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Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative

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1 Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative

2 Our Message The Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative believes in the extraordinary opportunity to convert a closed military base into a new San Francisco neighborhood. We create pathways to economic self-sufficiency for low income and formerly homeless families, adults and veterans. Every day we facilitate lasting exits from homelessness because everyone deserves to live a life with dignity and hope.

3 Background 1993 Naval Station Treasure Island selected for closure and disposition by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The United States Department of Defense designates the City of San Francisco as the Local Reuse Authority ("LRA") responsible for the conversion of the Base under the federal disposition process.

4 Background 1994 The City elects to be governed by Federal Base Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act of 1994 (the "Act"). The Act requires the LRA to propose a plan for using Base resources to assist homeless persons as part of its redevelopment of the Base. It also requires the LRA to enter into a legally binding agreement with representatives from the homeless services community. After a series of community meetings, the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI), a collaboration of community based organizations, was formed to develop the homeless component of the land use plan for redevelopment under the Act.

5 Background 1995 TIHDI submitted a Notice of Interest ("NOI") under the Act to the LRA & HUD requesting the use of certain buildings on the Base and proposing various programs to serve homeless and economically disadvantaged persons. 1996 TIHDI & the City completed its negotiations & finalized its Homeless Assistance Submission. The Board of Supervisors endorsed the plan in July 1996 and, citing it as a model for base reuse for the country, the US Department of Housing & Urban Development approved it in November 1996.

6 Background TIHDI's Agreement included:
reuse of 375 existing housing units; job opportunities through a 25% employment set aside for homeless & economically disadvantaged San Franciscans; economic development opportunities for nonprofits who had enterprises that trained and employed homeless and low income people; and, service spaces to support formerly homeless residents in supportive housing.

7 Background 1997 TIHDI moves its office to Treasure Island.
Naval Station Treasure Island was decommissioned in October, with the City taking over official management of the Base. TIHDI files it Articles of Incorporation.

8 Background 1998 The Treasure Island Development Authority was created to replace the City as the LRA and to serve as a single entity responsible for the redevelopment of the Property. TIHDI receives its 501 c 3 status. TIHDI begins to implement its agreement with the City on all fronts: housing, employment, services and economic development opportunities that create employment training and job opportunities for homeless and economically disadvantaged San Franciscans.

9 How TIHDI is Organized TIHDI was organized to be a broker, convener and liaison with the City and other government entities for many of the opportunities in the Agreement with TIHDI. While the City’s Agreement is with TIHDI, TIHDI is comprised of members. After TIHDI has approved their capacity to perform, TIHDI members directly sublease or contract with the Treasure Island Development Authority.

10 How TIHDI is Organized For example, the 250 “TIHDI” Housing units currently occupied on the island are operated and managed by five individual TIHDI member organizations. Same is true for the services contracts like janitorial or landscaping, these are directly contracted with individual TIHDI member organizations. And with regard to island wide service centers like the Childcare Center, that space is directly subleased to a TIHDI member provider.

11 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
In addition to being a convener, broker and liaison, TIHDI has been the planner and implementer for many community development initiatives and services. In the past, these included: Transportation Advocated for increased MUNI service to the island, supported the grant that expanded service

12 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
Recreation Before gym was opened, provided recreation for all island residents at the Ship Shape such as yoga & aerobics classes Advocated for the gym to be renovated and after renovation, we operated the gym until we could secure a gym operator

13 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
Youth Services Recruited the Boys & Girls Club in 2000 & raised funds to support and expand their services Worked with SFUSD when island school was open to facilitate parent involvement and then assisted with the student transition when school was closed Organized a Youth Leadership Program

14 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
Childcare Center Secured funds for the development and renovation of the Center Recruited service provider Family Service Space Lead development and coordination of the space/bungalows where supportive services and property management for families is done by CCCYO & CHP

15 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
Community Events & Support Hosted numerous community events such as: Health fairs & holiday markets Black History Month & Back to School events Coordinating this year’s Back to School Event on August 14th

16 Role of TIHDI & Services it provides
Community Events & Support Organized 10 Community Day Picnics Over the years, have sponsored a variety of Community Leadership programs, one of the ones resulted in the initial island gym renovations

17 Services Currently Provided by TIHDI Directly
In addition to providing information to the public and government workers to all things that come under the “TIHDI Umbrella,” TIHDI currently provides the following services:

18 Job Broker System Per TIHDI’s Agreement with the City, TIHDI was and is responsible for creating and implementing a Job Broker System that assists Island employers in meeting their First Source Hiring Requirements.

19 How the Job Broker System Works
When there is an entry level job opening, Island Employers contact the Job Broker to list their job opening. The Job Broker distributes the job order to 12 “referring agencies” that are CBO’s located both on and off island. These agencies then refer candidates who match the employers qualifications.

20 How the Job Broker System Works
Candidates are then screened by the TIHDI Job Broker and those who match employers needs the best are referred to employer. Employer makes decision who to hire or not. Referring Agency & job seeker are informed of decision.

21 How the Job Broker System Works
Types of Jobs Generally, on call or part time positions, mostly for events held on the island but through our collaboration with SF Event Venues, we have gotten more fulltime positions. Have made over 50 placements since beginning of this calendar year.

22 How the Job Broker System Works
Employer Outreach The Job Broker regularly contacts island employers to determine their staffing needs and provides information on wage subsidy programs. On July 18th, TIHDI is sponsoring a TI Employer Open House to provide more specific information on the Broker System and the City’s three wage subsidy programs.

23 TIHDI Private Event Services
In 2007, TIHDI exercised one of its economic development opportunities from its Agreement and with the support of TIDA, entered into collaboration with Wine Valley Catering to manage event venues and provide catering staff.

24 TIHDI Private Event Services
Over 100 people through the TIHDI Job Broker System received on call and/or part time catering and site management work through this collaboration. When Wine Valley closed its business in 2013, we entered into a collaboration with SF Event Venues.

25 TIHDI Private Event Services
SFEV hires from the Job Broker for position directly and also promotes hiring through the Job Broker with their vendors (such as catering and A/V companies) TIHDI currently recruits & schedules Site Managers for TIDA managed event venues.

26 TIHDI Community Services
As noted before, TIHDI has planned, advocated and implemented a variety of services since 1998. Services we provide have been developed to respond to community need and resident interest at the time. These are the community services we are currently providing:

27 Ship Shape Community Center
Manage, operate & maintain the “Ship Shape” which is used for: Community meetings, weekly support groups and a variety of community events Workshops such as understanding credit and credit repair, banking options and budgeting Trainings such as CPR & NERT Free Tax preparation site (January to April 15) Elections/Voting Houses the Business Assistance Center which includes the Computer Lab and Economic Self Sufficiency Program, which is open to all island residents Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm for no charge. Site of weekly Food Pantry.

28 Ship Shape Community Center
Just completed a renovation that included: bathroom renovations, new and refinished flooring, exterior painting, garden clean up & improvements, interior painting touch ups, and a new professional sign. On July 10th TIHDI is hosting an Open House to thank those who helped with current renovations and to announce new options for resident usage --the “Thursday Night Ship Shape Café” and “Saturdays by Appointment.” Still to go: new refrigerator and freezer for pantry, new pantry floor, new heating system and new roof.

29 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
Grew out of the interest of residents to start their own businesses and was called “TICN,” Treasure Island Creative Network. Originally held numerous craft and flea markets featuring resident vendors and provided trainings on how to start your own business.

30 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
Developed into the ESSP as residents began to look at “asset development” as part of starting a business. Services provided in the ESSP are: credit education and repair, second chance banking, money management and budget development, & creating savings plans.

31 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
ESSP services are provided at the Business Assistance Center which is located at the Ship Shape. Includes a 6 terminal computer lab where residents can go to establish an address, get computer assistance, do online job search, fax and help with resumes.

32 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
The ESSP also includes a 6 month Program called the Economic Self Sufficiency Institute: Clients make a commitment to work on at least two financial goals that will move them towards economic self-sufficiency such as improved credit score, increased savings, & obtaining employment.

33 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
Tax Site The Ship Shape/BAC is a volunteer tax aid site, which is part of the United Way’s Earn it! Keep It! Save it! Program. TI/YBI residents and lower income island workers can get taxes prepared for free.

34 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
Food Pantry Part of the SF Food Bank Neighborhood Food Pantry program. Started in 2000 in response to resident need for supplemental groceries. Staffed by volunteers from Swords to Plowshares & CCCYO, managed by TIHDI. Serves an average of about 110 households a week, which represents about 300 people.

35 Economic Self Sufficiency Program (ESSP)
Food Pantry Set up farmer’s market style to make it attractive to residents. Must live or work on TI to receive groceries and need to show proof to get a TI pantry card. About 50% of the pantry is accessed by the lower income “market rate” renters. Food pantry is a hub for information and has included health screenings and healthy cooking demonstrations.

36 TIHDI as Convener & Community Partner

37 TIHDI currently convenes
A bi monthly Housing Partner Meeting & other housing member meetings as requested by TIDA. TI youth serving agencies to plan for youth activities, identify gaps & resources. TIHDI has coordinated island staff emergency preparedness events and there are plans for TIHDI staff to undertake more of this year.

38 TIHDI currently convenes
TIHDI partners with community: Participate in planning & implementing events lead by others such as National Night Out and Halloween. With TIDA & the John Stewart Company, co-sponsor the bimonthly Community Meeting.

39 Looking towards the future
As of July 2014, close to 6,000 homeless, formerly homeless and very low income San Franciscans has been assisted by TIHDI and its members programs. TIHDI’s Agreement was updated and approved by the Board of Supervisors along with TICD’s Disposition & Development Agreement in July 2011. The Agreement continues and expands much of the opportunities in TIHDI’s original Agreement.

40 In the next year TIHDI will be planning to expand and build the capacity for the Job Broker program, and will: Coordinate with Citi Build for construction related work. Continue to act as One Stop for Island employers to meet their First Source Hiring Agreement goals.

41 In the next year We will identify the affordable housing parcels that will be available first, and will: Assess the timeline for creating the first TIHDI replacements units. And we will continue to build a new San Francisco neighborhood that includes formerly homeless and very low income people from the ground up.

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