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NeighborWalks Phil Hood August 15, 2011 1Delmas Park NAC.

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1 NeighborWalks Phil Hood August 15, 2011 ( 1Delmas Park NAC

2 Delmas Park Boundaries – 87 to Bird Avenue, 280 to San Fernando 2Delmas Park NAC

3 Delmas Park Goals Build Community – Neighbor Walks, Parties, Holiday Events, Outreach and communications, Responsiveness Increase cleanliness, usefulness, and safety – Graffiti Removal, Neighbor Walks, Code Enforcement Issues, Working with the city Transformation: Assist Neighborhood Development Reach out to businesses, tree planting, infrastructure projects, marketing, working with developers 3Delmas Park NAC

4 NeighborWalks The purpose of a NeighborWalk is to encourage people to build community and get out and be active. 4Delmas Park NAC

5 NeighborWalks Are Important Make friends, build relationships Clean up trash, remove graffiti Make notes about the neighborhood Report violations Meet neighbors and businesses Send a message that neighbors care 5Delmas Park NAC

6 Planning A NeighborWalk Have a theme (litter, graffiti, information collection, etc.) Announce In Advance – First speak to other people, then communicate 1 month email, two weeks email, one week flyer, phone calls – Notify other neighborhoods—don’t be afraid to ask for help. Food is a draw (Offer ice cream or cake?) Small groups are great. It doesn’t have to be big Appoint information leaders Take time to socialize Ask the group about next steps, or future neighbor walks Share information (post online or send around a report) 6Delmas Park NAC

7 What To Bring? Flashlight (if at night) Sign-in-sheet for walkers and for signing up neighbors Camera Pen and paper to record neighborhood conditions Pedometer? Graffiti and litter kits Clipboards Volunteer vests Wagons or strollers for kids 7Delmas Park NAC

8 Note 8Delmas Park NAC

9 Delmas Park Cleanup Day July 30, 2011 9Delmas Park NAC

10 10Delmas Park NAC 24 people assembled on July 30 to clean up two streets that deadend on the 280 offramp and were being used by vagrants.

11 Previously this area was filled with dumped construction waste. The homeless had built a ramp of dirt and leaves to hop the fence to get on to the 280 offramp at Bird Avenue. We took ten bags of litter out of here and created two enormous piles of green waste. 11Delmas Park NAC

12 Always Wear Your Vest 12Delmas Park NAC

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