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1 Orange County’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness Karen Roper, Director OC Housing & Community Services.

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1 1 Orange County’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness Karen Roper, Director OC Housing & Community Services

2 2 Why OC Created a Ten-Year Plan OC needed to develop a more strategic, focused effort to end homelessness.OC needed to develop a more strategic, focused effort to end homelessness. To remain competitive for Federal Homeless Assistance funding (successfully secured over $155.7 million in Continuum of Care Funding since 1996) OC’s TOC’s Ten-Year Plan has contributed to positive, systemic changes in the way we address homelessness.

3 3 What Makes a Successful Plan? Broad community participation Getting the right leaders at the table (not just homeless/housing providers) Development of goals and strategies that support best practices and models to end (not manage) homelessness Measurable Outcomes Vision, patience, and courage Believe and Dream!

4 4 Overcoming Barriers Associated With Philosophical Differences Between Providers Community-Based versus Faith-Based Low Threshold versus High Threshold Zero Tolerance versus Harm Reduction Government versus Private Funding Housing First/Rapid Rehousing versus Traditional Continuum of Care Progression Conservative versus Liberal THERE IS COMMON GROUND! CPR (Connecting People with Resources) Serving People/Ending Homelessness Positively Contributing to an Effort Much Bigger Than You! Improving the Quality of Life Saving Tax Payer Dollars One Size Does Not Fit All

5 5 Overview of Planning Structure Working Group (Appointed by Continuum) Stakeholder Comment Groups (Continuum) Expert Implementation Groups (Universities/Data Gurus) OC Homelessness Planning Group (Appointed by County CEO)

6 6 10 Year Plan Working Group Members Pam AllisonOC Project Hope School Bonnie BirnbaumOC Health Care Agency Helen CameronHOMES, Inc. Bob CerinceCity of Anaheim Lucy DunnOC Business Council Kim GollOC Children and Families Commission Larry HaynesMercy House Lacy KellyOC League of Cities Scott LarsonHomeAid OC Dawn LeeOC Partnership Jennifer Lee-AndersonCLA & Associates Carolyn McInerneyOC County Executive Office Cathleen MurphyAmerican Family Housing Theresa MurphyPrecious Life Shelter Karen RoperOC Housing & Community Services Margie WakehamFamilies Forward

7 7 OC Point In Time Count Data Census Component20092011Net ChangePercent Change Unsheltered projection5,7244,272-1,452-25% Shelter enumeration2,6092,667 58 2% Point-in-time count8,3336,939-1,394-17% Annual Estimate21,47918,325-3,154-15%

8 8 Goals to End Homelessness Goal 1: Prevent homelessness to ensure that no one in our community becomes homeless. Goal 2: Outreach to those who are homeless and at risk of homelessness. Goal 3: Improve the efficacy of the emergency shelter and access system.

9 9 Goals to End Homelessness Goal 4: Make strategic improvements in the transitional housing system. Goal 5: Develop permanent housing options linked to a range of supportive services. Goal 6: Ensure that people have the right resources, programs, and services to remain housed.

10 10 Goals to End Homelessness Goal 7: Improve data systems to accurately define the need for housing and related services and to measure outcomes. Goal 8: Develop the systems and organizational structures to provide oversight and accountability. Goal 9: Advocate for community support, social policy, and systemic changes necessary to succeed.

11 11 Blended Model Prevention Access Centers/ Multi-Service Centers Homeless/ At Risk Residential Services Emergency Shelters/ Year-Round Armory Transitional (Rapid or Long Term) Conventional Process Permanent Housing TYPES: Supportive with Services Affordable (income- restricted) Section 8 Market Rate Outreach Rapid Re-Housing Process

12 Building Political Will & Getting the Right People At The Table 12 Strategic Messaging –Cost Benefit Analysis Parks Libraries Emergency Rooms Jails Fire Departments Police Departments –Healthier Communities –Putting a face on the issue (includes families with children, seniors, victims of domestic violence, etc.) Building Relationships and Leadership Support Securing Strategic Stakeholder Appointments for Leadership Structure

13 OC Commission to End Homelessness Board Roster 13 Chairman John MoorlachOC Board of Supervisors Tom BurnhamOC Business Council Bob DunekOC City Manager’s Association Bill FordOC Business Council Sister Regina Fox OC Funder’s Roundtable Goll KimOC Funder’s Roundtable Don HansenOC League of Cities Larry HaynesHomeAid OC Kathryn McCulloughOC League of Cities

14 OC Commission to End Homelessness Board Roster 14 Wolfgang KnabeOC Fire Chief’s Association Barbara JenningsHomeAid OC Scott LarsonHousing Commission Jim PalmerHousing Commission Allan RoederOC City Manager’s Association Paul WaltersOC Police Chief’s Association Carolyn McInerneyCounty Executive Office Mark RefowitzOC Health Care Agency Steve KightExecutive Director

15 Ten-Year Plan Implementation Groups Group One – Prevent Homelessness/Outreach Larry Haynes, Chair to At-Risk and Homeless Group Two – Improve Emergency Shelter Scott Larson, Chair System/Improve Transitional Housing System Group Three – Develop Permanent Housing Allan Roeder, Chair Options/Resources to Remain Housed Group Four – Improve Data and Advocate Jim Palmer, Chair for Community Support/Social Policy/Systemic Change 15

16 16 Ending Homelessness Requires Change and Courage Definition of Courage: Quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger (and change) without fear! Positive systemic change takes courage, time and perseverance. It takes courage to strategically align resources to a Ten Year Plan!

17 17 Ending Homelessness Requires Change and Courage Change will require us to be open to new ideas, philosophies, and program models. We have to think about the big picture and what is best for those we serve. Blessed are the flexible!

18 18 Practice What We Preach! Since January 2010 when the Board of Supervisors approved the draft Ten-Year Plan, OC Housing & Community Services has been aligning multiple funding resources to support ending homelessness in Orange County!

19 OC Housing & Community Services Director Karen Roper Executive Secretary Norma Dickerson Community Investment & OC Workforce Investment Board Andrew Munoz OC Housing & Community Development/ Homeless Prevention Julia Bidwell OC Housing Authority John Hambuch OC Office on Aging Sylvia Mann OC Veterans Service Office John Parent

20 20 Resource Alignment Examples Orange County Housing Authority Project-Based Vouchers for special needs affordable housing development. Orange County Housing Authority Shelter Plus Care Vouchers for special needs homeless. Orange County Housing Authority VASH Vouchers for homeless Veterans.

21 21 Resource Alignment Examples Economic Stimulus Homeless Prevention/Rapid Rehousing –Mobile Multi-Service Center –Post Hospital Recuperative Care Program –Homeless Prevention Assistance –Rapid Rehousing Assistance –Centralized Intake

22 22 Resource Alignment Examples Economic Stimulus Funding/Neighborhood Stabilization Program affordable rental housing for homeless and special needs populations. Veterans Service Office VetConnect Project –Onsite behavioral health services –Subsidized employment for Veterans –Housing, Transportation and Other Supportive Services

23 23 Building Strategic Funding Partners OC Children & Families Commission OC Health Care Agency OC Social Services Agency OC Cities OC Funders Roundtable HomeAid OC Emergency Food & Shelter Program Board Emergency Housing Assistance Program DLB

24 24 Transforming Tragedies Into Hope for the Future Kelly Thomas April 5, 1974 – July 10, 2011

25 25 Transforming Tragedies Into Hope for the Future Police at the scene of a homeless slaying in Anaheim, California Iraq War Veteran in California is suspected homeless serial killer

26 26 Ending Homelessness Through Servant Leadership The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. The leader-first and the servant-first are two extreme types. The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant-first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served.

27 27 Questions?

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