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June 4, 2013 Final Results Public Briefing Nashville Registry Week Facebook:

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2 June 4, 2013 Final Results Public Briefing Nashville Registry Week Twitter: @howsnashville Facebook: Contact: Will Connelly, Metropolitan Homelessness Commission

3 Welcome Diane Kuhn Chair, Metropolitan Homelessness Commission

4 How’s Nashville Leadership Team:

5 Thanks To Our Partners Metro Social Services MDHA VA Mental Health Cooperative Park Center Open Table Nashville Colby’s Army Operation Stand Down Centerstone Eckman/Freeman NeedLink UNHS Safe Haven Family Shelter East Nashville Cooperative Ministries The Contributor Urban Housing Solutions Tennessee State University Nashville Downtown Partnership Room in the Inn Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare Community Resource Center Nashville Rescue Mission First Management Services Ghertner and Company Randy Phillips TN Fair Housing Coalition Evergreen Real Estate Community Food Advocates

6 Agenda Welcome 100k Homes Campaign Registry Week Results Strategic Approach 100-day Housing Goal Community Involvement Closing

7 100k Homes Campaign

8 Prioritizing Most Vulnerable Vulnerability Factors 1.Liver Disease 2.Kidney Disease/End-Stage Renal Disease 3.HIV+/AIDS 4.Age over 60 years 5.History of Cold Weather Injury 6.3 or more ER visits in previous 3 months 7.3 or more hospital inpatient visits in the past year 8.Tri-morbidity (mental health + substance use + physical illness)

9 Registry Week Overview

10 May 28 th – May 31 st Tuesday: Volunteer Training Weds, Thurs, Fri: 3:30 am to 7:30 am surveys (streets and camps) 341 surveyed week of over 3 days (29 th, 30 th, 31 st ) 28 surveyed in RITI; 100 surveyed in Rescue Mission June 1 st – June 3rd Data analysis, prepare community briefing June 4 th Community Briefing Next: Move vulnerable into housing

11 Mapping Nashville

12 Interview Methodology Team leader with at least three team members Divided Nashville into sectors (12 street, 8 camp teams) Covered assigned sector on 3 consecutive mornings Some teams had changes to coverage based on happenings the day before Asked each person encountered to participate Logged refusals Offered full day bus pass as a thank you for participating

13 Interview Methodology – Patient – Respectful – Persistent – Compassionate

14 Early Morning Search

15 Nashville Registry Week Results

16 469 surveyed 222 (47%) vulnerable 67 identified as veterans

17 Nashville Results: Time on Streets

18 Nashville Results – Serious Conditions

19 Nashville Results: Age

20 Nashville Results: Veterans 67 (14%) veterans identified 50 (75%) have honorable discharges 41 of 67 (61%) are vulnerable

21 Nashville Results – Health Coverage

22 Nashville Results – Frequent Users 663 total ER visits reported in last 3 months (annual cost of $1,326,000 @ only $500/visit) 459 inpatient hospitalizations reported (annual cost of $671,058 @ $1,462/day) Inpatient and ER costs combined total over $1,997,058 annual for 249 people

23 So Much Data…

24 The Next 100 Days Goal: House 200 people in 100 days (by Sept. 1) Goal: 50 of 200 will be veterans (25%) Goal: Raise $200,000 ($1,000 per person) for move-in costs

25 Rental Assistance MDHA prioritizing rental assistance to most vulnerable VA increasing % of rental assistance to chronically homeless/vulnerable vets

26 Private Landlords

27 100 Day Housing Supply

28 Targeting Housing/Support Resources Approx. $15,000 per year for permanent supportive housing (200 people X $15,000 = $3 million) For the next 100 days, we only need $1,000 per person in cash to move vulnerable into housing (200 people x $1,000 = $200,000)

29 $1,000 Opens the Door for 1 Person $1,000 to pay for one-time move-in costs Utility/security deposits Furniture and household supplies Personal Responsibility Tenant will pay 30% of income to rent/utilities Will agree to abide by lease agreement Will meet regularly with a housing retention worker


31 #1 Most Vulnerable in Nashville 66 years old 35 years without a home Vietnam Veteran, honorable discharge 3 ER visits in 3 months; 3 inpatient past year Kidney Disease Heart Disease Cancer Drinks alcohol everyday Likely has dx of mental illness

32 Another Vulnerable Neighbor (top 4%) 48 years old 3 years homeless Kidney Disease HIV/AIDS Cancer Asthma Hep C Brain Injury No health insurance No income other than Food Stamps

33 Open the Door for Housing Who in this room can sponsor at least 1 person for $1,000?

34 Ending Homelessness…NOW!


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