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Social Publishing. Empowering communities at risk delivering targeted information effectively MediaLab ecoFashion ecoJunior lucreez Consulting Publishing.

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1 Social Publishing

2 Empowering communities at risk delivering targeted information effectively MediaLab ecoFashion ecoJunior lucreez Consulting Publishing Design Communication Strategy

3 presents

4 Empowering communities at risk delivering targeted information effectively

5 That is… ProblemInformationSolution

6 The issue with profitability Mass media is profit-oriented  It needs: o High volume o High income o Easy distribution o Fast ROI o Advertising targets Poor people are not profitable  Irrelevant targets for mass media: o Minorities o Low income o Difficult distribution o Not interesting as advertising targets

7 The Trevor Baylis Radio  The windup radio was invented by Trevor Baylis as a reaction to the AIDS crisis  Destined to be used by people with no access to batteries  Benefited over 8 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa alone o Through information on AIDS spreading Weather forecast Advice on health and hygiene

8 While the Africans were saved by the radio  The homeless in Australia are helped by magazines o The Hilton magazine for the homeless  Victims of human trafficking in Georgia can seek help online o Website which provides online assistance  Runaway children in Berlin are helped by outdoor media o Posters with instructions for runaway children

9 Social Publishing  Identifies: 1.Social groups at risk whose informational needs are not covered in traditional media 2.The most effective ways to deliver information targeted on the specific needs of groups at risk 3.Resources and social partners to support appropriate communication channels

10 Information If lacking or unsatisfactory…

11 Drug addict 2012 “Scientia potentia est” Philospher Francis Bacon 1597Roma man 2012

12 Information quality criteria  Intrinsic: o Accuracy, objectivity, reliability  Contextual: o Relevance, added value, promptness, completeness, quantity of information  Representational: o Intelligibility, interpretability, conciseness, completeness  Accessibility: o Accessibility, secure access

13 Sources of information Must be  Up to date  Reliable and intelligible  Relevant to the receptor Therefore, in order to be informed one needs:  Access to up to date information o As opposed to old, discarded newspapers  Intelligible information o As opposed to pages from a book in an unknown language  News, advice and solutions to their specific problems o As opposed to useless “infotainment”

14 Communication channels Delivering information requires

15 How to reach the audience? Any image database has thousands of photos of elders in front of computersSmiling and confident- the elders and their computers…The young are smiling too… THE PROBLEM? The computers in front of the elderly are off!

16 Media landscape  Print is dead o Yet there are still many people (especially within categories at risk) without access to other sources of information o And although it involves high costs, it enjoys a high level of trust within the audience  Online is booming: o Yet it continues to develop faster than the industry is able to keep up with its potential and effective usage o And has almost no penetration in categories over a certain age and below a certain income level  TV and radio top the ratings o Yet they are not easily adaptable to niche communication needs o And often require high production costs

17 On communication channels

18 Alternate communication channels  Electricity bill  Video media in public transportation  Mobile phone

19 Social Publishing SP Media professionals Civil societySponsors

20 Media, back to informing people The first newspapers had the sole purpose to inform the public. Today’s media has largely become ”showbiz”. Identifying resources and ways to appropriately inform underprivileged people, SP returns to the roots of journalism an creates instruments to disseminate information that can “support communities at risk through knowledge delivered the right way”.

21 Easy volunteering  Volunteers are not required to leave their homes o Journalism is a glamorous profession o Online collaboration means low implementing costs, flexible hours and easy access o Any media is better than hard work out in the heat

22 Partnering with the civil society  Communication platform to present solutions accessible through: o NGOs o State institutions o CSR initiatives

23 Corporate Social Responsibility Social Publishing vs.

24 Social Publishing – the best form of CSR Regular CSR project 1.Requires a dedicated communication budget 2.Generates only costs, no income 3.Treats mostly symptoms 1.IS a communication tool 2.Generates income o Advertising o Direct sales 3.Educates and informs, therefore treating the problem’s causes

25 Dedicated communication channels  Any PR professional’s dream: 1.Own media (this is Social Publishing) 2.Acquired media 3.Paid media * For instance, a magazine dedicated to the elderly may not be an instant financial success, but could become a testing tool for public opinion and voting intention  Social Publishing provides: o A dedicated communication channel o Direct access to targets which may not have buying power but can have direct impact on society*

26 Media is business Beyond sponsoring and CSR

27 Media is business!  Any media outlet, print, online or broadcast, generates income: Advertising Direct sales Brand extension and events

28 Project gallery Case studies

29  “Bahtalo” magazine for intercultural dialogue   The magazine for the elderly

30 Double impact  The Roma community needs a voice in order to find its identity, be informed and ensure its integration. The efforts made by the civil society need to be supported from inside the community. Cohesion and self respect are needed in order to realize community identity and become more than a receiver for social programmes by generating solutions.  Prices  Cover Price€2.50  1/1 Ratecard800

31  Monthly magazine focused on environmental issues and on the reader o We don’t shout the truth, but explain and persuade o Our readers are not alarmed with presenting catastrophes, but pampered, which makes it easier for them to care for the future  Break Even Point: 2 years  Budget per issue: (45.000 readers): 17.800 €  Cost/page < 80 € Ecology is profitable

32 Other examples The elderly Roma community Underprivileged children Why: buying power What: active living, neglect How: printed magazine Why: social preconceptions What: legitimize, inform, integrate How: audio + print + online Why: buying power What: motivation, equal opportunities How: print + online It is easy to identify other groups that also need dedicated and relevant information.

33 Treating the cause, not the symptoms

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