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Sociological Perspectives

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1 Sociological Perspectives
Professor Maggie Mendez Introduction to Sociology

2 What is a Sociological Perspective?
Tool for analyzing social life. Level of analysis Macro Micro Three major perspectives in Sociology Functualist Perspective Conflict Perspective Symbolic Interaction Perspective

3 Functionalist Perspective
Vision of Society A system of interrelated parts that function or operate together harmoniously. Organism Social System Macro Perspective

4 Organism Society is viewed as very similar to the human body.
Each part meets a need in order to maintain a normal state of balance. Organs are viewed as similar to social systems. 4

5 Social Systems Interdependent network of social institutions (family, school, business, religion, etc.) that shape our live. Social system contributes the stability of society. Equilibrium Disequilibrium 5

6 Macro-level of Analysis
Homelessness Examine how changes in parts of society have increased homelessness. Economy Family

7 Conflict Perspective Vision of Society Macro Perspective
Society is constantly changing in response to social inequality and conflict. Power struggle Social Change Macro Perspective

8 Resources, Control, Authority
Power Struggle Wealth, Power, Prestige Resources, Control, Authority Various groups are in conflict to compete for limited resources, control, or authority. Dominate Groups Subordinate Groups 8

9 Social Change Conflict is inevitable and can be beneficial.
Leads to social change. Example: Civil Rights Movement Desegregation

10 Macro Level of Anaysis Homelessness
Examine the struggle between social classes. Upper classes control the economy

11 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective
Vision of Society Focus on meanings that people place on their own and one another’s behavior. Symbols Society is created through social interaction. Micro Perspective

12 Symbols People use symbols to develop views about the world and communicate with one another. Define ourselves and others Relationships Self-concept Social interactions allows society to exist

13 Micro Level of Analysis
Homelessness Analyze the culture and communication of homeless people. How do they survive? How do they interact with one another in the shelters and streets?

14 Summary and Review Perspective Level of Analysis Point of View
Explaining the Homelessness Functionalist Marco level Various parts of society are interdependent and related. Examine how changes in parts of society have increased homelessness. Conflict Macro level Struggle for scarce resources by groups in society. Examine the struggle between social classes. Symbolic Interactionist Micro level How people use symbols to create society. Analyze the culture and communication of homeless people.

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