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Committee on Homelessness Presentation July 12, 2012 Arash Ghafoori, Executive Director.

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1 Committee on Homelessness Presentation July 12, 2012 Arash Ghafoori, Executive Director

2 OVERVIEW AND PURPOSE NPHY provides a 24/7/365 safety net for homeless youth, including street outreach, mobile crisis intervention, family reunification, an emergency shelter, a drop-in center, and an independent living program Our wraparound services aim to ensure that no youth ever has to spend a night on the streets

3 PROGRAM OVERVIEW NPHY offers 6 distinct programs for homeless youth—these 6 programs’ services can be grouped into the following categories: Outreach and Advocacy, Safe Place and Mobile Crisis Intervention, Family Reunification Services, Short-term Immediate Intervention, Long-Term Housing and Supportive Services, and After-Care Services for Youth Transitioning to Self-Sufficiency Outreach Safe Place Operation Go Home (family reunification) William Fry Drop-In Center Emergency Shelter Independent Living Program

4 PROGRAM IMPROVEMENTS Drop-In Center Intakes are 31% higher in the fourth quarter (77) when compared to third quarter (59) Independent Living Program Lowered cost per client Have been full or near full for last 6 months with clients exiting successfully Plans for curriculum-based life skills Emergency Shelter Changes in structure allows 4 beds at all time and also allows for coverage any time the DIC is closed Outreach AmeriCorps VISTA Collaboration with LVMPD

5 ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS Overhauled SOPs to improve communication, transparency, appropriate oversight, and checks and balances on all levels Switched auditors to ensure effective and balanced outside review of financials Instituted policies and procedures to ensure judiciousness and transparency with every donated dollar Data capture improvements NPHY is achieving more efficient expenditures per client. Organizational budget trimmed by 16% without eliminating any services while meeting the needs of higher volumes of clients

6 WHERE WE ARE NOW Demand for services are rising We are working diligently to improve the agency’s capacity top-down, enhancing everything from financial controls and administrative procedures to our programs services structures and the data capture of our client-related outcomes We are positioning ourselves to be an effective and efficient homeless youth service provider in Southern Nevada for years to come Transparent, client-centered and mission-focused Working on diversifying revenue stream, maintaining cash flow, and strategic plans


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