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Impact Program Update Lady Drema Lee Woldman

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1 Impact Program Update Lady Drema Lee Woldman
National First Vice President National Program Chair

2 Top Teens of America I SMILE because…
Top Teens of America raised over $75, during this program year A successful Vivien Coe Richard Leadership Academy was held at the University of Houston Medical Center with 23 Teens from all six Areas participating Each Area donated book bags in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's initiative A large number of our Teens have received full scholarships to top universities, some have even received full rides for Bachelors, Masters and Ph. D's

3 Status of Women I SMILE because. . .
90% of our membership implemented some type of Back-to-Work program TLOD implemented Job Preparation programs at Job Corps Centers, elementary/high schools, Homeless Shelters, Battered Women Shelters, Hospitals, etc. TLOD even facilitated some placements of job seekers through partnerships with other entities 90% of our chapters participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives

4 Senior Citizens I SMILE because. . .
Chapters implemented Wellness, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Exercise, Nutrition, Safety, Couponing, Senior Well Check, and Repurposing Programs, etc. throughout our six Areas The Teens have unilaterally embraced this Thrust and are providing companionship to the many "adopted" grandparents that are in our adopted facilities TLOD has adopted many nursing homes and senior residence centers

5 Community Beautification
I SMILE because. . . There are numerous markers throughout our Areas recognizing TLOD's participation in Adopt a Block, Adopt a Highway, Adopt a Cemetery, Adopt a Planter, etc. Many community gardens have been planted in the many of the communities in which we live Concern for a beautiful environment and community is the focus of the majority of chapters through their participation in recycling, repurposing, graffiti removal, clean-ups, etc.

6 Community Partnerships
I SMILE because. . . Our chapters have sat down at the table and forged partnerships with Sam's Club, Goodwill Industries, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Wal-Green's, Schools, Hospitals, City Government, Colleges, etc. to implement exemplary programs that will enlarge our circle and enhance our brand Nationally, we have forged new partnerships with AARP, General Electric, Ace Insurance, Wells Fargo, University of Houston Medical Center, and currently seeking a partnership with the America the Beautiful Council

7 I Smile because . . . Actual programs are being implemented
89 out of 98 qualified chapters submitted Chapter Report Books Only 8 chapters snail mailed as opposed to sending it electronic, yippee! 75% of chapters reporting reported Breast Cancer Awareness activities  69 chapters get it!

8 Criteria Used for 5 Star Status
Three areas needed for completion A Program under each thrust M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M. One activity under each project Leniency regarding program description General descriptions were not accepted

9 Chapter Report Book Two Year Program Response Outcomes Going Forward

10 Successes Developing Programs that are substantial and based on need in the community Meeting the “5 Star”deadline Using technology Forming “true”Partnerships Incorporating the Teens in service Breast Cancer Awareness Activities

11 Needs Development Program Descriptions Programs vs. Activities
Recording Hours Evaluating Programs

12 S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely
Evaluate Reevaluate

13 Service Hours By the Numbers
TTA Back To Work Senior Citizens America The Beautiful Joining Forces Other Total AREA I 38,840 8,483 5,628 6,254 11,961 8,092 79,258 AREA II 6,207 1,519 1,005 987 1,881 1,943 13,542 AREA III 11,347 3,751 2,749 5,091 3,403 4,574 30,915 AREA IV 14,663 5,107 2,558 3,640 2,643 8,977 37,588 AREA V 4,666 907 1,718 730 2,098 1,704 11,823 AREA VI 3,648 2,037 763 923 2,690 1,580 11,641 TOTAL 79,371 21,804 14,421 17,625 24,676 26,870 184,767


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