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Project Homeless Connect 2011 Volunteer Intake and Exit Interviewer Training.

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1 Project Homeless Connect 2011 Volunteer Intake and Exit Interviewer Training

2 Questions? Please write your questions on the paper provided and we’ll pause for questions occasionally. 2

3 The intake and exit form: This part of form is used at INTAKE This part of form is used at EXIT 3

4 1. “Welcome to Project Homeless Connect. I’m Mary.” [IF GUEST OFFERS HIS/HER FIRST NAME, ENTER IT HERE] 2. “I have just a few questions to ask you so we’ll know a little about who was here at the event today.” 3. “Where did you stay last night?” 3. IF IT’S NOT OBVIOUS TO YOU, ASK GUEST IF STAYING IN SHELTER OR TRANSITIONAL HOUSING. OR YOU CAN WIRTE WHAT GUEST SAYS IN THE SPACE BELOW. 4

5 4. “Do you live alone or with your family?” [IF ALONE, ENTER “1” ADULT]. IF FAMILY: “Including yourself, how many adults and how many children in your family live in the place you are staying. “ 5. HAND THE DIRECTORY TO GUEST: “Here is a directory to all the services offered to you today. Can you tell me what services you hope to receive today? I’d be happy to tell you what ‘s available.” 6. CHECK THE BOX TO THE LEFT OF EACH SERVICE THE GUEST INDICATES HE/SHE WANTS. 5

6 Guest Directory 6

7 7. “Lunch is being served at the YWCA between 11:00 and 2:00 today. Here is the time we ask that you try to go to lunch. If you have other things you are doing at that time, that’s OK, you can go earlier or later, we’re just hoping to spread out when people go to lunch so it doesn’t get too crowded all at one time. You won’t miss lunch as long as you get there by 2:00” 7. [PLACE A LUNCH TIME STICKER HERE] 7

8 8. “How would you rate your health today; would you say it is poor, fair, good, very good, or excellent?” 9. [DO NOT ASK THIS QUESTION – IT’S A LEFTOVER WE MEANT TO DELETE] 8

9 10. “This form is one that you will keep with you while you are participating in PHC. It will help you get to the services you came here for and help us make sure you receive those services. Before you leave the event today, we need you to fill out this last part of the form and give this back to A VOLUNTEER AT ANY OF THE BUILDING EXITS.” GIVE YELLOW COPY TO GUEST AND KEEP WHITE COPY MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS: EVERY ADULT GETS A SEPARATE FORM. WRITE THE ID NUMBER OF RELATED GUESTS ON ONE OF THE FORMS. 9

10 11. PHC Consent to Participate Form “This hold harmless form is something we need you to sign. It means that if you get hurt at the event today, you won’t hold the event sponsors responsible.” **** GUEST MUST SIGN THIS FORM TO PARTICIPATE **** 10

11 Guides As part of PHC’s hospitality plan, we provide each guest with the opportunity to have a volunteer guide. The guide helps guests get to services. Intake interviewers and intake spotters who are stationed where guests are leaving the intake station should invite guests to use a guide. It’s optional, but we have enough guides for everyone. For intake spotters: Female guides can work with male or female guests. Male guides can only with male guests. 11

12 Other Guest Services Shuttle service – makes a continuous loop through the campus Taxi service – for guests with special mobility limitations, wheelchair 12

13 Exit Interviewing 1. Exit interviewers will be stationed at the exits of most of the venues beginning at 10 AM. 2. Exit interviewers will ask the questions on the lower half of the guest’s yellow copy of the intake/exit form. Ask the question as written. Record guest’s responses. 13

14 Intake Spotters Forward spotters usher people from entrance to intake interviewers. Rear spotters usher people from intake interviewers to guides. They also hand out event maps. Wait times for the most popular services will be displayed on a large screen TV here. Guest entrance 14

15 Other Important Items Hospitality is central to everything we do at PHC - All individuals seeking services at PHC are guests, and are treated as such. "Guests" is our chosen terminology, and we aspire to the highest standards of kindness and respect. Confidentiality is essential. Please treat all personal stories and information that you learn at PHC as sensitive and confidential. You can discuss your experience, but do not share any information that would identify guests or allow anyone to deduce anything about them. This applies on the day of the event as well as afterward. Lost Child & Emergency Policies. 15

16 Parking: Please try to carpool, get dropped off, or use other transportation Opportunity Council Free 8-hour meters 16

17 Job Assignments Please be flexible. This is a difficult event to staff. It’s a very dynamic environment so we may need to reassign people. Some of you may not be as busy as we’d like. We apologize in advance for this. Morning volunteers should report to the YWCA at 7:30 to get their t-shirts and to get a guided tour of the event. As soon as your tour is over, you will report to the Intake station at Depot Market Square. Afternoon volunteers report to the Opportunity Council conference room – right here – at 12:00 noon to get your t- shirts and then to Depot Market Square intake station. 17

18 Morning Shifts (7:30 – 12:30) INTAKE INTERVIEWERINTAKE SPOTTEREXIT INTERVIEWER Amanda WhiteJean JohnsonBeth Parker (Majestic/Dental) Christen JancolaJoann ArmstrongDeena Rathkamp (1 st Pres) Emily Humphrey-KrigbaumKelly BashawJayne Freudenberger (1 st Pres) Gary WilliamsLiz ChristnerJim Parker (Majestic) Judith BlountMike ReedLaurel Denison (DMS) Judy Blum-AndersonTorhil Ramsay (Sup.)Pamela Wilson (DMS/YWCA) Mary Lu EasthamSteve Deleon (Sup.)Patience McGinnis (DMS/YWCA) Mary WriterMarianne TaylorRichard Wilson (Majestic) Owen Schmidt (SP)Robert Meltzer (Majestic) Pat Rowe Steve Blum-Anderson Sue Cole Verenice Cecena (SP) Ashley Finch (NWYS) 18

19 Afternoon Shifts (12:30 – 4:30) INTAKE INTERVIEWERINTAKE SPOTTEREXIT INTERVIEWER Alice BellCoco BreenDeborah Hollingsworth (DMS) Cameron Harris (NWYS)Carly MaherFaye Honea (YWCA) Jayme CurleyLaurel TannerKelly Bashaw (YWCA) Joan CaulfieldSheila GazlayKim Wiley (Majestic) Joan ParrishSteve Blum-AndersonKris Grinstad (Majestic) Eden Heller (SP)Steve Deleon (Sup.)Mary Writer (1 st Pres) Owen SchmidtNate Walker (1 st Pres) Verenice Cecena (SP)Robert Meltzer (DMS) Sharon Allen (Majestic/Dental) Sue Toy (Majestic/Dental) 19

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