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“Homeless to Harvard” and “From Homeless to Harvard”

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1 “Homeless to Harvard” and “From Homeless to Harvard”

2 Take the prompt apart! Author’s Writing Style: Analyze the author’s overall writing style, particularly how the author started the piece and ultimately ended the piece. Crafting a beginning and an ending to a written piece is a timeless and difficult skill to master.

3 What do you do first? Read the prompt at least twice.
Underline or highlight what you are supposed to do. Circle the objects of the verbs– eg. Analyze what? 3. Identify significant elements required. 4. Brainstorm ideas where needed. 5. Organize an outline that will include the required elements.

4 As amazing as Murray’s transformation is, equally important is Murray’s resolve to carve a life for herself not limited by her past. Murray is adamant that people should not use their past as an excuse not to take opportunities; every new moment is a new opportunity, and no one knows what is possible until doing it. Murray’s life is a triumph over adversity and a stunning example of the importance of dreaming big, working hard, and being resilient in tough and troubled times.

5 Analyzing a Prompt Taking a Stand: Re-read the last paragraph of this piece. Defend or challenge the author’s overall message and the universal theme of carpe diem. Your response must be written in complete sentences and include contextual evidence, as well as cross-text comparisons to historical events, current events, literary works, musical pieces, poetry, artwork, etc.

6 When you get your novel:
Turn to the inside cover Print clearly (in pen if you have it): Your Name Ross ________ (Leave space for my signature)

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