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Jefferson County Schools Every Child, Every Day Six Schools One Mission.

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1 Jefferson County Schools Every Child, Every Day Six Schools One Mission

2 Jefferson County Schools Dr. Molly Howard, Superintendent SystemJames Fleming, Board Chairman District 2Charlie Brown, Vice Chairman District 1Georgia Hunter, Board Member District 3Steve Norton, Board Member District 4Bobby Butts, Board Member

3 We Believe……. that public education is the cornerstone of American democracy.

4 Society’s Cost The cost of educating a child in Jefferson County is about $8,432 per year. The cost to maintain a prisoner in Georgia is $19,275 per year.

5 The Purpose of Public Education is… to prepare students for college, career, and life.

6 Jefferson County Schools Our Mission…To partner with the community in creating a learning culture that challenges, supports, and ensures the success of EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY Vision…. A unified community ensuring that EVERY CHILD will graduate from high school postsecondary ready Motto … Six Schools : One Mission: EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY

7 Jefferson County Schools The 6 C’s: We believe in a learning culture that is … Challenging... High expectations, rigor, and relevance Committed... Support, guidance, “can do” attitude, and sense of urgency Consistent … Aligned, guaranteed curriculum and pervasive, professional practices Creative … Individuality; active, engaged learning; and technology for the global workplace Caring … Building and nurturing relationships among students, staff, and the community Connected … Good communication at all levels BELIEFS …

8 System Student Demographics % Asian.6% Asian 73% Black68% Black 1.3% Hispanic3% Hispanic.6% Multi-racial1.7% Multi-racial 24% White26% White

9 School Nutrition System Free/Reduced % % %

10 K-12 Enrollment at Jefferson Schools School Year Carver Elementary 260 Louisville Academy 520 Wrens Elementary 576 Louisville Middle318 Wrens Middle280 Jefferson County High864 Total 2,818

11 Enrollment Trends

12 Loss of Enrollment Summary YearTotal Enrollment Pre-KK-12 Enrollment Change in K-12 enrollment (22.00) (51.00) (125.00) (35.00) (80.00) (93.00) (132.00) (52.00) (33.00) (69.00) (34.00) (56.00) (26.00) Loss of 748 students over the last 15 years

13 Where Does Most Revenue Come From? Local Taxes – property taxes and motor vehicle taxes State Revenue – state funding is based on a per pupil formula (Quality Basic Education or QBE formula) Federal Funds – funds pay to support at-risk students, students with disabilities, efforts to improve teacher quality, JROTC, educating homeless children, vocational education and safe and drug free schools

14 Jefferson County Revenue Revenue FY09 Revenue Fy10 Revenue FY11 State64 %56 %58 % Federal12 %20 %19 % Local24 % 23 %

15 SPLOST Main Project SPLOST I FY98-FY02 8,051,241JCHS Bond Payments Carver Renovation SPLOST II FY03-FY07 9,654,506JCHS Bond Payments Auxiliary Gym & Professional Food JCHS SPLOST III FY08-FY12 9,949,394 (Estimates) Bond Payments JCHS & WES Wrens Elementary Renovation

16 Value of a Mil Adjusted Digest $428,769,113 Value of 1 Mil $428,769 Mil Rate

17 Jefferson County School System Fiscal YearState Cuts , , , , , ,512Federal Stimulus ,023, , ,742,8641,307,207 FY 11 initial 2,166, ,362 8,937,6721,901,413

18 How Are Funds Spent? $5,737 spent on Instruction $237 $483 $372 $613 $408 $582

19 Jefferson County Schools Active Employee Summary FY 09FY 10FY 11Difference in 3 years Certified Classified Total

20 How Are Funds Spent?

21 Jefferson County Schools Transportation Number of Students transported Daily: 2,298 Miles transported Daily: 2,594 Diesel/Fuel Costs: FY 08 - $282,418 FY 09 - $204,106 FY 10 - $199,823 Difference in 3 years = -82,595

22 Issues Affecting Jefferson County Schools Loss of state funding Increase in state and federal unfunded mandates Declining enrollment Large, sparsely populated geographic area: – Transportation – Access to schools

23 Issues Affecting Jefferson County Schools Diverse population of learners – Remediation – Enhancement High levels of poverty – Health and other social issues – Developmental delays – Growing technological needs – Still using student classrooms built in 1950’s

24 We’re Proud of Our Schools Louisville Academy Louisville Middle School Jefferson Co High School Wrens Elementary School Wrens Middle School Carver Elementary School

25 We’re Proud of Our Students Jefferson County Schools

26 Four Title I Distinguished Schools SchoolNumber of years making AYP Number of years as a Distinguished School LA119 WES97 CES75 WMS53

27 Post-Secondary Ready 68% of the Class of 2010 graduated with both a high school diploma AND a certificate of program completion. JCHS 11 th grade surpassed State and RESA percent of students who scored in the exceeded range of the GHSWT Critical Reading+27 Math+23 Writing+28 Total Increase78 points 2010 SAT Results

28 Educators

29 Military

30 Medical Community

31 Business and Community Leaders

32 Protect and Serve

33 Jefferson County Schools Every Child, Every Day Six Schools One Mission

34 Louisville Academy EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White 5201%73%1% 24% Free/Reduced86.63% Grade LevelEnrollment Kindergarten63 Grade 198 Grade 2101 Grade 383 Grade 494 Grade 581 Total520

35 Wrens Elementary EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White 5760%54%5%2%39% Free/Reduced82.50% Grade LevelEnrollment Kindergarten96 Grade 190 Grade 2107 Grade 393 Grade 476 Grade 5114 Total576

36 Carver Elementary EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White 2600%91%8%0%1% Free/Reduced94.43% Grade LevelEnrollment Kindergarten37 Grade 144 Grade 244 Grade 337 Grade 453 Grade 545 Total260

37 Wrens Middle School EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White %2% 45% Free/Reduced77.14% Grade LevelEnrollment Grade 677 Grade 7111 Grade 892 Total280

38 Louisville Middle School EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White 3180%82%2%0%16% Free/Reduced88.36% Grade LevelEnrollment Grade 6102 Grade 798 Grade 8118 Total318

39 Jefferson County High School EnrollmentAsianBlackHispanicMulti- Racial White 8640%72%0%1%27% Free/Reduced81.25% Grade LevelEnrollment Grade 9224 Grade Grade Grade Total864

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