association Replicated in Spokane, WA w/partnership between Providence and CC Quote from our partner: “The partnership with Providence Health & Services Oregon and Catholic Charities has been incredible. Our Helping Hand Fund traditionally was a program that provided support to individual employees based on their immediate short term needs. Today it has been transformed into a model for ongoing sustainability. Through this partnership our healthcare professionals and caregivers are empowered to take real and lasting steps for sustainable change. Our investment has united our organizations to form a lifeline in the face of what could be an overwhelming financial crisis. It has also enabled us to learn how our efforts are making a difference.”

18 OUR VISION Every financially vulnerable but motivated household served by Catholic Charities Oregon will seamlessly access and develop the financial, physical, spiritual, and relational tools and resources they need to achieve economic independence according to their self-identified goals for long-term prosperity.

19 “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

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