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BY STUDENT LEADERSHIP:. The Homeless Child Experiment: ?v=2Rsc-2oMB0s ?v=2Rsc-2oMB0s How does.

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2 The Homeless Child Experiment: ?v=2Rsc-2oMB0s ?v=2Rsc-2oMB0s How does a homeless man spend $100?: BTAdI7zuY BTAdI7zuY Homeless man wins lottery for $1,000: ?v=Tsb9q0sUbH4 ?v=Tsb9q0sUbH4 Many people in our own community are homeless. There are even kids in our own school suffering from homelessness!

3 What is Homeless for a night?  Homeless for a night is to bring awareness to the life of a homeless person.  We will have activities, guest speakers, and a movie to educate everyone about this cause  You will sleep outside with the blankets and clothes you bring, you will be provided soup, crackers, water, and hot chocolate; just as a homeless shelter might provide.

4 Benefit  All items and funds will be donated to Philip’s Wish to give to those in need.  "Mom, is everybody warm?" Because of a little boys question thousands of people have been blessed with the gift of blankets, coats, gloves, toiletries and toys. With your help, Phillip's Wish - to ensure that no one will be cold or uncared for - can become a reality.  Click link for more information about this charity

5 Event Information  When? March 20 - 21, 2015  Where? The Courtyard  Time? Arrive at 10 pm and dismiss at 7am  ** Admission- donate $25 OR 3 new blankets OR 2 new sleeping bags

6 Things to bring… Things to bring before March 18:  Necessary forms – Located outside SU103 or on Website  Required donation to get in along with any other donations you feel inclined to bring On the night:  Warm clothes  I.D.  Personal blanket  Cardboard box - optional

7 What to expect  Shelter building/decorating contest  Informational video  Guest speaker(s)  Team building activities  We hope that by participating in our event, students (and staff) will leave with a new understanding of what some people in the DFW metroplex go through every day.

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