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The United Kingdom 27-Shirley-UK.htm.

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1 The United Kingdom 27-Shirley-UK.htm

2 map England: London Wales: Cardiff Scotland: Edinbourgh Northern Ireland: Belfast

3 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Official language: English + in Wales Welsh is the second spoken language), there are regionl accents, social dialect(it means that people speak different language depending on the education they have and what class they come from), i.e. Cockney dialect, language Gaelic is spoken in some parts of Scotland Island: Isle of Man, Channel Islands, the Hebrides, the Orkneys Rivers: Severn (the ongest river in the UK), The River Thames, Avon… Lakes: Lake Neagh – in Northern Ireland – the largest,Lake Loch Lomond – second largest in the UK, Lake Lch ness, lake Windermere (Lake District – famous for romantic poets Wordsworth and Coleridge Mountains: Ben Nevis (the highest mountain – 1344m)

4 Places of Interest: Stonehenge – built by Celts about 4000 years ago, place of worship, astronomical calendar – summer and winter solstice, celtic priests – Druids Hadrian´s Wall – built by Caesar Hadrian to protect the empire against the Celts coming from the North Dover catsle and Secret war Tunnels – built by Napoleon and in the WWII – they functioned as a hospital and communiction centre during the war, white Dover cliffs Cerne Abbas – chalk Giant Arundel castle – there were the Knights of the Round table – nowadays the table is in Winchester – this used to be the capital Cathedrals – York, Salisburry, Canterbury (Thomass Becket was murdered there, Canterburry tales by Chaucer

5 People and politics The population: 60 million UK is a constitutional monarch, the head is the Queen Elisabeth II., The major political parties are: the Conservative Party (right wing) and the Labour party (left wing) 2 Chamber parliament – House of Lords and House of Commons There is Prime Minister (his seat is 10, Downing Street) – now it is David Cameron

6 Symbols and the Capital city Symbols: flag (Union Jack) Anthem: God save the Queen Capital City: London St. Patrons: Ireland: St. Patrick (March 17th) England: St. George Wales: St. David Scotland: St. Andrew Currency: 1 pound, it has 100 pence (1 penny) UK is a member of the EU, NATO, but not a member of Eurozone

7 Important cities: Glassgow: industry, airport, largest Scottish city Edinbourgh – Scottish capital Liverpool: the Beatles, footbal, industry Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds– industrial cities Bath – Roman Spa Plymouth – port Brighton – the Royal Pavilllion, Pier, beach, favourite holiday destination for Londoners Hastings: battle of Hastings 1066 king harold was beaten by the Norman king William the Conqueror – who started building the Tower Oxford, cambridge: the oldest universities

8 Famous people: The Beatles William Shakespeare – born in Stratford upon Avon Goffrey Chaucer Henry VIII. – had six wives, established the English Church Elisabeth I. King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table - legend Oliver Cromwell Princess Diana Elton John

9 Popular sports: Football Horse polo Horse racing (in Ascott – women wear great hats) Cricket, crocket Golf Tennis (Wimbledon) 2012 Olympics was held in London

10 British food English breakfast: baked beans, mushrooms, sausages, corn, fried eggs, bacon, toast Fish and chips (+vinegar) English tea – they také it with milk, it is usually at 4 or 5 p.m., they have biscuits or a snack with it, a sandwich Indian, Italian, Chinese take away is popular Drinks: whiskey (made of barley), beer - guiness

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