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One Bag Making a Difference Rachel Smith, Ana Esparza, Elizabeth Santiago, Ian Solano, and Amaris Maydon.

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1 One Bag Making a Difference Rachel Smith, Ana Esparza, Elizabeth Santiago, Ian Solano, and Amaris Maydon

2 Stages of Change Emergency –The Beginning Emergent –On the Way Transitional –The Finish Line

3 EMERGENCY Stage 1 The Beginning

4 Picking Topics World Hunger Drug Abuse Park Restoration Helmet Safety Graffiti Homelessne ss Tutoring Healthy Living

5 Why We Chose Homelessness Homelessness is becoming a larger problem in San Antonio. Homelessness has affected our friends and family. Homelessness is something that can happen unexpectedly to anyone.

6 This is my story…

7 Top Reasons for Homelessness Mental illness Job Loss Physical Disabilities Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Poverty Tragedy Identity Theft Lack of Social-Security

8 “People who are homeless are not social inadequates. They are people without homes.” -Sheila McKechnie

9 EMERGENT Stage 2 On the Way

10 Close to Home The number of homeless in the United States has decreased by 30% from 2005 to 2007. However, there are still about 750,000 people without a home every night in the United States.

11 The number of homeless children in Texas, is more than 337,000. --State Report of Child Homelessness, March 2009 The amount of families in San Antonio seeking shelter has increased 20% since 2007. --Salvation Army Emergency Shelter

12 It’s a Small World After All! Although chronic homelessness represents a small share of the overall homeless population, chronically homeless people use up more than 50 percent of the services. - National Alliance to End Homelessness

13 The number of homeless people is greatest in Africa and Asia. Around the world, homelessness is more common among men than women. Today, the world's cities are filled with up to 100 million people living in sprawling slum settlements without water, sewage, garbage collection, heating/cooling or electricity.

14 Here and Now Homeless World Cup The Haven For Hope The Veterans Affairs Association The SAMM Shelter

15 Every single night, about 750,000 people are without a home. - Chicago Alliance

16 First Steps

17 TRANSITIONAL Stage 3 The Finish Line

18 Our Project: THE BAG


20 Speaking with The Experts Amber, donations manager. –Arranged bag drop-off. Lauren, director of SAMM Shelter. –Field research interview. Tony Valdez, chocolate provider. –Assisted with fundraising.

21 “CHOCOLATE, ONLY A DOLLAR!” An opportunity to raise money for our final project. We sold the chocolate bars after school over three days, and sold 350 bars.

22 Decisions, Decisions… Decision #1- What items would be placed in the bags? Decision #2- Where to shop, and what to buy? Decision #3- How many bags to make?

23 April 10, 2009 The Final Project


25 Ana Esparza “This experience has taught me so many things. I’ve learned how to work in a group productively, and I have been introduced to people who’s lives and living situations are completely different from mine.”

26 Elizabeth Santiago “Although I have had my own personal experience with homelessness, everyone has a different story to tell and each is just as important and eye opening as the next.”

27 Ian Solano “This project changed how I look at homelessness. At first I thought it was simply not having a home, but now I know it is much more than that.”

28 Rachel Smith “I certainly got a lot out of this project. Going to the SAMM Shelter was an amazing experience that I got great things out of. Helping these people opened my eyes to new ways of thinking that I will never forget. I really hope to continue serving my community.”

29 Amaris Maydon “I think that everyone already covered everything. But there was this one time that I was very mad and frustrated with everyone, then while I was driving home there was this homeless guy that had a sign, and I realized that this was what my group members, and I were working to help.”


31 Bags- $3.49 Water- $6.42 Toothpaste- $41.23 Toothbrushes- $45.17 Nutri-grain bars- $10.78 Crackers-$5.04 Washcloths- $10.79 Gum- $7.14 Shampoo- $40.12

32 Helping the Homeless… PRICELESS!

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