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Affordable Housing and Support for the Homeless in Osaka and Vancouver Team International Mai Shinoda Maho Egawa Sakura Sugita.

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1 Affordable Housing and Support for the Homeless in Osaka and Vancouver Team International Mai Shinoda Maho Egawa Sakura Sugita

2 How do you feel when you see the homeless people ? Please tell us….

3  The homeless people in Osaka -The reason why the people became the homeless -The situation of the homeless people in Osaka -The support for the homeless people  The homeless people in Vancouver - Homeless count - Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy - Homeless Voices  Discussion  Conclusion AGENDA

4 The homeless people in Osaka

5 the reasons why the people became the homeless -Bankruptcy -Dismissal -The decreasing of the opportunities of employment -Debt

6 ・ 25,296 homeless people in Japan ・ All 47 prefectures have the homeless people ・ Kanto area has 10,188 homeless people ・ Kinki area has 9,525 homeless people ・ Osaka prefecture has 7,757 homeless people T his is big problem for Osaka !

7 In Osaka ・・・ The average age of the homeless people 56 years old T he situation of the homeless people in Osaka 97.8 53.7% - Got married

8 The people who have jobs are 78.3% 85% jobs are the collection of cans As to the situation of their income….. 37.9% people’s income is 10,000~30,000 yen 21.9% people’s income is 30,000~50,000 yen

9 ・ The people who feel bad physical condition is more than 50.0% BUT!! 75.3% of the people can’t be received the proper treatments. ・ They can’t… eat enough shut out the cold take a bath they can’t keep themselves clean

10 ・ The main purpose is to urge the homeless people to independent ・ small 4 purposes -to set opportunities for getting jobs and housing -to be received proper treatment -consultation of their life -to promote Osaka people’s cooperation and understanding about the homeless people T he support of government for homeless people

11 To achieve these aims… Osaka government provides -Vocational trainings -The opportunity to receive proper treatment for homeless people And -They make the process of renting rooms easier for homeless people

12 However actually… only few homeless people can independent because their life as homeless life becomes longer and longer, their hope of independence becomes weaker and weaker. So Osaka government should improve their policy for the homeless people.

13 The big issue

14 The Homeless people in Vancouver

15 The average age of the homeless in Vancouver 45+ group is growing

16 Homeless Count in Vancouver Unsheltered Homeless = 145 + Sheltered = 1460 1605 ※ Sheltered = emergency shelters and no fixed address'housing and homeless strategy Vancouver’

17 Homeless Count in Vancouver 2008 Unsheltered 811 ↓ 2011 Unsheltered 145 - 82 % Sheltered people : MANY And Street homeless : NOT ZERO BUT Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy

18  Goal - to end street homeless by 2015 - to increase affordable housing choices of Vancouverites Vancouver’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy

19  Affordable housing - This is provided by the city, government, non-profit community and for-profit partners. - The degree of housing affordability results from the relationship between the cost of housing and household income. EASY TO BUY What is Affordable Housing?

20  Strategic Direction 1 to increase the supply of affordable housing ⇒ this helps the city reduce the number on both sheltered and unsheltered homeless people Strategic Directions

21  Strategic Direction 2 to encourage a housing mix across all neighborhoods that enhances quality of life ⇒ This increase the availability of well- maintained and suitable housing types Strategic Directions

22  Strategic Direction 3 to provide strong leadership and support partners to enhance housing stability ⇒ They think partnership is essential to meet the goals Strategic Directions e.pdf#search='housing and homeless strategy Vancouver’

23 Housing Continuum This consists of the range of housing options available to households of all income levels, extending from emergency shelter and housing for the homeless to affordable rental housing and homeownership'housing and homeless strategy Vancouver’


25  Homeless people who have experienced homelessness in the past two years  216 individuals in communities all Metro Vancouver  gender  female: 19.4% (42)  male: 80.6% (174)  aboriginal or first nations person…32%  age (from 19 to 70 years old: average…43)  19-34: 19.4% (42)  35-54: 72.2% (156)  55-70: 8.3% (18)  ¾ of the participants were living without address Who were participants?

26  the interviews focused on…  how they became homeless  how they get house  how they felt about their current living situation Interview

27  most of interview participants were local people  70% of them lived in Metro Vancouver for more than 10 years  Less than 9% had lived in the local area for less than 1 year Where are the homeless from?

28  top 3 reasons 1.eviction (to make residents evacuate from their house) 2.inadequate income to pay market rents 3.the low quality of cheaper housing  Others…Addiction, End of relationship / Loss of significant other, Incarceration / Release from prison, Fleeing abusive relationships, Illness, Disallowed or cut- off welfare, Personal choice How did they became homeless?

29  over 90% stayed in shelters  over 84% stayed outdoors  other places: cars, RVs, bathrooms, schools, tents, squats, ATM lobbies, churches, cement mixer Where did they sleep?

30  almost  outreach services (welfare work) and related programs  18%  their own initiative  10%  assistance from family and/or friends  7%  through Community Court How did they get housed?

31  84% of them expressed dissatisfaction  positive comments about shelters  appreciate the shelters, better than being outside  negative feeling about shelters  outside is cleaner and safer than shelters How do they feel about their living situation?

32 1.he told us the situation of shelters in Vancouver. 2.he told us why the government doesn’t use money for homeless people. 3.he told us about his everyday life and the situation of the homeless people in Vancouver. Please look some videos!

33 Time for Discussion!! What do you think of the differences and similarities of the homeless people between in Osaka and in Vancouver city?

34  Differences - The population of homeless people - The support of governments  Similarities - The reasons why they become homeless - The average age of both city’s homeless people Conclusion

35  complete.pdf#search='housing and homeless strategy Vancouver’  52702508231/RelativeResourceManager/sfsid/84255773292 81 52702508231/RelativeResourceManager/sfsid/84255773292 81  essnessStrategy.pdf essnessStrategy.pdf  content/uploads/2011/05/v8_preliminaryreport_may23_fina lversion.pdf content/uploads/2011/05/v8_preliminaryreport_may23_fina lversion.pdf References

36 Thank you for listening!

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