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HOUSING ACCESS FOR WASHTENAW COUNTY (HAWC) FACILITATOR Tenetia M. Pulliam, MSW Coordinator for Housing Access for Washtenaw County.

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1 HOUSING ACCESS FOR WASHTENAW COUNTY (HAWC) FACILITATOR Tenetia M. Pulliam, MSW Coordinator for Housing Access for Washtenaw County

2 What is Housing Access for Washtenaw County? A Coordinated Access System for individuals and families that are at risk of becoming homeless or experiencing homelessness giving them a centralized process for appropriate and timely access to housing, shelter and other housing resources needed.

3 Why is HAWC important to the housing community? The client needs in a crisis are most important! HAWC eliminates the process of individuals and families contacting every shelter and housing provider in the community for services and resources. HAWC serves as a filter for housing needs and opportunities in Washtenaw County, not as the sole provider allowing efficient use of housing resources in the community which allow us to serve more individuals and families

4 What is the HAWC process? Clients call HAWC at (734) 961-1999 The client participates in a screening to determine what their housing needs are, the appropriate services available, and what services they are eligible for The client may be given an assessment based on the results of the screening which determines the most appropriate referral for the client The client is placed into housing or shelter, diverted to a housing option, and/or given financial resources to obtain or sustain housing

5 IS HAWC 100% EFFECTIVE? Is HAWC 100% effective? Absolutely not and here’s why? Agencies, advocates, etc., have to at least give it a try Not let one or two experiences determine that the process doesn’t work Things change! Funding, policies, etc., so we must change It’s a process, so we will continue to learn Do we strive daily to become 100% effective? Definitely and here’s how? Value the client first and their needs We welcome feedback and take it seriously Continue to be transparent Consider best practices Collaborate and partner

6 What is HAWC doing now to address the needs of the housing community?  Creating a system that focuses on prioritization by facilitating the Community Housing Prioritization Committee which focuses on appropriateness and need instead of first come, first serve  Increases resources; Education, Staffing/Capacity, Funding Flexibility and Partnership  Involving clients in the decision making process of the system  Putting all available housing resources in one pot in the community (CHP)  Utilizing one common tool as a community (VI SPDAT)

7 How do we know HAWC works?  New funding streams  More providers participating  Decrease in the number of clients returning for financial assistance  Increase in the number of clients sustaining their housing situation after one time assistance  Other agencies in various counties and states requesting information on the stability of HAWC

8 Where does HAWC go from here? LESSONS LEARNED  We receive1000 calls monthly and may not get them all answered timely  Involve those that have experienced it if we want to serve the community the best way possible  We can’t do it alone  Data is critical IMMEDIATE RESPONSES  Get it done  Educate agencies and advocates “Promoting positive and responsible feedback”  Transparency  Data, data and more data

9 COMMUNITY HOUSING PRIORITIZATION (CHP)  FACILITATOR: Aubrey Patino  Director of Tenant Programs, Avalon Housing  Clinical Coordinator (FUSE/HSS), CSSW

10 WHAT IS COMMUNITY HOUSING PRIORITIZATION?  Overarching goal is to ensure that individuals and families with the most severe needs within the community are prioritized into housing resources (RRH/PSH)  “First Come/First Serve” or “Most Likely to Succeed” will NOT end chronic homelessness  Acquire accurate assessment of the need (including acuity)

11 WHO IS INVOLVED? Shelter Association of Washtenaw County/Delonis Center Washtenaw Housing Alliance Office of Community and Economic Development Housing Access for Washtenaw County Avalon Housing Alpha House-IHN The Salvation Army Ozone House SafeHouse Michigan Ability Partners SOS Community Services CSTS Port Power Inc. Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw

12 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE CHP COMMITTEE?  Increased multi-agency communication  Coordinated community response  Cross agency collaboration  Coordinated assessment, inter related reliability of assessment tool  Shared mission/goals amongst providers  Cross training  Community assessment of need across sectors, populations more evident

13 HOW DOES PRIORITIZATION IMPROVE ACCESS TO HOUSING?  1.Places homeless individuals and families directly into housing which decreases shelter needs.  2.A transparent system that allows all available housing openings to be put on a list for placement.  3. Expedites shelter discharge.  4.More effectively places people into the most appropriate housing.

14 SERVICE PRIORITIZATION DECISION ASSISTANCE TOOL: SPDAT (VI)  Ian Dejong and Michigan  Common tool utilized in the housing community  Gives us the ability to target the appropriate level of resources to those who need it  We have a training team in the community to expand resources



17 CONTACT INFORMATION  Tenetia Pulliam, MSW Coordinator for Housing Access for Washtenaw County (734) 548-6091  Aubrey Patino Director of Tenant Programs, Avalon Housing, Inc. Clinical Coordinator, CSSW (734) 663-5858 ext. 224

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